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Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting Bigger and BIGGER and BBIIGGGGEERR

oh, and it feels so good to grow so tall.. .

oh, and it feels so good to rip out of My tight tight clothing...

oh, and it feels so good to pick you up in My hand, you are so small now...

you are such a tiny man now...

so small...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Growing and Shrinking quickly, or slowly?

Some of My callers like the size change to be slow and gradual, while others like the change to be quick and dramatic. I prefer to grow slowly, but to an incredible height, 1000's of feet tall.
The call depends on your preferences however, unless I take control and just shoot up, towering above you!
I have added the comment feature now, so please let Me know if you are a slow shrinker, or 'poof', you are tiny!

Giantess Cassie

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you prefer to shrink?

About half of the Giantess calls I get on my 1-877-226-9810 line are all about Me shrinking My man into a tiny little wee thing... for the other half of the calls, I grow, and grow and grow! Sometimes I grow until I am thousands and thousands of feet tall.

Its such a fantastic game, growing and shrinking.. very Alice in Wonderland, don't you think? There are so many references to growing and shrinking in popular culture, from Honey I Shrunk the Kids, to The Attack of the 50 Ft Woman. What is your favourite?

I love the magic involved in both shrinking and growing... and of course, I love what a little men can do for me, especially when they are scared!

Giantess Cassie!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Giantess Phone Sex

I am still here, still growing and blowing the minds of all the tiny men who dare to call Me.
Tell me your Giantess Fantasy, or let ME tell you Mine. Either way, you will live the fantasy, and never be the same again.

Oh yes, I KNOW what I am talking about!

Giantess Cassie

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tropical Nectar - A Giantess Cassie Story

This story is inappropriate for anyone under the age of eight. If you’re a minor in your community, offended by sexual material or women standing several hundreds of meters tall please quit reading now. If you wish to leave feed back you can email me at

This story was written for Mistress Cassie of

As Alex examined the expression on Cassie’s face one thing was very clear. She was angry and it was with him. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t think of any real excuse for his error. He’d simply forgotten to set the alarm on his watch and thanks to that they had missed their boat. “Cassie, I really thought that I had set the timer. I swear I didn’t mean to silence the alarm.”

Mistakes happen, people forget to set their alarm clock and are late for work or they misplace their keys. That wasn’t lost on Cassie but it didn’t change the fact that now they were going to have to spend the night on an island. “Alex, you do realize that was the last boat. The very last boat that will be coming here today, how did they miss us anyway? Aren’t they suppose to do a head count?”

“I’m not sure Cassie but you know it’s not the end of the world. So we have to spend a night out sleeping under the stars. It could be romantic you know?” In truth it was doubly Alex’s fault for them being stranded. Not only had he forgotten to set his watch but he had also been the one to insist on going on and exploring the interior of the island a bit. Had they been even half a kilometer closer they might have heard the ship sounding its horn telling passengers to come back.

The island was beautiful and Cassie had enjoyed exploring the interior of it. However, it had also been a considerable hike moving through all the sand and she was still rather tired. She had been looking forward to getting back to the ship then to her hotel room and having a nice bath and nap. Now that was going to be postponed and she wasn’t going to let Alex put a positive spin on it. “I swear. I’m not sure which I’m madder at, you or the ship for leaving us here.”

“Cassie I’m sorry I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’ll make it up to you in whatever way that I can.”

“Will you now? And just how do you intend on doing that? I know how. You’re going to insure that we don’t miss the boat when it comes back tomorrow. I’m also going to have some words with that captain and.” Cassie grew silent for a moment as an impish smile spread across the brunette’s face. “I know how you’re going to do it to.”

When Cassie had been angry Alex had been concerned now that she was grinning though he was down right worried. “Just what do you have in mind?”

Instead of responding Cassie began to make her way towards the ocean. As she did so she reached behind herself and took hold of her bikini straps. It only took her a moment to undo the taught strands as she more bounced the garment off with her massive breasts then actually removed it with her hands. Her hands slid down her silken thighs and between the material of her bottom and skin.

Cassie’s bikini had done little to obscure the view of her wonderful body but as Alex’s caught sight of her rear entirely unobstructed he couldn’t help his body’s response. “Um, Cassie, just what are you doing?”

“That’s one of my favorite bikinis I don’t want to tear it.”

At first Alex had been curious what Cassie was doing but when she commented on tearing her bikini he was down right perplexed. “Just what are you mean?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Taking in a deep breath Cassie slowly turned her gaze up to the sky. The sun was already going down and the first traces of the stars could be seen. Her arms spread to her sides and then slowly began to move upwards. As her arms stretched towards the sky she stretched her legs lifting herself slightly higher. A tiny wave rolled in from the ocean as she reached towards the sky reaching midway up her lower leg.

At first it seemed as if Cassie was just stretching and enjoying the ocean air. As Alex looked on though, he found his attention drawn to the waves rolling in and splashing her legs. Of course none of them came up to the exact same spot on her legs however one thing did seem odd. Not only did none of them hit the same spot on her legs but they were all hitting lower then where the first had hit and Alex felt certain some of them had been the same size if not larger then the first.

As Cassie reached for the sky she could feel herself growing closer to it. A wave of warmth flowed from her head and down into her body feeling it with energy and strength. Every cell in her body was engorged in this energy strengthening them and as she willed herself larger they began to multiply throughout her entire being. She could feel the sand shifting against her feet as it was both pushed away and as she sunk into it due to her increasing mass and size.

The on rushing waves prevented the sand from being noticed by Alex at first as it was washed away. As Cassie’s growth began to increase though more sand began to pile up then the sea was taking away. Despite the waves though and the sand Alex couldn’t truly believe what was going on so that he found himself drawing closer to Cassie. This only served to make him more certain that what he saw was true as she seemed much taller then before and to be getting taller.

A low moan escaped Cassie as she leaned her head to the side for a moment and let her eyes shut. The feeling of her body increasing in power was a true delight to her and the more she let the energy flow into her the more she wanted. The feeling of the power was such a delight to her it bordered on sexual and her body showed it as her nipples grew pert and her lower lips moistened. Cassie’s tongue flicked out from within her mouth and drew itself along her lips slowly moistening them as she felt Alex drawing closer.

Now that Alex was closer to Cassie he had no doubt of what was happening. The reason why no wave reached where the first had was simple. She was taller then what she had been moments ago. What’s more as he drew closer it not only became clearer that she was not only larger then what she had been but she was growing larger still. “Cassie what’s going on?”

“I’m just letting the real me out.” A sharp gasp escaped Cassie and she thrusts her chest upward and outward as a particularly powerful wave of energy ran throughout her. Her hands locked together trembling as they pressed against one another. As her arms ceased to tremble they released and slowly began to lower as her body began to truly explode with growth. Her feet both sunk into the sand and pushed it outward as she swelled and came all the closer to the sky.

At first Cassie’s growth had been somewhat slow perhaps a centimeter every few seconds. Now she exploded with growth such that it was no longer a centimeter every thirty seconds or ten but easily a centimeter every two seconds. Her grow went from noticeable to impossible to ignore as Alex watched that wondrous form reaching into the heavens. As he looked on though he couldn’t bring himself to look away or even attempt run.

Cassie lightly ran her fingers over her face as she felt herself expanding outward. She could feel the difference in the air currents as her body reached further into the heavens as the ocean water now barely reached above her ankles. As her hands reached her lips she slowly turned around to face Alex her eyes flickering open as she looked down at his stunned form. He was barely above her belly button and within seconds he wouldn’t even reach that.

Seeing Cassie’s rear reaching further into the sky had been a wondrous site but when she turned around her scale was truly made apparent to Alex. Her massive breasts reached far above his head so much higher that he doubted that he could reach them. With the way that her body was growing he knew that he wouldn’t be able to reach them soon. He didn’t need to shift his gaze lower to bring more of Cassie into view either rather more of her came into view as she grew larger.

Slowly Cassie ran her hands over her wondrous breasts. Though all of her was made to grow she could still feel that growth and the feeling of her wonderful tits expanding under her grasps was a delight. Bringing her hands over the front of her breasts she took her nipples between her index and middle fingers yet she did not squeeze. Rather she kept her fingers at the same distance apart allowing her expanding body to grow so that her nipples filled the space.

Cassie’s wonderful smooth tummy came into view as Alex looked on. The warm silky flesh of her tummy looked exquisite in the dawn light and Alex would have loved to rest his head against it. Yet as Cassie grew he knew that he could not only have rested his head against that wonderful plain he could have laid upon it. Each breath of Cassie’s would have lifted him as she let him feel her wonderful flesh.

As her belly button came into view it seemed to be a wink at Alex as if saying good bye for the moment and introducing yet more of Cassie. A sudden pulse in Alex’s crotch told him that despite the situation and his lack of true thought he was enjoying the view.

As Cassie’s neatly trimmed bush came into view the fact that her crotch was now as high up as her breasts had been was not lost on Alex. No longer would he have to get on his hands and knees should he be permitted to lick those lips rather now he’d need a step ladder or Cassie to lower herself. The thought alone was nearly enough to bring him to his knees as he felt the strength drain from his body as her lower lips came into view. Even with the diminishing light he could tell she was stimulated as her saw those massive lips glisten.

Cassie was so massive that it seemed no man could please her with only his penis. Rather he imagined she could easily take an entire limb within herself an arm at least or perhaps even a leg. She didn’t stop there though as Alex only gazed upon her folds for a moment before the massive columns of her leg. Legs that were wonderfully feminine and silken yet so massive that they didn’t seem possible but rather it seemed as if a master sculptures work had come to life.

So massive was Cassie’s legs already that Alex thought he would have difficulty fitting his arms around those columns even at their thinnest point. Yet they wouldn’t remain columns for long as Cassie continued to reach into the sky soon they would be towers onto themselves and Cassie herself a true mountain. As Cassie’s knees came into view Alex realized that the difference between her and anyone else wasn’t even the difference between an adult and a child. She was much larger then that.

The waves of the ocean no longer reached up to Cassie’s ankles now as she felt them splashing against the back of her foot. So great was her size that she now had to shift her position slightly so that she could see Alex less her view be obstructed by her own massive breast due to her scale and his proximity. Even this slight shift didn’t go unnoticed or unfelt by Alex.

As Cassie had been growing her mass had been growing as well causing her feet to sink more and more deeply into the sand. Now when she shifted position slightly a massive bit of earth was forced out of the way as if a small bulldozer had hit the beach at full speed. Reflexively Alex gave a slight jump as he heard the sound and felt the ground shudder under Cassie’s massive form.

At last Alex’s was able to break free of the hold that held him still as he craned his neck back to look at Cassie’s face. What he found was her wonderful breasts now obstructed his view of her face. Her wonderful pert auburn nipples were the first thing his gaze fell upon. Cassie’s wondrous breasts had always been large by general standards however now she was so massive that her pert nipples alone would have rivaled many women’s breasts. Had he been able to reach them Alex knew that it would have required both hands to engulf the nipple and still she grew larger.

Dimples that formed around Cassie’s areola would have rivaled other women’s nipples and her actual breasts were now beyond compare. It would have been easy for Alex to lie atop those massive breasts yet Cassie grew larger still. As he looked on Alex found himself wondering how massive she would become as he felt the ground shifting beneath her massive weight.

The ground shifting beneath his feet was enough to snap Alex out of his stunned state and his attention was drawn to Cassie’s face. The massive brunette’s hair had always been long but now those silken strands seemed suitable to bind people and even ships. Yet they still flowed and moved as silk as Cassie tilted her head slightly. It would have been a simple task for Alex to climb those silk strands or Cassie could have easily tied him with them and worn him as if he was a bow.

Her wonderful lips were still wonderfully soft and full from what he could see yet now they were so massive that Alex had no doubt she could engulf his entire body with them. Indeed it would have been a simple task for her not to just kiss him with those massive lips but suck him entirely into her mouth. Cassie’s tongue flicking out and running over those wonderfully full lips made him jump for a moment as he realized that it to most likely now surpassed him in size.

As his gaze was met by hers though it gave new meaning to the term lost in her eyes. She was so massive that each one of those lovely spears was now much larger then his head. Yet she was still growing larger. A fact that he was reminded of by the trimmers he felt running throughout the beach as the ground depressed and shifted underneath her expanding wait. As he considered this his gazed turned to her feet.

Alex wasn’t prepared for how close he was to those massive feet now. He had been several meters away from Cassie when she began to grow but those massive feet had nearly reached him. Realizing that she was still growing, he quickly began to move backwards though he couldn’t bring himself to all out sprint. Rather he found himself slowly walking backwards while struggling to keep his balance as the power of the tremors increased.

After putting several more meters between him and Cassie Alex once again let his gaze travel upwards yet her head was not where it had once been. Rather he found himself once again staring at the underside of her breasts. Her rate of growth was astounding as while it would have been a simple task for him to lie on that wondrous bit of flesh before hand now it would have accommodated several of him. Indeed not only could he lie on that massive globe but he had no doubt that he could have set astride Cassie’s nipple if allowed perhaps even if her nipple wasn’t pert.

Once again Alex held his view as he looked upon Cassie’s wonderful form and watched it reaching further into the air. As her crotch once again came into view he was shocked. Her pubic hairs had seemed a yard before hand but as she grew larger it seemed that he could easily get lost within them she had grown so large or bind him with them if she should desire. As deep as that tangled field now seemed though it only made him more appreciative of the massive gates of her vagina.

When he had first been faced with Cassie’s lower lips he had thought they looked large enough to require an entire limb to satisfy. Then she had grown so that he had no doubt that she could take half a man within that warm moist cavern. Her size had increased even more and he had no doubt an entire person would have fit within her. Now he doubted that they would just fit inside of her but now they would absolutely vanish between those folds and into that wet cavern.

As Cassie looked down at Alex she slowly ran her hand over the slope of her breasts and along the bottom. While her fingers moved along the bottom of those massive breasts she gave the sensitive flesh a gentle squeeze and pushed up slightly on the massive mountain. Her hand then slipped from her breasts and slide along her stomach pressing lightly into her nicely toned belly as it drew closer to her lips.

Alex gave a slight jump as Cassie’s massive hand pressed against her lips. He couldn’t take his eyes away though as two of her fingers pressed lightly into her vagina and lightly parted those massive gates giving him just a peak at her inner flesh. A slight gasp escaped him as he was suddenly made to stumble upon feeling the ground shift beneath his feet. His attention was once again drawn to her feet and he was amazed to find that they were once again approaching him.

An amused giggle escaped Cassie as Alex quickly fell back giving her yet more room to grow. While he was running backwards she quickly dug the hill of her foot into the sand causing it to shift even more quickly. It had the desired affect as the shockwave generated from even this slight motion proved too much for Alex to handle as he ran. He was sent tumbling to the ground. As he settled in the sand Cassie slowly began to bend over.

Upon looking up Alex found that his view of the sky was blocked entirely by Cassie’s massive form. Still remembering why he had begun to run as he turned his attention back towards her feet he was actually surprised to see they had stopped growing. However, this also had the affect of letting him realize how much Cassie had grown and as he looked on her foot he realized that even her big toe was now larger then what he was. Indeed he couldn’t help but wonder if her little toe surpassed him in mass though not height.

There wasn’t much time for Alex to examine Cassie’s feet though as while he was looking at her foot something massive brushed against him. The object was soft and yielding but had tremendous mass so that its inertia overwhelmed him. As he was brushed aside he quickly rolled to his side and was amazed by what he found. He hadn’t been bumped by one of Cassie’s hands or even a finger. Rather a few strands of the brunette’s silken hair had brushed against him and been enough to send him toppling over.

Cassie was so massive now that Alex could easily feel the disturbance in the air generated by her hand as it approached him. He heard her finger impact the ground and the roar generated by her finger when it pushed aside a massive pile of sand. Cassie didn’t imbed her finger entirely in the beach though rather she only pushed in the very tip of her finger very close to Alex. As she did she watched as Alex turned his attention towards the massive digit just a few meters away.

Alex’s jaw nearly hit the sand as he looked upon Cassie’s massive finger. Unable to bring himself to stand he began to crawl towards her massive index finger in order to confirm what he thought. As he drew closer he grew more and more certain of what he saw until he was right up against her fingernail. He then slowly began to bring himself to a standing position. Each centimeter he rose he noted how Cassie’s fingernail stood taller then he was until at last he was standing on his tiptoes. Her fingernail was still taller then he was.

An amused chuckle escaped Cassie and reverberated throughout the area as she noted Alex’s stunned response. She watched as he was made to stumble upon her withdrawing her fingernail from the sand. As she withdrew her hand she slowly began to take Alex between her index finger and thumb. It would have been a simple matter to pick him up quickly but she wanted to give him time to really take in how massive she’d grown.

Running didn’t enter Alex’s mind even as he felt the heat from Cassie’s fingers surrounding him. Given her massive scale it seemed like it would be a futile effort to begin with. He was stranded on the island with a lady that had just grown so large he imagined she might very well take up half the island. All he could really do hope was that she knew what she was doing. At least one question did come to him. “Cassie can you hear me?”

When she spoke Cassie’s voice was but a whisper to her but she knew it would be more then powerful to Alex. She’d have to make sure to keep her voice low enough to avoid causing pain or even damage. “Yes I can hear you.” As she took Alex between her fingers Cassie slowly began to straiten up lifting him into the sky as she stood up.

While Cassie stood up slowly her scale was so great that it was quite rapid to Alex and easily as fast as any elevator he’d ever been on. As he looked upon Cassie’s magnificent form though he imagined she was larger then any building he’d ever been in. “How did you do that?”

“Easy I simply took off a mask that I wear.” As Cassie brought Alex higher she didn’t quite bring him eye level but proceeded to hold him just above the curve of her breasts so that he could look into her eyes as she spoke eyes that were now far larger then him.

“But that doesn’t.”

“Right now isn’t the time for such questions.” As she spoke Cassie brought her free hand up behind Alex. An amused giggle escaped her when he gave a slight jerk as she began to take hold of his swimming trunks. He’d been so transfixed by her gaze that he hadn’t noticed something as massive as her hand coming up behind him. As she took hold of the lose material she didn’t bother pulling it down but rather began to squeeze.

At first Alex had thought Cassie was going to pull his shorts off him. As he felt the material tighten around him though then begin to give way he realized what was happening. Normally he would have been delighted to be undressed by Cassie but at this moment he wasn’t so sure as he had no idea of what her intent was. “Cassie this is my only pair! What about when the boat comes back tomorrow?”

“I believe you have bigger concerns then that.” Upon relaxing her grip on Alex’s shorts the material began to fall away from him. The incredible pressure generated by her fingers had been enough to crush the material to the point it had fallen apart. As the material fell towards the earth she began to lower Alex once again. “Now I want you to set your watch so that the timer will go off at six thirty sharp.”

“Sure but why? The boat won’t be back until eight.”

“I know it’s to give you plenty of time. You’re going to make sure that we don’t miss the boat and help me to forget my frustration. I’m too tired for anything tonight and want to sleep.”

“Okay but how am I going to wake you up?”

“Easy by squirming and working that little body as hard as you can. You see I’m going to shove you very far into my hot, moist, dark vagina and that is where you’re going to spend the night. Then when you wake up at six thirty I want you to wake me up by getting me off. You’ll make me cum and squirm about until the pleasure is so great I can’t sleep through it any longer.”

As Alex listened to Cassie his eyes widened and his gaze turned downward. Already he saw her free hand had two fingers pressed against her lips ready to part them. “How do you expect me to do that? Cassie you’re huge and I can’t sleep in there!”

“Sure you can there is plenty of room and you’re going to do it by trying very hard. Remember you’re not to stop working until I’m good and awake in the morning and until then I want to be having the best wet dreams of my life.”

Alex went to speak but was silenced for a moment as he was hit by a surprising aroma. It wasn’t like anything he had smelt before but as he realized how close he was to Cassie’s lower lips he realized what it was. It was her scent. Instantly he felt his penis throb and was somewhat surprised to find that he had a raging erection. He found himself unable to form words or even thoughts as that scent grew more powerful as he grew closer to a vagina many times his size in every way.

“Mm I’m too tired for much tonight but still. Start with a little exploration and make yourself comfortable.” As she spoke Cassie spread her lips further allowing Alex to see within the depths of her vagina as he grew all the closer. An amused giggle escaped her as she felt Alex’s hands press against her fingers as if trying to part them and she felt her lips moisten further. “Don’t waste your energy out there you’re going to have plenty to do in here.”

The heat coming from Cassie’s vagina was staggering and only grew more intense as she brought him nearer. It was impossible for Alex not to feel concern as he drew closer to her wetness. Would he drown inside of her? Would he die of heat stroke deep within her hot crotch? Would he suffocate? He had no way of knowing these things. However, as he drew closer he was able to console himself. Cassie had given him a task to perform.

If Cassie felt that he was simply going to die within her would she had told him to wake her up? She also wanted him to remain still while she slept or somewhat still. It seemed that she at least intended for him to live through the night and while he didn’t know how he could survive within her soaking wet vagina he didn’t know how she had achieved such a massive scale either.

As Alex was brought close enough to reach out and touch Cassie’s warm wet pink flesh he was surprised when he suddenly thrust his hips forward. Apparently while his mind was concerned his body wasn’t so worried. Realizing the futility of struggling he slowly reached out and pressed his hands against that flesh. A shiver ran throughout him as he felt Cassie’s nectar coating his arms and he began to slowly increase the pressure with which he squeezed the bit of flesh he could hold.

In her enlarged state Cassie was far more sensitive then when normal. This was due to the fact that her cells hadn’t increased in size but in number. So that when Alex gripped what appeared to be a very small amount of her flesh it was still a great deal of nerves stimulated at once. A slight gasp escaped Cassie as she resisted the urge to thrust Alex within herself more quickly. She did bring him closer though pressing him against her warm flesh.

Alex’s first instinct upon nearing that wall of flesh was to turn away. Instead of doing so he forced himself to look forward and the moment he was close enough brought his tongue out and pressed it firmly against Cassie’s warm inner flesh. As he pressed his tongue against her flesh he drew it along it licking up her nectar and relaxing the grip he held with his hands.

A low moan escaped Cassie as she drew Alex along the outer edge of her inner flesh coating him with her thick nectar. As she felt his tongue running along her flesh though she was made to stop and shuddered lightly. “I hope you like that because there is plenty inside.”

Instead of responding verbally Alex leaned forward extended his tongue and pressed it firmly against Cassie’s flesh he then drew his tongue along the bit of her flesh that he could. He wasn’t entirely certain whether he liked her taste or not but that didn’t truly mattered in this situation. She was giving him a chance to make up for his blunder and upsetting her. At this moment he felt it was more important to show a desire to do so. As he drew his tongue along her flesh he began to adjust the alarm on his watch.

A sigh escaped Cassie as she began to press Alex inside of herself. Her massive vagina easily swallowed him up and before much more then the tip of her finger had vanished within her he had vanished from site entirely. As she slid him inside of herself she felt his arms and legs press more firmly into her flesh. She quickly realized that he wasn’t just sliding within her but actually pushing against her flesh to provide her with more stimulation.

The heat just outside of Cassie’s vagina had been remarkable. As Alex found himself actually entering though it increased far more then he was ready for. The heat seemed to actually press into his skin and seep into his bones. Instead of recoiling though as was the natural response he found himself impulsively pushing forward into that heat. Then as he found himself pass her lips and within her a slight shout escaped him as he tumbled forward. Cassie was so massive in comparison to him that by pushing him in near the top of her lips she had actually given him a bit of a distance to fall.

Cassie’s soft inner flesh prevented Alex from being harmed as he tumbled forward onto his hands and knees however he was a bit surprised by how deep her nectar was. The thick oily liquid had already covered him as he was pushed into Cassie but now he felt drenched. The fact that she had only been slightly wet whenever he had entered her wasn’t lost on him though. He could only imagine how much that nectar would flow when she became excited.

With Alex tucked away inside of her Cassie gave her hips a quick shake causing him to bounce around within her. She could feel it whenever he bumped and rolled against her flesh and a slight sigh escaped her. Giving the sky one last glance she bent at the knees and placed a hand behind herself as she slowly lay down on the beach. At her massive scale the most solid stone would have had a great deal of give so the sand didn’t feel hard to her.

While Cassie had only shaken herself slightly it was still a great deal of motion for Alex. Yet as he found himself thrown against that flesh his excitement grew and he felt his penis throb. He remembered what Cassie had said though and went to give her flesh yet another kiss. His plans were thrown off though as Cassie settled down and he felt his entire world tilting.

Alex reached out to take hold of one of Cassie’s inner folds as he felt his world tilt yet he didn’t have time to get a good enough grip. The warm inner flesh was not only slick with her oil but as he grasped the fold he felt her muscle shift every so slightly causing him to lose his grip so that he was sent falling back into her. Once again he was reminded of Cassie scale and the softness of her flesh. Had it not been for that softness he felt certain that the fall would have been more then a little uncomfortable. As things were, the feeling of her hot warm flesh pressing against him sent a shiver up his spine.

Every movement Cassie made was felt by Alex though he wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing. His entire world was made to shift and tilt as she wiggled her bottom easily sinking her massive waste into the sand. As the movement began to settle down he slowly drew himself to a standing position. As he stood he felt her flesh shift and was made to stumble but still able to catch himself. He had to remember that he wasn’t walking on simple earth but living flesh that was apparently very sensitive.

Given everything that had happened Alex couldn’t help but think trying to make his way out of Cassie was a bad idea. Even if she was asleep by the time he managed to find his way out he doubted she’d be happy about his decision. She was upset with him as is but giving him a chance to turn that frustration to pleasure. So that instead of trying to make his way out of her he began to move deeper within Cassie’s massive vagina.

With each step Alex took he felt the muscle shift slightly responding to his touch. Instinctively he reached out a hand and pressed it against Cassie’s flesh to help steady him. He stood perfectly still though as he felt that muscle shift under his touch. Remembering what she’d said he turned to her flesh and brought his face near. His tongue extended out of his mouth and he drew it along her warm flesh licking up the bit of her nectar that covered it.

A slight sigh escaped Cassie as she felt Alex moving about within her slowly. So far he seemed to have remembered that for now he was to only move slightly as she was ready to rest. As she lay there though her massive right hand came down and pressed against the outside of her lips ever so lightly. She then began to gently rub her lips while her eyes drifted shut and she relaxed.

Due to Cassie’s massive scale the folds in her inner flesh was more then a little noticeable to Alex. Several times he had to catch himself as his foot would be caught on one of them or one would actually lift his foot up. At times what he was using to brace himself would suddenly vanish out from under him and it was only by moving slowly and carefully that he was able to keep from falling.

At least Alex had one source of light as he turned his attention towards his watch. He was actually surprised as he read the time. Between the yield of Cassie’s flesh slowing him down and his constant efforts to cope with how it shifted he had spent far more time moving within her then he realized. There was no way for him to know if he had journeyed deeply enough within her but he knew that he couldn’t worry about that. He would need all his energy for in the morning.

Pressing both hands against the side of Cassie’s vagina Alex slowly began to settle down and turn around. As his bottom came to rest against her flesh and he slid his back against the wall of her vagina he was once again reminded of how massive she was now. Not only was he able to lie down within her but he could lie side ways within her massive body.

A slight chuckle escaped Alex as he took in a deep breath inhaling Cassie’s scent as he did so. Part of him couldn’t help but wonder if he was truly where he thought he was or perhaps he’d just gone insane. Maybe they’d been trapped on the island for longer then he realized and he’d lost his mind. The shifting flesh behind him shook him out of such thoughts reminding him that he had an important task when he woke and would need his energy.


Alex gave a quick jerk as he set up the annoying buzz of his watching having finally woken him. Engulfed in the total darkness he was still able to find the button to silence the annoying device. As he turned off the watch he was aware of three things. He was very warm, covered in a thick oily substance and in the dark. In an attempt to rectify the first he slowly reached to his side as if searching for a light switch. Instead he found nothing but warm wet flesh.

Even before he knew what he was doing Alex pressed off against Cassie’s flesh in order to bring himself to a standing position. He didn’t make it though as his weight shift and he stimulated some of her flesh the muscle quickly responded. The ground beneath him was made to shift rapidly and he found himself toppling over wide eyed as memories of the previous day came flooding back to him.

As his memory returned Alex found himself struggling to maintain his composure. In the total darkness of Cassie’s vagina this was more then a little difficult as he found himself unable to see anything to confirm his thoughts. As he felt those muscles shift beneath him though, took in her scent and heard her pulse all around him all his other senses were telling him that the events of the previous day were true.

Fortunately for him Alex was able to maintain enough of his composure to realize that panicking wasn’t a good idea. Instead he took in a deep breath and once again pressed his hand against Cassie’s inner flesh. This time as he stood he made certain to move slowly relying on his hand to help steady his legs as those muscles shifted against him.

After bringing himself to a standing position Alex carefully pressed his free hand against Cassie’s flesh and turned so that he faced one side of her vagina. Leaning forward he pressed his forehead against that warm skin feeling the oily liquid that covered both him and the inside of that warm tunnel slowly running down his head. As he steadied his body he moved to steady his mind taking in deep breaths and trying to think of how he should handle the situation.

What Cassie had told him the previous night was now very clear in his mind. When a woman whose fingernails were taller then you were told you something you tended to remember. So at the very least he knew what he should do however he was still uncertain do to the seeming impossibility of the situation.

People didn’t just grow until they were so massive that a fully grown man didn’t stand taller then their fingernails. Yet as Alex felt the muscle shift beneath him he couldn’t deny how real his situation felt. He could feel, hear, smell and even taste Cassie all around him. So despite the seeming impossibility of the situation Alex couldn’t help but believe it was indeed happening though part of him still wondered if he’d gone insane. These thoughts were pushed to the back of his mind as he glanced down at his watch.

It hadn’t seemed that long but already twenty five minutes had passed since he’d woken up. Cassie had given him very clear instructions that she expected to be woken up by a certain time. Alex would have to worry whether or not his situation was real or not later. For now he didn’t want to risk it being real and upsetting Cassie once again. Pressing his hands against Cassie’s inner flesh firmly he slowly began to spread them out feeling each fold in her inner muscles.

Upon finding the most notable folds in Cassie’s flesh Alex gripped the skin as firmly as he could. The warm oily liquid of Cassie’s nectar made the task somewhat difficult though as he felt his hands slipping. Fortunately he was able to compensate thanks to the softness of that flesh. Even as he gripped her warm flesh though he couldn’t help but be worried. How was he going to stimulate Cassie at such a massive scale? He wasn’t even the size of her pinky rather the pinky of her fingernail was most likely taller then he was.

Giving his head a quick shake he pushed the thought out of his mind for the moment all he could do was try and hope that it was enough. When he had first been thrust into her it seemed like she was able to feel his movements. However, given her massive scale he couldn’t be sure. Perhaps that had been the result of her just slightly flexing her inner muscles. He knew that the slightest movement for Cassie was more then a little noticeable to him.

Once Alex felt that he had a firm grip on Cassie’s flesh he pressed his feet firmly against her skin and pushed himself against her warm flesh. As he pressed his upper body against her his feet slid backwards thanks to her smooth flesh and the lubrication of her nectar. As his right foot came to a particularly noticeable fold in Cassie’s flesh he braced it firmly against the flesh and pushed off while he brought his left foot back to the starting position.

As his left foot once again pressed against and moved over Cassie’s flesh Alex used the folds he held to both steady himself and stimulate Cassie. While he maintained a firm grip on one he loosened his hold on the other and slowly began to run it along the length of that flesh. He then pressed his lips firmly against Cassie’s inner flesh first giving it a kiss then letting his tongue flick out. Pressing his tongue against her flesh he slowly ran it along the warm velvet tasting Cassie’s nectar as he did so and searching her flesh.

After a few moments of searching Alex’s tongue came to a fold not quite as notable as the one his hands held or his foot pressed against but still enough. Opening his mouth he took the warm flesh between his lips and gently bit down upon it. As he closed his mouth around the fold he began to suck upon it drinking in Cassie’s nectar and hopefully stimulating her. The sudden flexing of Cassie’s inner muscles told him that his efforts were working.

As Cassie’s body responded the fold that Alex had been pressed against quickly vanished. With the increased flow of her nectar and the sudden removal of his support he toppled forward landing face first against her warm flesh. Instead of lying still though he quickly pressed up once again and more lunged then leaned into her flesh. Pressing his shoulder into the side of Cassie’s vagina he reached out with one hand.

Alex pressed his left hand firmly into Cassie’s flesh and began to pull it back towards him. At the same time he began to quickly move deeper into her while trying to continue exerting pressure against her flesh with his shoulder. As his hand glided over her flesh he took advantage of any fold that he found and used that to pull himself further along. He wasn’t certain how deeply he had journeyed into Cassie but given how massive she was the previous night and how much every little shift in her inner flesh affected him he knew she was beyond huge.

It was fortunate for Alex that he’d only recently woken up as he found himself needing every drop of energy he had. Cassie’s shifting flesh and the flow of her nectar meant that he slipped several times despite using his hands and feet to progress forward. His rapid movements did seem to be having an affect as he noted Cassie’s pulse speeding up all around him. He could only hope that it would be enough to wake her as he pressed onward.

With each passing moment the air became thicker with Cassie’s scent and her nectar flowed all the more freely. So that Alex found his hand slipping at times even when he managed to find a notable fold in her flesh. It became increasingly hard to maintain his footing as the greater stimulation caused Cassie’s muscles to flex all the more vigorously.

A sharp gasp escaped Alex as he felt an exceptionally powerful pulse run throughout Cassie’s vagina. Her inner muscles flexed and squeezed inward only to relax seconds later to flex again. It proved to be too much for him as he lost his footing and fell face first against her flesh. His body responded immediately as he felt that warm flesh against his crotch and thrust against it.

Before he could lose control of himself Alex quickly pushed against Cassie’s flesh rolling himself onto his back. He had no idea if he was providing enough stimulation but he knew that he had to conserve energy. For the moment stimulating Cassie had to remain his top priority until he knew she was awake. However, with her pheromones feeling every breath, the touch of her warm flesh and her nectar coating his body Alex found it harder and harder to keep a clear head.

Extending his arms to both sides Alex pressed his hands down against Cassie’s flesh then slowly began to move them upward as if making a snow angel. The action was slow despite the lubrication of Cassie’s nectar as he moved his arms upward he tried to keep the pressure constant. While his arms moved upward Alex could feel Cassie’s muscles flexing around him and how her flesh adapted. As his arms came to the top of the motion, he slowly rotated them and then began to pull them downward feeling of her flesh as he went.

While his arms pulled downward Alex pressed his feet firmly into Cassie’s flesh. He then began to slide them along the warm velvet surface. As his right foot came to a notable fold he ceased to extend it though his left leg continued downward in search of one of her folds. He didn’t have time to find one for his left foot though as he gripped Cassie’s flesh with his hands.

Taking as firm of a grip as he could Alex quickly pushed with his leg and pulled with his arms drawing himself deeper into Cassie’s vagina. The affects of his sudden motion and moving deeper within her was felt immediately as those muscles flexed. Alex found himself actually tossed into the air slightly as Cassie’s muscles responded to the motion. Feeling that he had found an effective method of moving forward he once again moved his arms upward while his legs searched.

Once again Alex’s hands managed to take hold of Cassie’s inner flesh however as his legs fully extended he found he had nothing to push off against. Having no desire to slow down his rate of motion he quickly began to spread his legs. This didn’t just serve to continue stimulating Cassie’s inner flesh but allowed him to search more of it. He soon found what he was looking for and quickly repositioned his legs

Despite his hurried pace though Cassie was becoming more stimulated and her body was responding more and more. So that this time as Alex pressed against her inner flesh with his legs he suddenly lost his hand holds as those muscles flexed. Without the additional support he found himself unable to journey further within the hot humid cavern of Cassie’s vagina.

A sharp gasp escaped Alex as he felt his legs fully extend. Instead of searching as he had been though he moved to quickly reposition himself. Reaching up he once again found his hand hold however this time when he tried to push against Cassie’s flesh with his foot it only glided over smooth skin. Fortunately he was able to maintain his hand hold and quickly adjusted his legs yet again. This time as his limbs tried to drive him further into Cassie they found their purchase and he brought himself yet deeper into her.

Alex hadn’t realized it at the time but his rapid movements had most assuredly not gone unnoticed. So that as he drew himself deeper in, he was a bit surprised when he felt Cassie’s flesh respond. A ripple of movement ran throughout her flesh that engulfed his entire being. As the flesh gripped him he let out a sharp gasp and opened his mouth. Instinctively Alex brought himself forward and ran his teeth over Cassie’s inner flesh. As he came to a fold he lightly closed his mouth around it and began to suckle the flesh. He lost his lip lock though when he felt those muscles flex and was pulled deeper within Cassie.

The moment Cassie’s vagina released its hold on him Alex quickly flipped over. His arms extended to both of his sides and pressed into Cassie’s flesh as firmly as they could. Gripping the warm flesh in his hands he gave it a squeeze while his mouth opened. Bringing his face against Cassie’s skin he let his tongue flick out and began to move it rapidly over her flesh. As he came to a fold too small for him to take between his lips he pressed them again it instead.

While he searched the flesh before him with his tongue and lips Alex’s arms began to journey over Cassie’s flesh. Rapidly squeezing the soft flesh until they found any folds and he took them within his hands. Upon finding a fold he squeezed the flesh as firmly as he could and then he ran his hands along the fold in whatever direction it led. As his hands ran over the folds he quickly alternated the pressure he exerted with them hoping to further stimulate Cassie.

His feet pressed firmly into Cassie’s flesh but no longer moved in unison. His right foot pressed firmly against her flesh and ran diagonally while the left went strait down. As his foot came to a fold and moved over it he quickly pulled his leg back and pushed it over the flesh yet again running his foot over the fold as many times as he could until the muscles shifted. This served to push him slightly deeper within Cassie but that wasn’t his goal at this point. Rather he moved rapidly to stimulate her.

Alex’s frenzied pace was soon reflected in his breathing as he began to breath all the quicker taking in deep breaths of Cassie’s scent a scent that was growing stronger. Soon as Alex worked he found himself being shaken about as Cassie’s muscles responded to his rapid movements. He didn’t even try to maintain his position but continued to reach out with his hands and legs while searching the flesh before him with his lips.

It was impossible for Alex to know how far along Cassie was or what time it was. He hadn’t looked at his watch since he had begun. He couldn’t think of that though as he worked frantically to bring her to release and began to thrust his penis against her inner flesh. He had managed to resist the urge but upon feeling Cassie’s warm inner flesh gripping his entire being he could no longer stop himself. So that he worked frantically to bring her and himself to release.

A sudden rush nearly brought Alex to a stop as he gripped Cassie’s inner flesh. Those wonderful inner muscles squeezed in on him and he found himself awash in her juices for a moment. Moments later he felt a sudden drop and realized what was going on. Cassie was beginning to thrust her hips into the air in response to his movements. Feeling hopeful that he was accomplishing his task a surge of adrenaline shot throughout him and he began to work all the more vigorously.

As Cassie’s hips slammed into the earth once more Alex impacted with her inner flesh. The moment he touched against it he once again extended his arms above himself pressing them firmly into her flesh as his feet pressed into her flesh as well. There wasn’t time for him to take hold of her flesh as he was once again shifted about by Cassie’s movements as he thrust his crotch against her inner flesh. As he felt the power of those movements he didn’t even bother trying to resist but continued to thrust his crotch against her flesh and reach out with his hands and legs whenever he could.

With each motion and flex of Cassie’s inner muscles Alex found himself tossed about. Yet he was unsure of how close Cassie was too release so that he continued to push out with his lands and legs as well as thrust against her flesh. No longer was there time for him to find any spot of her flesh to suckle so that he kissed, licked and nibbled her flesh as rapidly as he could. As he worked though he found the task of nibbling and licking all the more difficult as Cassie’s juices began to flow in greater abundance.

Only when Cassie’s inner flesh squeezed in around him did Alex find a moment of still if not calm. Yet as he felt those muscles clenching him more and more rapidly a sudden spasm drew his attention. A wave of Cassie’s nectar slammed into him and a wave of elation ran throughout him as he realized what had happened. Even before he realized it he found himself shuddering as he came deep within Cassie as she came saturating him with her nectar.

A sigh escaped Cassie as she took in a few deep breaths of air. Slowly she shifted her hips digging them further into the beach that had been decimated by her thrusting. As she savored her orgasm she turned her attention towards the sky and the ocean. While the ship was still several miles this distance was nothing to her and she could easily see it. As she looked at the ship though and amused giggle escaped her.

Reaching down Cassie pressed her fingers against her lower lips but she didn’t part them. Instead she slowly ran her fingers against the warm petals and then began to rise to her feet. She was quite pleased with Alex’s work though perhaps more pleased then he would have cared for her to be as she resolved to keep him tucked away within her for a while longer.

As keeping Alex tucked away inside of her meant she’d be staying her current scale for a while she resolved to walk back and began to wade into the ocean. Besides she felt the captain would pay more attention to her complaints if she remained at her current scale and she wanted to insure he didn’t forget what she told him. As she stepped into the sea Cassie took a moment to tighten up her inner muscles giving Alex a full body and all engulfing hug with her inner flesh before continuing on.


The Inescapable Garden - Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

If you haven't read Chapters 1,2 & 3 yet, you know what you SHOULD do! I trust you will enjoy this story by "happiest in shadows"
Mistress Cassie

This story is meant for adults only if you’re a minor or are offended by sexual material or verbal depiction of violence stop reading now. If you aren’t a minor and such things interest you feel free to read on. Reviews are welcome if you wish to leave one I can be emailed at just be sure to mention the story in the title so I know it isn’t spam.

While his apartment had been quite nice Albert had been caught off guard by his new accommodations. The bedroom had come with a bed the size of which Albert wasn’t certain of though he knew it was larger then a king sized bed. At the base of which he found out there was a television with the control hidden inside either support at the top of the bed. He wasn’t entirely certain were the speakers were hidden but he knew he could hear them very clearly anywhere in the room.

A small refrigerator disguised as a night stand was also to be found near the bed so there were not more late night trips to the kitchen. The walk in closet’s size had become humorous to him whenever he had put up his clothes and realized how much space he still had left. There was a home office, gym and recreation room in the structure. The recreation room housed a TV that was actually taller then he was.

Over the few days that he had been there Albert had found many things to not be what they appeared to be. He had actually gone to place some of his clothes in the stand near his bed when he had found out what it actually was. One thing that had been apparent on the first day though was the amount of large windows in the structure. There was one in every room of the building and Albert had a pretty good idea of what they were for.

Each one of the windows opened outward and each one had two similar hinges that met at the center. The hinges weren’t obscenely large but they were large enough and oriented in such a way that he imaged a one hundred meter tall Lucy would have no trouble grasping them. It was apparent to him that Lucy had the structure designed with easy access to the occupants in mind even if she happened to be more together then normal. He was just grateful that she had remembered to have very heavy curtains placed over the windows so that he could have some privacy if he wanted it.

What he found the most appealing about the move though wasn’t the size of the home or the accessories. Rather what held his interest the most and caused him to keep every set of blinds open except those in the bathroom was the view. Lucy had placed the structure on a night stand in her room so that he was quite frequently treated to a spectacular site.

He had also learned that while the view was always spectacular if Lucy was around there were times when it was even more so. At first he hadn’t gotten to enjoy these views often however as time went on his body seemed to learn what to do. Over the past week he had found himself waking up ten to even thirty minutes before his alarm clock went off. At which time he would turn off the little device and retrieve a light breakfast he had started keeping in the bed stand fridge he’d then make his way over to his window and hope that the weather would cooperate.

Currently the weather was cooperating just fine as Albert set next to the window and watched as the sun light slowly began to fill the room. He had woken up a good twenty one minutes before his alarm had been set to go off so that he knew he’d be waiting at least ten for enough sun light to enter the room for him to see through the darkness.

At the moment there was just enough light to let him see the outline of Lucy’s body and it was clear she hadn’t been entirely stationary in her sleep. Normally Lucy was a very still sleeper so still that he felt he’d been safe sleeping on her stomach despite her scale. There was however a few rare times when she would actually move in her sleep.

This did cause Albert to wonder at times. He knew that Lucy never actually slept at least not in the way humans did. She would shut down a certain number of her bodies and give them time to sort through the information they had gathered without taking anymore in. It was a sleep like state though it didn’t require as long, parts of Lucy could still be active and she was far more aware then a sleeping human would have been. Given that she wasn’t truly dreaming in these moments it made Albert wonder what caused her to shift her position.

Every thought in Albert’s head vanished as the quantity of sun light increased enough that he could make out more of Lucy’s form. Her right hand had slipped up under her shirt and come to rest upon her left breast. In doing so it had also forced up more of the material of her shirt. The site was enough to make Albert forget about the bowl of serial he had in his hand and just observe as with each breath that shirt would move a little further up.

It wasn’t rare for Albert to see a good deal of Lucy’s skin. Indeed at the moment he wasn’t seeing anything truly new to him as far as parts of her body went. The difference came from the situation and environment. It was the same difference that made a woman look more enticing in a bra and knickers rather then in a swimsuit.

As stunning of a site as Lucy’s left breast was Albert still turned his attention to the right. There still wasn’t enough light for him to even make out the color of Lucy’s bra however he could have sworn that her nipple was pert. As they had come to know one another Albert had put a great deal of trust in Lucy. So that when she told him that she didn’t dream anymore, he believed her. At the moment though he couldn’t help but think it seemed that she had been having a very interesting and enjoyable dream.

He’d have to ponder these thoughts later though as he noted Lucy’s massive form shift slightly and he looked to her face. His gaze turned to her face just in time to see her mouth wide open in mid yawn as her arms stretched above her head and she arched her back. Realizing that Lucy was waking up Albert moved to stand up but instantly found he had a problem as his erect penis pressed into the front of his shorts and he quickly set back down. “Good morning Lucy. When did you get in?”

Even if Lucy awoke fully aware and energized that didn’t prevent her from enjoying a good stretch or yawn. Little bits of the art of laziness were still a major factor in her personality and thus body language. “Good morning Albert. Well this much of me came back here one hour and thirty seven minutes ago. I swear emotions take so much more effort to process then calculations it’s kind of funny.”

“We finished up with the employee reports. So what emotions are you dealing with?”

It was only after a wicked grin had formed on her lips that Lucy responded. “I bet you would love to know.” As she waited for Albert’s response Lucy removed her hand from her breasts and proceeded to set up in bed. Once again she stretched her arms above her head this time not bothering to hold back as she didn’t have to worry about leaving a hole in the wall.

“I guess there would be a lot to sort through. So did you get everything in order?”

“I believe so. Give me a second to run a quick check.”

In response Albert gave a slight nod and waited for Lucy to close her eyes. Once she had shut them he lowered his bowl of serial so that the cold bottom pressed against his dick in hopes of getting his penis to relax sooner. “So what are you solving for?”

“I’m just calculating the angular velocities of the cogs, spring constants and radiuses of the cogs needed to make a clockwork watch based on a starting gear of five millimeters and powered by a wound spring with a spring constant of half a Newton per decameter. Yeah I seem to be up to speed.”

“So care to tell me what values you calculated?”

“Sure, do you really want all the measurements though?”

“Mm not really I’ll just take your word on it. So how long did that take you?”

“I finished a little while after I began explaining. Now,” Turning to the side Lucy quickly lowered her feet to the ground so that the impact caused the night stand Albert’s home was on to shake lightly. At the same time she jumped to her feet. “It’s a weekend so I don’t believe we’ll be doing any class work today.”

“I’m all for that.”

“Why do you have your window closed?” Even as she spoke Lucy reached out and took hold of the latch. Giving it a slight twist to open the lock she then lowered herself to a seating position so that she and Albert were about eye level.

“You know that little feature would worry me if this place wasn’t setting on top of your night stand.”

“Pfft, the odds of someone breaking in through one of those windows are slim to none. They’d have to drive a heavy duty truck right into it. Now if you’re talking about the latch, if you’re worried about someone opening them you clearly have no idea how much strength it takes to do so.”

“I take it that means more strength then I have in my entire body.” As Albert spoke he tried to will his penis to relax more quickly however despite the cold bowl of serial it was taking its time. It didn’t help matters that he was able to see Lucy’s top though thankfully her position meant her knickers were out of view. What he found once she was close enough was that she wasn’t wearing a bra but rather what appeared to be a mixture of a bra and shirt.

“Is there something you want to ask me about my top? You have a funny look on your face.”

It took all of Albert’s willpower to keep himself from jumping up. He hadn’t realized how much he was looking at Lucy’s chest though it did explain why his penis was giving him so much trouble. “OH yeah, I was just wondering what it was exactly. I kind of expected you to be sleeping in a bra.”

“I had to quit doing that a while back. I’m normally quite still when I relax my conscious mind however they are times I move particularly when something stimulates me. At first this wasn’t a problem but after my body began to really mature I started fiddling with my bras in my relaxed state. Then after my strength became too much I started waking up with the front of my bras shredded.”

“So that is why you’re wearing that?”

In response Lucy gave a quick nod and raised her arms above her head. As she placed her hands behind her head and locked her fingers together she pushed her chest outward. “Yeah, it’s more flexible then a bra so it doesn’t tend to bother me in my sleep. Then when for some reason my hands do travel to my chests like when I became aware just a few moments ago the material is flexible enough that I don’t shred it.”

“Ah I see. So does it provide any support?”

“Mm a little, it wouldn’t be suited to someone that wanted to flaunt their cleavage unless they already had a good deal of it.”

“Like you?”

For a moment Lucy was made to giggle as she made her breasts bounce slightly. “Yep like me.”

With Lucy so close Albert could now see that the material was a light blue and looked to be silk though he knew it wasn’t. Lucy’s clothing tended to have to be made of sturdier material then what most were. Her proximity and the way she displayed her chest was not helping his situation either. “Do you have any plans for the day?”

“Currently I don’t. Well at least all of me doesn’t some of me is already working on today’s activities. OH wait there is one thing but that won’t take very long. I need to do my exercises for the day. Would you like to join me?”

“Sure I could stand to burn some calories. You’ll have to give me some time to finish breakfast and let my stomach to settle.”

“That isn’t a problem. So sense you asked me about my plans do you have any plans for the day?”

“Well I just added exercise with you to the list. Other then that, my day is pretty much open to anything.”

“You know a cold bowl of cereal is hardly a complete breakfast. You should add some protean and fruits to that as well unless you want to be hungry again in about two hours.”

While the voice was Lucy’s Albert quickly turned his attention away from her main body and towards the door. He was just in time to see one of Lucy’s smaller selves closing the door and carrying a trey with a cut up orange and scrambled egg over. “Thanks for carrying.”

“You’re welcome.” Upon setting the trey down Lucy proceeded to hop out the window and make her way towards her larger body. As the smaller neared the larger the larger placed her hand on the table so that she would have a place to rejoin.

“So are we just going to spend our day here or would you like to try and come up with something to do?”

“Well let me here what you’d like to do first.” As she spoke Lucy leaned forward so that her massive breasts pressed against the table.

The affects of Lucy’s breasts pressing against the table was quite apparent to Albert as he felt the entire building rock lightly. This served to inspire several thoughts on what he would like to do but none he was quite prepared to give voice to at the moment. “Um, I’m drawing a bit of a blank. Normally my weekend plans are to wait for you to stop and see what you want to do.”

“Well then you’re just going to have to put more thought into it as that plan isn’t going to work anymore.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that. Okay, give me a few minutes to think.”

As Lucy finished absorbing her smaller body into the larger she waved her hand in the air. “Well you have longer then a few minutes. Just like you said, you need to finish your breakfast, let your stomach settle then we can do some exercises.”

“That sounds like a pretty good plan. So are you going to be joining me with one of your little bodies?”

“Now Albert you know better then that. Do you believe the equipment you have in there could really provide me with a work out?”

“Now that you mention it I don’t believe that it could. You’d probably tear it apart like paper even if you used one of your smaller bodies.”

“It wouldn’t even put up the resistance that paper would put up to you but you get the idea. I have to use some more specialized equipment and techniques whenever I want to work out.”

“Is it safe for me to use the same equipment?”

“Yeah I’ll just have to tone it down for you so that you don’t end up getting crushed or torn apart.”

“You know if I didn’t trust you so much there would be no way you’d be getting me to exercise with you after that or at least not willingly.”

It was impossible for Lucy to hide her enjoyment as an amused giggle escaped her. “I know now eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

In response Albert nodded his head and went to respond however before he could speak he felt his world shake slightly as Lucy quit pressing her chest on the stand so that it returned to its normal position. Then even before the shaking had time to a stop she stood to her full height putting Albert level with the knickers he’d been grateful to not be able to see only moments before. He felt his penis respond immediately as it throbbed and he felt as if all his work to get himself to calm down had just been undone. “Sure.”

Upon turning around Lucy was tempted to give the table Albert’s home rested on a quick bump with her rear but she held back. While she didn’t say anything she was far from oblivious from how Albert was responding to her. “I guess there isn’t really a reason for me to get dressed just yet as I’m going to be getting all hot and sweaty in just a little bit.”

While he wasn’t sure if she had been doing it intentionally earlier Albert was certain that Lucy was just trying to give him a hard time now. Fortunately with her rear turned to him he could stand up. “Lucy, I need something to drink. I’m going to take this into the kitchen.”

“Oh sure, mm I suppose that I could go ahead and pick out my clothes though. I don’t believe we will be doing anything that would require more then casual clothing.”

For the moment Albert was grateful for the fact that he couldn’t see Lucy dress due to her having the equivalent of a walk in closet for her. He still took this time to quickly beat a retreat to the kitchen barely remembering to take his breakfast as he did so. “So Lucy what are your other bodies currently up to? Well the high notes at least.”

“Being reminded of one of the main reasons I higher people to help me.”

“So can you can help stimulate the economy helping to produce a group of consumers that can purchase the products you develop?”

“Na. Even if I know that one of the genetically modified crops or symbiot I develop won’t harm humans or the ecosystem I still have to prove it. Hey Albert what do you think of this?” As she spoke Lucy held a large black shirt with what appeared to be numerous giant red flower petals covering it.

“Give me a second to get to a window.”

“Okay, anyway proving that they won’t harm a human tends to require a great deal of testing. Now I’m very confident that I already know what the test will be but that isn’t enough to satisfy everyone. So I can either conduct more tests then I care to in order to get results I already know or I can have someone else do it for me.”

“That looks nice Lucy, but it looks a little small for you.”

“Well it is meant to show off my belly.”

“Are you sure that it’ll reach that far?”

“Yeah it’s more elastic then it looks. Other then that I searched through some resumes, after that last evaluation I have some positions that need filled.”

“Oh, so is that why you had to take some time to let your mind sort itself?”


At first Albert didn’t have any idea of what to say in response to Lucy’s simple comment. So instead he proceeded to get a mouthful of eggs. “So the choices were easy for you to make?”

“Sure, I just look at their scores from collage, referenced the quality of the college and examined which instructors they had. Take into account their attendance, previous job experience, the conditions they left their previous jobs as well as any legal issues and chose whoever has the highest score.”

“You make it sound so easy. So does such attention tend to hurt or help people?”

“In the long term I believe it helps people. After all by making use of several sources of information I can make better choices meaning that my employees and their coworkers are more competent and willing to contribute.”

“I meant as far as getting them a job.”

“Well as for that, I would have to say it hurts more people then it helps. After all I get more applicants then I actually need. That depends on what position you’re searching for though.” As Lucy finished choosing her clothing for the day she proceeded back into her bedroom and placed the garments on her bed “So how is breakfast coming along?”

“The eggs are great Lucy I’m almost done. It’s kind of funny that I never asked you about this before. We’ve known one another for so long.”

“Not really. This is the first time you’ve ever been bored enough to ask about it.”

“Where do you get that I’m bored?”

“I didn’t say that you were bored I said that you’re bored enough. You can’t think of anything more entertaining to talk about so you finally bring the subject up. Previously you always had something more entertaining to talk about or I was asking you questions.”

“That is true. I guess sense you’re my instructor now you can’t really ask how my class went today or which one I’m dreading the most.”

“Well I can still ask you which one you’re currently dreading.”

Upon finishing his breakfast and standing up Albert was relieved to find that his penis had finally relaxed and he was able to make his way comfortably over to the dish washer. “Hey Lucy I haven’t seen you all together in quite a while. Just how large are you now whenever you’re tall together?”

“This is pretty much all of me right now. I have five smaller bodies currently taking care of some tasks but even if I were to add them into my main body right now you wouldn’t notice a difference. Still, I believe I am going to have to make myself some larger clothes soon.”

“Didn’t you just say that they were elastic?”

“Yeah and that shirt will fit me at this scale just fine. However, in a few months that won’t be the case.”

After Albert put his dishes in the dishwasher he didn’t stop at any of the windows to look out at Lucy but made his way back to his room. “I hope you don’t mind that I’m drawing a blank at the moment.”

“That is alright. If you can’t think of something I’m not against spending a quite evening at home together.” While Albert made his way back to his room Lucy moved back to the window that she had been looking through previously and waited. “At times it’s nice to just enjoy one another’s company.”

Upon entering his bedroom Albert only glanced out the window briefly. He didn’t want to give Lucy time to get him work up again. He then made his way over to his walk in closest as he did a slight chuckle escaped him. “I guess I should be grateful that this is a walk in closet.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking whenever I had it put in for you.”

While Albert gathered his clothes he was grateful that Lucy couldn’t see him smile. “I don’t believe I really have anything suited to a workout.”

“Then just pick out what you’re going to wear after words. After all I don’t plan on changing. Of course, if you have trouble with that I could always choose for you.”

“I’ll just wait and decide depending on what we ultimately decide to do.” Even as Albert stepped out of the closet he was made to regret his choice. The whole reason he had actually wanted to change clothing was so that he could put on something that would hide an erection better. Now he was wearing the exact same shorts that had done such a poor job a short while ago.

It was impossible for Lucy not to giggle as her lips parted slightly in a smile. “So we’re going to both be getting all hot and sweaty in our underwear together. I normally don’t mind exercising and I love the results. However, this time I believe I may love the act just as much as I love the end result.”

Even as he blushed Albert was made to grin as he rubbed the side of his cheek. “Well, I still need some time for my stomach to settle I suppose I can go ahead and shave and brush my teeth at least.”

“Okay, I’ll take some time and get ready myself. I need to finish up a few things with my smaller selves first anyway.”

“I thought that you were already prepared to go.”

“Nope, I just knew that it would take you a while to get ready. You take care of your hygiene issues and I’ll have my smaller selves move to a safe state so that I don’t end up killing or maiming anyone.”

“I regret and hope you don’t mind that I’m causing you to adjust your plans.”

“Pfft, don’t worry about it. It’s not like any changes I’ve made are more then a few minutes’ deviation from the original. I had plenty of wiggle room to begin with. Besides spending time with you is more important.”


The sound of Lucy’s hands smacking against the table drew Albert’s attention for a moment as she stood up. “Well then, you’re stomach has had time to settle. Are you ready to get to work?”

“Sure, so which room do you keep your exercise equipment?”

“Well currently my equipment is in here. Come on and I’ll show you just what I’m talking about.” Once she finished speaking Lucy held her hand just under Albert’s window with the palm facing up for him to climb down into.

“Okay, just be sure to tone it down for me.”

As Albert seated himself in Lucy’s palm he was a bit surprised when another occupant joined him. “Don’t worry I will be. Now come on and I’ll show you the basic moves.”

There was no need for Albert to even look behind himself to know that Lucy had just joined him in her palm with one of her smaller bodies. He was surprised though when he turned around to find her wearing the exact same clothing that her larger body was wearing. “Uh sure, so just where is it.”

It was with a wide grin that Lucy lay down in her larger bodies palm so that her legs were facing her fingers. She then extended her legs into the air and her massive index finger came to rest upon her feet. “You’ve been looking at it the whole time. There aren’t any metals I’ve found that could really serve as exercise equipment for me so I have to improvise like this.”

“Huh?! All those times you said you were going to work out I assumed that you had developed some ultra high strength alloy to use.”

“Albert! I’m surprised you think I’d do something so silly.” As she spoke Lucy removed her finger from her feet and her smaller body set up. As she did so her eyes narrowed at Albert and her smile turned down into a slight frown.”

The sudden change in Lucy’s demeanor wasn’t lost on Albert and for a moment he felt as if someone had grabbed his heart. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“You most assuredly are not sorry for offending me!” Once again Lucy’s smile returned only this time her lips parted to show a solid row of pearly white teeth in an impish grin. “Because in order to do that. You’d have to have offended me and you didn’t.”

At first all Albert could do was stair at Lucy as he waited for his heart rate to return to normal. When his heart began to slow Albert finally reached up and placed his hand on his forehead. “What was that for?”

“Well that was a pretty serious insult. Albert, do you really believe that I’m stupid enough to create an alloy that is capable of challenging me? Something that could be used to restrain, harm or even kill me?”

Once again Albert found himself speechless as he examined Lucy. For a moment he had wondered what he had done to deserve such a scare but as the magnitude of the insult he had accidentally given settled in. He ended up feeling that he deserved more then a scare. “I didn’t mean to offend you Lucy. That was a pretty foolish assumption on my part and it really didn’t show any respect for your intelligence.”

“Ah now go ahead and wipe that look off your face. We’re even now though if I thought you had meant what you asked I would have had to hurt you.” Before Albert could respond Lucy quickly extended her hand and took hold of his ankle. She then gave it a slight push sending his legs out from under him.

Upon feeling his feet pushed out from under him a slight yelp escaped Albert. Fortunately the emptying of his lunges only helped upon landing on Lucy’s palm though the softness of her skin was all the protection he really needed. He didn’t have time to say anything as nearly the moment he landed on his back Lucy spoke up.

“Now let’s begin our work out. I’ll start out easy on you to see what you can already do and then step it up. I believe that will start with the legs, move to the stomach, then we can do some work on the arms and chests.”

“Uh sure, that sounds good.”

“Well then put your legs in the air so we can begin.”

“Whoops!” Nearly as quickly as he spoke Albert lifted his legs into the air in a similar position to what Lucy now held. Moments later her finger came to rest upon his feet. “So just how do I do this?”

“The same way you would with mechanical equipment. I’m going to exert a constant force on your legs. You will lower your legs, I won’t force them down then you will push my finger back up. Okay Albert I’m going to exert forty kilograms of mass on your feet right now.”

Giving a quick nod Albert turned his head away from Lucy’s smaller body and focused on her fingers. As the pressure began to increase he exerted enough force to counter it though as the pressure ceased to increase he had to speak up. “Come on Lucy, you know that I can handle more then that.”

“Now don’t rush this. I’m just trying to get an idea of what you can handle and besides you need to warm up. Now go ahead and do twelve complete repetitions and we’ll see if you feel the same way then.” As she was speaking Lucy began her own work out. First increasing the pressure on her legs until she felt adequate force on her feet, then lowering her legs and pushing her finger back up.

Realizing that he wouldn’t convince Lucy to increase the pressure until he proved he was ready Albert gave a slight shrug and began to follow her movements. As he was working on his seventh repetition, he noticed that Lucy’s skin seemed to be warming up. “Lucy, are you alright?”

In response Lucy gave a slight nod. “It’s the feed back from my smaller body.”

Even though Albert didn’t know the precise details of how Lucy exercised beforehand he did know a few details. In particularly he knew that she only used one of her smaller bodies to workout as that was all she needed. Whatever anyone of Lucy’s bodies felt all the others felt regardless of the scale. So that if Lucy was made to feel that she wasn’t strong enough even while only using one of her smaller selves all the others would grow stronger in response. “Okay, that is twelve can you increase the pressure now?”

“You have no appreciation for an easy beginning. Okay here comes ten more kilograms and don’t complain about that not being enough of an increase. Prove that it isn’t first.”

“Can do” as soon as Albert felt the increase on his legs he lowered them he was stopped from pushing them up though when Lucy spoke to him.

“Not like that. You were letting me push your legs down not lowering them. Do like I’m doing.” As she spoke Lucy lowered her legs so that they were as far back as they could go. “I want you to keep your pace roughly the same as mine.”

At first Albert had no reason to be concerned so that all he did was shrug. As he turned to look at Lucy’s legs though, he suddenly became very concerned. While they weren’t his primary areas of interest legs did have a great appeal to Albert and most assuredly added to a woman’s beauty. Now he had to focus very closely on Lucy’s legs and to make the situation even worse she was still in her knickers.

“Come on Albert, push.”

“Oh! Yeah, I just needed a moment to focus.” As Albert pushed up on Lucy’s finger he was both grateful and worried. Exercising wasn’t his favorite past time especially when he had to look at some over pumped or scrawny male. Lucy on the other hand was quite a delight to look upon and follow. His concern came from the fact that she was too much of a delight and he worried how his body would respond. There was little he could do about the situation though except to try and focus on his exercise.

“Yeah that is it Albert. You know it’s awfully nice having some company for this. I’m glad that you decided to join me.”

Upon coming to the sixth lift Albert gave a slight grunt though he was still able to talk. “Thanks for inviting me. You know if it helps you I’d gladly make this a regular routine. I doubt that I could do it as often as you though.”

When she turned to look at Albert Lucy still wore her impish grin though he couldn’t see it. At the moment his eyes were focused on her legs. “I’d really appreciate that Albert. Even if you can only do it every other day it would give me something to look forward to. Just having you here and keeping me company makes me feel like I can keeping going even longer.” As she spoke Lucy increased the pressure she exerted with her legs and finger making her thigh muscles really bulge.

The amount of expansion in Lucy’s leg muscles and the sudden increased in muscle definition nearly made Albert come to a stop. For a moment, not only could those legs but they truly looked as if they could crush granite between them. Unfortunately Lucy’s leg muscles weren’t the only thing that started to bulge as the sudden show of power got an instant response from Albert as he felt his penis stiffen slightly. “Yeah, that would be nice. Yeah we can make it a regular thing.”

It was hard for Lucy not to giggle as she noted Albert’s response. “So are you ready for me to increase the pressure one more time?”

“Huh? Why only one?”

“This session is just for me to get an idea of what you can handle. We really didn’t do a proper warm up anyway so I don’t want to push you too hard.”

“Okay, yeah I believe I can handle another set. How many kilograms are you going to add this time?”

“Just another ten” even as she was speaking Lucy increased the force she was exerting on Albert’s legs.

While the first ten kilograms hadn’t really added to the challenge Albert was quite surprised by the second. For a moment his legs were actually forced downward and it was only through clinched teeth that he was able to speak. “Lucy, are you sure that is ten?”

“Yep! Just a few kilograms can make quite a difference. I bet if I added ten more you wouldn’t even be able to push my finger up once.”

He wasn’t sure where it came from but Albert couldn’t stop himself as his lips moved. “Really, what do you want to bet?”

At first Lucy said nothing but only looked at Albert, then an amused giggle escaped her. “Oh, so you want to try and prove me wrong? Let’s see if I win you have to bake me twelve muffins each night and they have to be of three different flavors.”

Now it was impossible for Albert not to smile as he looked at Lucy. “You know I would have done that for you anyway. If that is all you want to wager though. Wait how long will I have to fix those muffins?”

“A month seems like a long enough time.”

“Very well then, if I win I get woken up with a kiss instead of an alarm clock for the next month.”

“Mm what type of kiss?”

“Whichever you choo” as Albert looked at Lucy and noted her lips part to reveal her teeth and her right eye brow lift slightly he felt his face redden. “Oh I don’t know what it is but I get the feeling I should have put more thought into that.”

“It’s too late now! Okay we have our bets on the table let’s see which one of us is right.”

In response to Lucy’s statement Albert quickly drew his legs back and took in a few deep breaths. As he did he tried not to think of just what kind of kiss Lucy might come up with. It was going to be tough enough to win this bet without having an incentive to lose.

“Are you ready?”

“Could I have a few more moments to rest and let my legs recover.”

“No.” The moment the word left her mouth Lucy increased the pressure she exerted on Albert’s legs. Nearly the moment she did she noted a change in Albert’s expression as he was caught off guard by the sudden increase.

It might have been a relatively small increase in the actual force that pushed down upon his legs however it felt truly profound to Albert. Despite how profound the increase felt though he didn’t even begin to suspect that Lucy might have added more force then she said she would. There was no reason for him to cast such doubt upon her.

“Well come on big man show me what you got.”

By no means did Albert push up right away but instead chose to take a few more moments to catch his breath. Only when he noted Lucy’s gaze changing did he push up on her finger. The resistance that met him felt far greater then he had expected it to and it took a moment for him to budge Lucy’s finger. As he pushed her finger upwards he tried to remember to breathe as his muscle’s need for oxygen grew.

Even if Lucy had made a bet with Albert she actually wanted him to succeed. While she was used to being right if it meant something good for her best friend she didn’t mind losing. “Come on Albert. You’re making it just keep pushing. If you can keep that up you’ll do it.”

With each bit Albert forced Lucy’s finger up he grew more certain that if he had been allowed to wrest the task would have been easy. Even with the few moments he had taken to catch his breath he had been no where near one hundred percent. Despite the bet though he didn’t think Lucy had rushed him so that he would lose. She needed to find out what he could do regularly and if he had to be fully rested to counter such force even once there was no way he could do it as a exercise routine.

“Steady Albert, you’re not beaten until your legs have been forced down.” As she was speaking Lucy lifted Albert and her smaller body higher as if to get a better view. Indeed she found herself quite curious if Albert would succeed though the change in height didn’t truly help her view but was rather a reflexive action.

As Albert neared two thirds of the way his legs began to wobble as the oxygen supply to his muscles proved inadequate to meet the need. Hearing Lucy encouraging actually served to spur him onward but as his upward progress drew to a stop he worried he wouldn’t be able to make it.

“Don’t give up now Albert focus and keep thinking of the prize.”

A grunt of effort escaped Albert as he renewed his efforts however as Lucy’s finger moved up just a few more his legs seemed to give out. So while he was able to bring it up a centimeter or two his legs soon began to be pushed downward.

“Quit holding your breath Albert.”

In response to Lucy’s words Albert took in a deep gasp however even while he was trying to get more oxygen into himself his legs were still giving out. In the end he didn’t seem to be able to take in the oxygen fast enough either. “Darn it!”

For a moment Lucy couldn’t help but giggle as she extended a hand and placed it on Albert’s head. “Hey you tried. Still, you came close and for that I think you deserve a little something.” Rolling over onto her stomach Lucy pushed herself up on her hands and scooted forward a bit so that her face was just above Albert’s and then drew herself a bit further up so that her breasts were nearly pressing against him

Even if Albert wanted to keep control of his body it was impossible for him not to look to the side as Lucy’s breasts were so close to his head he could have sworn he felt heat radiating from them. Then when her lips pressed against the very top of his forehead they seemed to brush against him ever so slightly. This slight touch was all his body needed for his penis to respond though he was able to keep from becoming fully erect.

As she drew away from him Lucy didn’t need to look at Albert’s crotch to know she had gotten a response. “Okay, now you just rest for a moment while I finish my leg presses. Once that is done we can move on to the stomach crunches.”

In response Albert slowly nodded his head and moved to look away. He needed time to regain himself. He hadn’t noticed Lucy lifting them higher though and was somewhat surprised when he found himself looking directly at the breasts of her larger body. That didn’t help his situation and he quickly chose to focus on the roof. “Sure that would be fine. So how many leg lifts do you tend to do?”

“I try to do nine sets of increasing force.”

“Isn’t that a little odd?”

“Yeah it is a little but I find it works for me. At first I would just warm up and then chose a force that was challenging but I could do several sets of. As I experimented though I found there was a more effective way for me to exercise.”

“Which is doing several sets of increasing pressure, how does that work though?”

“As far as I can tell it works like this. When I exercise using a set pressure my body tries to adapt so that amount of force can no longer challenge me so long as it is challenging enough. That said it only adapts to that level. If however I do several sets each time increasing the pressure my body doesn’t just respond to what the maximum force was but tries to prepare itself for what the next maximum would be even if I never do it. That is provided I do enough sets and each one is challenging enough.”

“Oh that just isn’t fair! Not only does your body respond to a challenge but then it tries to anticipate and prepare itself for the next level in advance.”

“If it’s handled correctly that is right. I don’t see why it isn’t fair though. If you earn something don’t you have the right to use it to its full advantage?”

It took a moment but at last Albert nodded his head. “You have me there. I could say that you were given that body more then you earned it but honestly I feel like I’d be lying. You earned it.”

“Not that I’m disagreeing but why do you say that? Was it because of the ordeal I went through?”

Now Albert was made to chuckle as he shook his head. “No. If horrible pain and bad odds was enough then they would be many deserving. You earned your body by being who you are. By being the type of person that symbi could reside within. You gave symbi permission to live within you, to be an equal and a friend in your body. So in return symbi did um which is symbi a he or a she?”

Now Lucy had a wide grin on her face though there was no hint of mischief in it. “You know that perplexed me for a long while however I finally resolved symbi is a she.”

“Okay, you did all of that for her and in return she did her best for you. That is why I say and believe you earned everything that you are.”

Instead of commenting Lucy just turned back to her exercises though her smile didn’t diminish in the least. “Next time while you’re warming up I’ll go ahead and get started so that you don’t have to wait on me.”

“Hey I know what we can do. We could go and pick me out some clothing to wear while exercising.”

“Mm that is one thing but you know what?”


“I like what you’re wearing now.” As she finished speaking Lucy stuck the very tip of her tongue out at Albert.

“I see.”

“Of course, if you want to get some skin tight outfit to wear that is fine by me as well.”

“Um no, I guess I really wasn’t thinking. Yeah shorts and a t-shirt are just fine.”

“Okay Albert, I only have three more sets to go. I won’t be able to speak during this though and you need to be careful.”

“Huh? Why?”

“I’m going to have to really focus on what I’m going and I’ll be using all of my strength. If I had to move another part of me I might end up using all my strength.”

“I see. Okay shutting up.” As he finished speaking Albert was tempted to turn and watch Lucy as she worked out. However, given that he only had three more sets and he’d have to change position he knew he couldn’t. His penis wasn’t fully erect yet but he knew Lucy had already noticed it. So all he could settle for is not letting it be outright blatant.

When Albert had first noticed Lucy’s hand heating up he hadn’t been sure if it was him or her. While she pushed herself harder though he quickly became certain that it was and on a whim closed his eyes and pressed his cheek to her palm. The heat Albert felt on his cheek was quite noticeable and given how much insulation Lucy’s skin provided he knew that the heat inside of her body would be tremendous.

Lucy wasn’t actually worried about harming Albert despite what she had said. She was however worried that if he made her flinch she would damage her home. It would have been all too easy for her to send a foot or hand through the floor with the amount of effort she was currently exerting. Still despite her warning she couldn’t help but speak. “Albert, look.”

Opening his eyes Albert didn’t question what Lucy wanted him to see but turned to see where she was looking. He didn’t have to follow her gaze to see what she wanted him to see as he saw her eyes. The lovely blue sapphire of Lucy’s eyes had actually begun to glow due to the energy pumping through her body. As he looked into those glowing eyes he imagined that similar events were going on throughout her body but he could only see it through her eyes.

It was surprising to Lucy but as Albert looked into her eyes her fatigue seemed to melt away as she continued her exercise. So she was quite glad when he didn’t look away or comment but seemed transfixed by her eyes as she looked back at him. Only when Lucy began to set up did Albert speak.

“That is amazing. How come you never showed me that before?”

With her eyes still aglow Lucy relaxed the pressure on her legs and set up. “It only happens whenever I really push myself and we just haven’t been in a situation for me to show you. It’s pretty neat isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but how long has this been going on?”

“It happened about a year after my last bit of metallic exercise equipment quit providing enough resistance for me and I had to switch to using several bodies to exercise.”

“So do you know what causes it?”

“I can’t be certain. However, if you generate enough heat you’re going to emit photons of some wavelength. So I believe that is the cause and the reason my eyes seem to glow is it’s the only part of me in which you can really see them escaping. Okay, now let’s move on to the crunches.”

Giving his head a quick nod Albert followed Lucy’s movements and turned his back to her fingers. As he turned around he felt her hand shift and her fingers came up so that they were leaning against them. A few moments later he felt something just brushing against the top of his head and looked up to find Lucy’s finger above them. “Okay just how are we going to do this?”

“That is easy.” Reaching up Lucy took hold of the tip of her fingernail. “You just take hold like this and try to bring yourself forward using only your stomach muscles.”

Giving a quick nod and following suit Albert was actually relieved whenever he realized the movement forced Lucy to hold them so that they weren’t looking towards her larger body. “Okay, so are you ready to go?”

“Yes but I want you to try and keep pace with me. No jerking motions just nice steady repetitions.”

Having first thought that he would get a break and have some time to regain his composer Albert was somewhat unnerved by this news. However, he was far happier then distressed as it would give him an excuse to focus on Lucy. “Sure. So do you do these like you do your legs?”

“Yeah, it works for all of me after all.” Leaning back against her fingers Lucy took in a deep breath then turned towards Albert. “Oh and just so you know I’m going to be watching you to make sure you’re using the correct form.”

There was no attempt to turn away from Lucy’s gaze on Albert’s part but instead he focused intently on her. “Sure that would be helpful.”

“Albert, what you need to be focusing on for this exercise is right here.” As she spoke Lucy released her hold on her fingernail and proceeded to point down at her body below her neck.

Lucy had never been one to be shy and as her body had grown she had no issue showing it off. Despite that Albert was not expecting her to not only give him permission to focus his gaze on her body but that was what he was supposed to do. There was no way he was going to argue with her over the matter though. So that he quickly shifted his gaze down to her body.

“That’s better now let’s begin.” Retaking hold of her fingernail Lucy proceeded to draw herself forward with Albert following suit only moments later. As she moved forward the muscles in her stomach flex so that the cuts became all the deeper and more noticeable.

Upon noting the sudden increase in muscle definition Albert actually found his mind shifting from Lucy’s smaller body to her larger. Lucy’s muscles were wonderfully defined and it seemed to Albert she could easily hold a dime or something of similar width between those chasms of muscle. So that he was made to wonder if she might be able to fit a human hand, foot or more within then cuts in her larger body.

“How do you feel Albert?”

Even with his attention brought back to Lucy’s smaller body Albert didn’t take his eyes away from her stomach. “I’m feeling good Lucy. I believe that I can handle more resistance.”

“You’ve been doing a good job of keeping pace with me. I guess you really like what you see.”

“More then I can put into words.”

Even as Lucy smiled she felt herself blush slightly. “I’m glad to here that Albert. Okay Lean back and I’ll increase the pressure some. Would you mind telling me what you were thinking about?”

“I was just thinking that if you were to flex like that while I was near your stomach I might be able to climb up it.”

“Now that is a fun idea. Would you like to try later?”

“I’d be delighted to. Perhaps we could do that for my upper body exercise.”

“It would be nice if you could however I don’t believe that is a good idea. Your arms may still be up to the task but your legs need time to recover.”

“Yeah you’re probably right. So how about we try the day after tomorrow?”

An amused chuckle escaped Lucy as she gave her head a quick nod. “You really seem enthusiastic about this. Well I’m glad that my nice toned tummy is enough to get you into exercising and sure. I’d be glad to let you tickle me while you tried to climb my stomach.”

“Okay, so how about you add a little more resistance?”

“Focus on your breathing this time and don’t talk or you won’t be able to do a complete set.”


As close as Albert was watching her Lucy was watching Albert even more closely. Despite his shirt and the bit of a gut he had she could see the muscle working underneath. “Albert. Would you let me plan your exercise routine?”

There was no way Albert could respond right away as he focused on his crunches and he knew Lucy knew it. So he felt certain she meant for him to take the time he was crunching to consider the question. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to do as Lucy wished as he made his decision nearly the same that Lucy asked him so the answer came freely. “You don’t even need to ask Lucy. Sure you may.”

“So there isn’t a particular part of your body you want to develop?”

“There is no part in particular unless there is something about my body you’d like me to develop or you feel I should work on.”

For a moment Lucy bit down on her lower lip as if she was trying to hold something in but the question couldn’t be kept. “So you are giving me permission to remake your body however I want?”

It was impossible for Albert not to chuckle as he shook his head. “Yes Lucy. Provided I remain a male and don’t have anything that a male should not have. I’d be quite upset with you if I woke up one day and found a b cup on my chest.”

“Oh then how would you feel about something larger then a b cup?”

“No thank you and no way.” While Lucy had told him that she wanted him to focus on her body Albert now chanced a look at her face. What he saw was that same toothy smile.

“Why Albert I’m surprised. You mean you wouldn’t like to wake up with these pressed against your chest?” As she spoke Lucy thrust her chest outward.

Instantly Albert realized he’d made a grave error in the wording he had used. “Oh no! I’d be fine with that! More then fine that would be exceptional! I just don’t want the breasts to be attached to my body.”

A slight chuckle escaped Lucy as she looked at the expression on Albert’s face. “Ah I see. For a moment I was kind of worried.”

Now Albert was made to sigh as he repositioned himself so that he could lie down in Lucy’s palm. “Do I still have permission to observe closely?”

“I’d be upset if you didn’t. You know I love having an appreciative audience.”

“I remember the first time you caught me looking at your cleavage. If my memory serves me you said. Look much closer and they may just swallow you up. Yet despite that warning I wasn’t able to tear my eyes away heck it seemed to glue them there.”

“Actually, you remember the first time I caught you looking at my cleavage and I told you. I kept quiet for a while as honestly I worried you might start looking away.”

“Why do I not find that to be the least bit surprising?. Actually, before you told me that I tried to keep from looking but well. It’s awfully hard not to admire such a wonderful work of art.”

“Then why aren’t you admiring them now?”

“Well your face is very nice to admire as well.”

“Okay Albert. I’m going to have to focus for these last few sets. Feel free to keep admiring though.”

“Can and will do” as he spoke Albert adjusted his position so that he would have a good view of Lucy’s cleavage whenever she leaned forward as well as a wonderful view of her stomach muscles when she leaned back. Lucy had long ago come to terms with the fact that people were going to stair at her but she had not become indifferent. Given how proud of her body Lucy was and that she had accepted people would look long ago she had began expecting people to look at her whether in fear, admiration hatred or any mixture of the three.

The inability of the situation had actually caused Lucy to develop a craving for such attention. This did not however help the media as apparently the craving was only met whenever the people where physically there and Lucy could see their reactions. She also tended to want this attention from certain sources at different times and for the moment it seemed she wanted it from Albert. For his part Albert had learned long ago that when Lucy wanted attention it was safest for everyone if she got it.

Despite knowing Lucy desired such attention as Albert watched her he couldn’t help but feel she was seeking an abnormal amount. Lucy had always used her body to tease him and now that they were living together it only made sense it would increase. However, she’d really been working him over ever since they had started exercising together. He was glad to give her the attention she wanted but he still had to wonder just what was going on.

“Albert, let’s go to the arm curls now. You can go first and then it’ll be my turn. That way you can recover a bit for the bench press.”

“Why aren’t we doing them together?”

“Mm that would be kind of difficult. I would have to position my hand in a really awkward manner which could cause some problems.”

“Okay. So how are we going to do this?”

“A bit differently then what I am. Go ahead and stand up.” Even as Albert was standing up Lucy was extending her fingers so they had more room to work. She had also stood up and moved to stand behind him.

With Lucy standing behind him Albert had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen next. He still felt the need to ask though if only to let her know he was ready. “What’s next?”

Before speaking Lucy took a step forward and pressed her breasts against Albert’s back. She then reached around the front of him and took hold of his hands. “Well first you move your hands to your side like this.” As she moved Albert’s hand Lucy pressed her breasts more firmly into his back using the straitening of their arms as an excuse. “Now what you’re going to do is curl your arms upward while I exert pressure on your hands to try and keep them down.”

“You’re not going to pin my arms are you?”

“Nope, I’ll exert a constant pressure of no more then fifty five kilograms.”

Giving a slight nod when Albert went to curl his arms he expected Lucy to move back. Instead he found the action forced her to press herself even more firmly against him. As she did he knew that he felt her nipples poking him in the back reminding him that she was effectively in her bra. His body responded instantly as his arms moved upward his penis pushed outward.

“Mm that is good Albert. Just keep your motions nice and steady.” As Albert lowered his arms back down Lucy moved back ever so slightly causing her breasts to rub against his back.

Years of riding in Lucy’s shirt pocket had at least helped prepare Albert for this situation to a limited extent. Though, he was grateful that he only had to deal with those wonderful breasts pressing into him on a relatively small scale. If he’d been pressed into her larger body’s chest so that the whole of his back was engulfed by just one of Lucy’s breasts he knew he’d be fully erect and aching by now.

Normally during such times he would try talking to Lucy to get his mind off the fact that he was pressed against more breasts flesh then most men would ever handle in their life. With Lucy in such a playful state at the moment he didn’t know if that was possible. “So how am I doing?”

“You’re doing very well for your first day. It’s a bit of a road ahead but you haven’t grumbled even once.”

“I doubt that I would feel this way if I had to do this alone but so far I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“That’s good to know I’ve enjoyed myself as well though we aren’t finished yet. I hope that you’ll feel the same way the day after tomorrow. I won’t be taking it as easy on you.”

“As long as you’re there to encourage me I’m sure that I can make it through. I just hope that I’m contributing to your exercise.”

In response Lucy brought her head down close to Albert’s neck and placed a gentle kiss on the side. “You are. Believe me you’re making this far more enjoyable for me as well. I got in an extra set of reps just by thinking that you were watching me.”

While Albert was able to speak calmly this was only due to much practice. In truth those warm lips hadn’t helped his situation and he was seriously considering disposing of all his baggy shorts and trousers. “So after this, I hope you don’t mind if I get cleaned up.”

“I plan on taking a bath as well. Mm it looks like a set and a third might be all you have in you at this pressure.”

Giving a slight nod Albert continued to grit his teeth and attempt to force Lucy’s arm up but at last a sigh escaped him and he relaxed. “Yeah, I believe you’re right.”

Before Albert could walk away under his own power Lucy quickly took hold of his shoulders and lifted him off the ground. She then spun him around and proceeded to set him back down. Instead of setting Albert strait down though Lucy pulled him forward so that her breasts pressed into his chests and his penis just touched her thigh.

The moment he turned around Albert saw Lucy’s smile. Her lips were parted revealing rows of perfectly strait pearly white teeth framed by her soft pastel lips. It was a sight that was beautiful and fearsome all at once as if a lover’s tender welcome had merged with a lioness’s snarl just before a pounce. With those eyes focused on him Albert had a very good idea of who the prey was. “Now it’s your turn to watch me.”

Once again Lucy’s actions came faster then Albert could speak as she gave him a slight push. He stumbled backwards ever so slightly before ending up on his bottom in Lucy’s palm. There was no protest on his part as he took in a deep breath. His heart raced as it pounded against the inside of his chest as Lucy proceeded to turn her back towards him showing off her wonderfully firm rear.

With her back to Lanresil Lucy curled the fingers of her larger body and pressed them against her hands on either side of her. As she went to bring her arms up the muscles in her back and arms were made to expand. She didn’t need to see Albert to know that this had an affect on him as she felt him shift forward in her hand in order to get a better look.

Even as he moved closer Albert couldn’t help but think of Lucy’s smile. He had seen that smile before and there was most assuredly something predatory about it. More often then not it appeared whenever Lucy was about to repay someone for some injustice or when she had every intention of getting her way. There had been other times that he had seen it though which he tried to recall.

As he watched Lucy Albert felt there was something important that he was forgetting. Not in such a way that there was something he needed to do but something about Lucy. Unfortunately his penis was trying to do the thinking for him and its insight into the situation was of no help to him. “So what kind of muffins would you like?”

“Mm some strawberry and blueberry would be nice. How about you surprise me with the third treat?”

“Sure, how would you like me to make them?”

“The same way you like them, big, warm and soft.” As she spoke Lucy turned to the side for just a moment giving Albert a side view of her breasts.

Giving a slight sigh Albert started to scoot back in hopes of getting himself to relax. He didn’t get very far though as he felt something very big and warm behind him. He didn’t need to look behind himself to know what had happened. While he had been trying to compose himself after being pushed down Lucy had brought her hand closer to her chest and now he had just scooted into her breasts.

“Careful Albert, you might have scooted off just then if I hadn’t repositioned my hand.”

It was impossible for Albert not to try something despite all his efforts to maintain his composure. “Thanks, so is there anything I can do to help you?”

“Mm, keep watching.”

“Is that all you would like for me to do?”

“Mm yes it is. For now, just stay where you are and watch me. Let your arms rest and we can move onto the bench press.”

The urge to stand up, embrace and kiss Lucy was nearly overwhelming Albert. Yet she had just told him all she wanted him to do was watch. This was far from what he wanted to hear. Yet it was what Lucy wanted him to do and he would do it. “You know your calves are wonderfully heart shaped and the way the muscles flex in your back when you lift upward is spectacular.”

“MM please go on.”

“I can’t help but think about when we went swimming and the way that I climbed your hair then. Then my mind turns to thoughts of what if the body you held in your hand now was as great as your current body and how large that would truly make you. I bet you could make walking across your back quite an experience at that scale and with your level of muscle control.”

“Mm when that day comes I’ll have to let you find out.”

“There is one thing I regret right now and that is the size of the bodies you use to exercise. It would be wonderful to see your body in action at a larger scale so that I could pay careful attention to even the tiniest details.”

“In that case later on I’ll have to put on a show for you. After I’ve finished working out you’ll have to let me show you these muscles of mine at a greater scale.”

“How would you do that?”

“I may have to use multiple bodies to work out but as I mentioned before all of them get the same effects. Once I am done my larger body will be just as pumped as the smaller.”

In response to this Albert proceeded to move away from Lucy’s breasts and to the side of her hand. He didn’t look over the side of her hand to confirm what she had said but only to see with his own eyes. Upon looking over he quickly noted that her legs did indeed appear to be as pumped as those of her smaller body. “So is that why your hand has been warming up?”

“That’s right. Okay quiet time again.”

Nodding his head Albert turned away from Lucy’s leg and away from her smaller body to focus entirely on her arm. The site of the muscles in Lucy’s smaller body was quite impressive. However, seeing the muscles of her larger body showing the same amount of exertion was truly astounding. As Albert watched those muscles expanding he couldn’t help but wonder how much strength was truly behind them.

Thinking of Lucy’s strength did nothing to help Albert with his erection except keep him from thinking about it. Lucy’s strength had never been a turn off for him as it might have been some but instead made her all the more appealing. “You’ve come a long way since we were kids. I can still remember working on that bridge at least the little bit I got to work on. You finished it before I could do much. Did I tell you I thought it would be neat to see you working on a real bridge so easily?”

Lucy didn’t answer right away but took her time to consider what Albert had told her and what she would say. As she finished her last repetition she didn’t turn to face Albert. “You know at the time when I finished that bridge on my own I thought I was only helping you but that wasn’t it. At least that wasn’t the main reason. Albert, you know that I’m horribly selfish right?”

For a moment Albert was just quiet as he looked at Lucy. “Lucy, you’re anything but selfish. You’re generous with your money, knowledge and power. If you were to only focus on acquiring wealth and power and not worry about the well beings of others this world would be a much bleaker place.”

“Money, knowledge and power are three things I have in abundance Albert. If you were to consider how little of each I truly share you would realize how little it truly is. No Albert I’m a horribly selfish person and I’m especially selfish when it comes to something I need. When I finished that bridge for you I did it because I wanted the attention you’d have put into it. It took me a few years to realize that.”

No words came to Albert’s mouth as he considered what Lucy had just told him. Instead of speaking or approaching her smaller body he leaned to his side and proceeded to place a kiss on her palm and rub the bit of it he could with his hand. “You know I just can’t find a way not to be happy about that.”

An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she glanced over her shoulder at Albert and looked down at him with her larger body. “You know I’m just going to get worse as time goes on. There may come a time when I can’t stand to have you giving attention to anything but me. Do you believe you can handle that?”

“It would be easier to give up the entire world then it would be to give up you.”

Turning around Lucy proceeded to take a step towards Albert. “Just remember that you said that. Now let’s move onto the bench press.”

“Sure.” As he spoke Albert started to rise up only for Lucy to quickly push his arm out from under him with her foot causing him to fall flat on his back. Before he could say anything Lucy had placed a leg on either side of him and proceeded to lower herself to her knees. A sharp gasp escaped Albert and he involuntarily thrust his hips upward the moment he felt Lucy’s crotch come to settle down upon his stomach.

“I believe that it would be more fun to do it this way.” As she spoke Lucy took hold of Albert’s hands and repositioned them to his sides as if he was holding a barbell aloft. She then proceeded to lower herself down forcing his hands into the ready position and pressing her breasts into his chest.

For a moment Albert forgot everything he was doing as he felt Lucy’s crotch pressing against his stomach, her breasts engulfing a good part of his head and her face above his. Due to her position on his stomach her face was further up then his but he was too used to looking up at Lucy to notice.

“Well come on Albert. Let’s get started.”

An attempt to shake himself out of his daze only resulted in Albert rubbing his face against Lucy’s breasts and making her giggle. The smile he felt on his face was so wide that it was almost painful. Her words did have the desired affect though and he began to push up with his arms so that she was lifted off him. As her upper body moved away from him he felt her crotch press more firmly into his stomach.

“That’s good Albert. Keep it nice and steady just like that.” Lucy didn’t use her arms to exert any pressure on Albert’s hand. Instead she only changed the position of her arms when she was lifted upward or lowered to keep the force in the same direction. The actual resistance that Albert felt came from her weight and the use of her stomach muscles to exert pressure.

Each time Albert pushed Lucy up he felt her crotch rub against his stomach. As he did he wasn’t sure if the wetness he felt was from his sweat or if she was becoming excited. He did know that he was plenty stimulated and had been beforehand. Now he didn’t know how he we keeping control of himself. Lucy had told him that she just wanted him to watch and had yet to give him permission to touch however she didn’t seem to have any issue with touching him.

It was difficult for Albert yet if Lucy wanted to be the one to touch him while he could not touch her he would wait. He wasn’t sure where the resolve to control his body came from but he knew that he would wait. Even if it was exceptionally difficult not to kiss those breasts as they once again engulfed the lower portion of his face.

As she found herself settling down so that her breasts pressed against Albert’s face once again Lucy slightly shifted causing her warm flesh to rub against him even more. “I bet you don’t even know how many repetitions you’ve done so far.”

There was no arguing with that as Albert looked into Lucy’s eyes. He knew that he had done two so far but he couldn’t be sure of how many past that. His mind had been elsewhere for a while now. “Um, were you counting?”

An amused giggle escaped Lucy and she pressed her breasts more firmly into Albert’s face so she could get close enough to leave a kiss on his forehead. “Yes I have been and you’ve done very well. It’s amazing what a little company and motivation can do for one’s performance isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you just have to love motivation and extraordinarily wonderful company.”

Slowly Lucy released her hold on Albert’s hands by carefully removing one finger at a time. As she withdrew her arms though she didn’t rise up but used her abdominal muscles to maintain her position as she looked into Albert’s eyes. “You did very well for your first session Albert. Now you just relax while I do some bench presses of my own then we can go and get cleaned up.”

Instead of speaking Albert just smiled as Lucy rolled off of him a sharp gasp escaping him as he felt her leg once again brush against his penis. A shadow came over both of them as Lucy moved her free hand above them and then extended two fingers. These fingers came to press down upon the hands of Lucy’s smaller body. “So is this all the exercises you do?”

“Of course not, I typically swap out one or two exercises each session. Next time I may do butterfly curls instead of the normal type. I just thought this was a nice simple series of exercises to begin with. So don’t get too comfortable doing a particular set.”

“Ah I see. So am I going to be sore in a little while?”

“No, you’re in good enough shape already so that shouldn’t happen. Of course, if that were to happen I believe I could massage the soreness away. Mm yeah I think I know of a type of massage that would work wonders. At least it should loosen up most of the body.”


As Albert looked into the mirror he could hardly believe what he had forgotten and for how long. The session with Lucy the previous day had been a bit much for him and it had taken a cold shower and a few very vivid dreams for him to recall what he had forgotten. As they had exercised Lucy had become more and more predatory more direct. This wasn’t as simple as someone loosening up as they become more comfortable but due to her awareness becoming more focused on her body.

It was something about her few knew about. As Lucy encouraged her body to become more powerful more of her mental abilities had to be devoted to its development. So that as Lucy had been exercising and encouraging her body to grow larger and stronger less of her awareness had been devoted to the world around her leaving her desires to take over.

She hadn’t simply been behaving more predatory she had been more predatory then she normally was. In this state Lucy’s concern for morality or the feelings of the world diminished considerably. So that when Lucy directed most of her awareness to her development Albert had come to term what was left as goddess Lucy. Goddess as she was a being unconcerned with the laws or desires of the world around her and entirely focused on what she desired and most assuredly what she needed.

To his knowledge Lucy had never gone all the way so that her awareness was entirely focused on her improvement but she did get close. Indeed for the most part Lucy kept most of her awareness focused on her improvement. A slight chuckle escaped Albert as he imagined what the general reaction would be if the fact that Lucy tended to only be operating at five percent of her true awareness with the rest focused on her body.

Given her behavior the other day though Albert knew she was operating at even less then that by the time they had finished. At best she was probably using one two hundredths of her actual awareness. This realization brought up two questions that Albert had yet to see answered and wasn’t entirely certain he wanted answered. What happened whenever Lucy was entirely aware and what happened whenever her awareness was devoted entirely to her body?

“Albert, I know you won’t be exercising today but would you mind joining me? I would like to have an audience again.”

Even with the realization of the last few moments Albert’s answer came naturally. “I’d love to. Just give me a moment to get something to drink.” Even before he had taken a step towards the kitchen the phone ringing slowed Albert’s progress. “And let me answer this.”

An amused chuckle escaped Lucy. “Sure, it’s from Phillips cell phone.”

“So it’s either Brad or Phillip. Okay.” Making his way back into the bedroom Albert retrieved the cordless phone from besides the bed. “Hey man what is up?”

“Hey Albert, I’m surprised Lucy isn’t answering the phone.”

“Na, she gave me my own phone line whenever I moved in. She can monitor it but given what she can do that is a given. So what is up?”

“Well I was actually calling for Lucy I need to ask her to do me a favor. A rather big favor actually though this might work out better.”

“Phillip, if this is going to be something that might piss her off you can forget me asking her. You know if I tried to act as a shield for anyone it would just make her more upset.”

“OH hell no! Believe me Albert I know. I know. I don’t believe this will piss her off it’s just something that she might not be eager to do. You see I sort of fucked up. I promised I’d take Sandra to Crystal Lake and I meant to but I forgot to make the reservations. I really don’t want to have to tell her I messed up so I was wondering if you and Lucy might come. I doubt anyone would turn her away.”

“You weren’t kidding when you said Lucy wouldn’t like the idea. There is no way Lucy could go into that place at any of the scales she enjoys.”

“I know. She would be less likely to turn you down especially if you indicated that you wanted to go.”

“First of all I’m not going to fake something like that as honestly I’d rather go to the brink. Secondly Lucy would realize that I’m faking in an instant. She might even get upset that someone had tried to manipulate her. Phillip you should know better then to try to manipulate Lucy, you know how ill tempered she can be when someone insults something she takes pride in.”

“You have a point. Fine, would you let me speak to Lucy and I’ll ask her?”

“Yeah but it’s a good thing you didn’t wait any longer to call.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Suffice to say that if you had waited any longer you would have been speaking to a very playful Lucy that is in no mental condition to do something she doesn’t want to. Hold on a second.” Letting out a slight sigh Albert made his way on into the kitchen and looked out the window. “It’s for you Lucy.”

Even though she knew everything that had been said Lucy chose not to speak up nor had she already made her decision. Instead she had resolved to let Phillip plead his case and see how she felt. Instead of going to retrieve a phone Lucy took over the signal “Okay I have it. How are you doing Phillip?”

It was one of those odd things about Lucy that she would pretend not to know something in order to let someone speak freely. As Phillips readied himself he resolved to take the direct path. “Lucy is there anyway that I could convince Albert and you to go to Crystal Lake with me and Sandra?

“I don’t like the idea Phillip but I might be able to help out if you want to go. Perhaps I should call ahead.”

“Come on Lucy. I know that you could get us in the door easily enough but do you really believe they’ll be happy about me having you bully our way in? What kind of service do you think we’ll get if you’re not there?”

“Very good service if the owners know anything about me!”

A slight groan escaped Phillip. “Now I really wish I had made those reservations.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well if I had already made the reservations for four I would have more grounds to ask you to come.”

“Meaning you want Albert and I to come. That’s somewhat strange Phillip I would have believed you’d want to go with just you and Sandra.”

“Actually, Sandra has wanted to talk to you again but I haven’t been able to convince her to. You’re still rather intimidating to her so I suggested that we could meet at place where you’d need to use one of your smaller bodies.”

For a moment Lucy was quite as she considered what Phillip had just told her. “Okay Phillip. Why does Sandra want to speak to me again?”

“She thinks you’re an interesting person Lucy just a little hard to talk to. So because we spend so much time hanging out together I thought it would be best if she came to know you well enough to be comfortable around you. Remember that I had to meet you first in the dining area to be really comfortable around you.”

Refusal was the dominant thought on Lucy’s mind but she kept her tongue still as she considered Phillip’s request. As she considered the proposal she began to find some potential in it. “Phillip, this is going to cost you.”

“So you’ll do it then?”

“Yes, however don’t believe for an instant that I enjoy it. I can however see at least one reason as to why I should. Just remember though this is going to end up costing you.”

“You aren’t going to do me like Brad, are you?”

An amused giggle escaped Lucy in response to the question. “No Brad I was upset with. You’re going to owe me a favor for this one. Don’t worry though I promise that I won’t pick anything too difficult. Though what is owed will ultimately depend on the level of frustration I end up having to cope with. This still seems odd to me. I’m not sure why you’d want me to get to know Sandra.”

“Honestly she wants to get to know you and well. She feels that it is important that we get to know one another’s friends, which is kind of difficult. As honestly I’m not very fond of some of her friends. However, that means it’s either hanging out with them or getting her comfortable with you.”

“I’ll call Crystal Lake and tell them that I’ll be arriving with a small group of friends. They should have one of the more private seating areas available.”

“That’d be great. I have to say it seems a little strange to me. You don’t mind using your smaller bodies at work.”

“That is because very few people are there to see me and I don’t see many people there. It actually frustrates me whenever someone comes to view me at a scale smaller then my true scale.”

“You don’t seem to take issue to using one of your smaller bodies around Albert.”

“Like I said I take issue with someone viewing me as smaller then my scale truly is. Albert sees me at my true scale regardless of what body I’m in. Okay Phillip, you can meet us at Crystal Lake at eight thirty tonight.”

“Huh? You already made the phone call?”

“Yes I did.”

“I’ll be seeing you later on in the day then.”

A sigh escaped Lucy as the signal shut down and she glanced down at Albert. “We’re going to be meeting Phillip and Sandra at Crystal Lake at eight thirty.”

“You mean he actually managed to convince you?” As he looked at Lucy Albert noticed her lips part to reveal her teeth in a wicked smile. “Oh! I see. So did Phillip just make a devil’s deal?”

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy. “I don’t know if I would call it a devil’s deal. Suffice to say that he agreed he would owe me a favor.”

“If you’re going to go through with this that must mean you have something in mind already. Mind telling me what it is?”

“Yes I do. You’re just going to have to show some patience and wait. Until then how about you get yourself a cup of water and let me entertain you for a little while?” As she spoke Lucy opened the window to the kitchen and held her hand palm up just below it.

For a moment Albert was made to chuckle as while he retrieved a glass and field it with water he glanced down at his shorts. He remembered the lesson from the previous day and was staying away from the baggy clothing. “That sounds great. I hope Phillip really though this through before agreeing to owe you a favor. As the more I think about it the more I wonder what you could possibly have in mind. At the moment I’m drawing a blank on what he could actually do to repay you.”


Even if she preferred to use her smaller bodies Lucy had clearly designed the car with her comfort as well as others in mind. Currently she set in the passenger seat which had been lowered down to nearly floor level. The back seats had been folded upward allowing her to scoot back even further to accommodate as much of her as she could comfortably fit into the vehicle.

Albert for his part was driving though under protest at first. He had wanted Lucy to drive but had relented when he saw how the passenger seat was designed. The design feature had allowed Lucy to maintain a scale of three meters and while it was far from her favorite scale it seemed to content her to an extent. At least most people throughout history would have had to look up at her.

“You know Lucy we don’t have to stay very long if you don’t want to. You told Phillip that you would come not that you would stay around for very long.”

“I know and believe me I’ve been thinking about just going inside saying hi and leaving. The thing is he’s actually doing this in part for Sandra. Apparently she’s wants to talk to me at a less imposing scale then the one I normally hold.”

It was impossible for Albert not to laugh as he shook his head. “I don’t mean to offend but honestly. I think you’d be less scary at three miles if you were happy then when you’re grumpy even if you’re only three meters tall.”

A slight sigh escaped Lucy as she nodded her head. “Now if only the rest of the world would see it that way.”

“Well maybe they would if you were to give a good demonstration of what you can do even when you restrict your size. I believe that throwing a tank through a building would get the point across.”

At last Lucy was made to smile as she turned away from the window and looked at Albert. “Perhaps, that or find a way that I could lift an aircraft carrier without the metal simply deforming around me. Maybe I should focus on developing an alloy strong enough to withstand such strain in a focused area.”

For a moment Albert turned to look at Lucy and try to guess if she was serious. He knew that she was strong and that to survive at the scale she normally held she had to be far stronger then even her scale revealed. However, he still had to ask. “Lucy, are you serious?”

“You’re going to miss your turn.”

Turning his attention back to the road Albert saw how right Lucy was and had to both break and turn hard to make the turn off. Once the vehicle steadied and they drove a little further Crystal Lake finally came into view. The establishment had received its name not due to any proximity to any bodies of water. Rather it was due to the fact that the majority of the building seemed to be made of crystalline structures so that it was said to be a lake of crystal itself.

As Albert pulled into the parking lot he glanced around for Phillip’s car. It only took him a moment of searching to notice the vehicle. “It looks like they beat us here ahead of schedule. I wonder what the valet thought.”

“I have a pretty good guess.” A slight growl escaped Lucy as she tapped the door handle for a moment. “Hopefully whenever I step out of here he’ll be surprised enough to forget about that.”

“In that dress I’m sure he would be even if you weren’t over three meters tall. I for one hope he doesn’t push too hard on the accelerator or there is going to be quite a mess in a few moments.” Even as he spoke Albert pulled the vehicle up to the entrance where a man in a red vest with a white shirt proceeded to open the door.

Well before he could reach in to help her out Lucy had already began the process of climbing out of the vehicle. First extending one leg out the door followed by the other, she then shifted her position to the side and slowly began to slide the seat forward the whole time slipping more of her out. The valet for his part had only stood near the doorway when Lucy’s leg first reached out. As soon as he realized how much female was exiting that vehicle though he quickly retreated to a safer distance.

It was clear to Albert that the valet’s reaction had helped Lucy to an extent. She seemed to perk up a bit the moment he backed away and she drew herself to her full height. The fact that he continued to keep a good deal of space between himself and Lucy as he made his way over to Albert only helped. “Good evening Sir and Madam. I will. May I see to your vehicle?”

Giving a slight nod Albert didn’t wait for the valet to make his way around the car over to him but he quickly made his way around the front of the car and next to Lucy. “Sure thing” as he stood next to Lucy Albert held out the keys but extended his arm halfway. He knew that the valet wanted to keep his distance from Lucy and while Albert thought it was a little mean of him to make him approach her. The valet’s reaction was also clearly good for Lucy’s mood and if helping Lucy’s mood meant he had to be a little mean Albert could live with it.

Albert’s arm was only half extended but the valet’s was fully extended as he took the keys from him. He then more ran then walked around the front of the vehicle causing Lucy to give a slight giggle. Reaching down she took hold of Albert’s wrist and moved his arm so that it was as far around her waste as it could go and just above her rear.

Realizing what Lucy wanted Albert took hold of her waste the moment she released his arm and proceeded to lead them away for the car. As he did so he couldn’t help but notice due to Lucy’s height and their proximity to one another he really couldn’t look up at her face without looking at the underside of her breasts. “Do you feel better now?”

“Yeah, I feel a bit better. Thanks for cheering me up.”

“Always glad to amuse you at the expense of someone else.” As Albert lead Lucy inside he wasn’t surprised to find a waiter already standing in the doorway ready to receive them. He was rather certain the quick reception was for two reasons. Lucy had wealth and the sooner they got her seated the less she would unnerve their patrons.

“Good evening. I hope you don’t mind but we prepared you a table away from the main dining areas. Your dining companions arrived just a short while ago and are already waiting for you.”

“That is fine. Please lead on.”

While Albert walked along side Lucy and took a moment to look around he couldn’t help but let out a slight sigh. He hadn’t told Lucy but such an establishment really wasn’t suited to his taste. He had been honest when he told Phillip that he preferred the Brink. However, he didn’t realize that he had sighed until Lucy spoke up.

“Is something wrong Albert?”

Glancing up at Lucy Albert’s first thoughts was to say no but realized that it wouldn’t due to lie about the situation. “I’m just thinking of what I’m going to order.”

“Huh, that didn’t sound like the type of sigh one gives when they’re thinking of eating. Unless they don’t believe they’ll be able to find anything to their liking.”

“Lucy, this place serves raw fish eggs. I’m hardly the type that regularly eats that stuff.”

“Have you ever tried them before?”

For a moment Albert shook his head. “No. I can’t say I have but I still don’t like the concept. I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to find anything to my liking.”

“Well if you don’t like your first order just tell me and we’ll get you something else. Even if I have to go through the whole menu we’ll find something you like. Mm actually perhaps that is what we should do. How about I just order everything on the menu and you can try a bit of everything until you find something you like? Then I’ll just take care of the rest.”

“Huh, well I’m sure the owners wouldn’t mind that plan but it seems a bit extravagant.”

“So? It isn’t like I can’t afford it.”

“Mm I’d still feel like I was wasting.”

“What giving me an excuse to eat a lot is a waste?” As she spoke Lucy turned so that Albert’s arm came undone and proceeded to glance down at him. This meant that he was more looking at her chest and couldn’t actually look at her face without stepping back due to their proximity and her breasts.

At least this time Albert knew Lucy wasn’t actually angry, still he backed away so that he could see her face. “No. Alright then, order one of everything and I’ll just keep trying stuff until I find something that I like. Then you can take care of the rest. I hope you don’t end up getting something you hate though.”

“The odds of that happening are pretty slim. You know I tend to like most foods even a few things that you wouldn’t even consider food at least not under most circumstances.”

“Okay, but if you don’t like it you could make Phillip eat it.”

To this Lucy gave a quick nod and turned to the side. Reaching down she once again placed Albert’s arm on her waste. “You know I could! Fatten him up a little bit.”

He didn’t need to look around to know that Lucy’s comment had just gotten the attention of everyone within ear shot. Instead of making him look away though it made him smile and look up at Lucy. Before he could comment the waiter finally spoke up. “Um Madam, Sir please follow me this way.”

Phillip smiled as he looked at the vast dining area. The large room was normally reserved for large corporate gatherings but tonight it would only have four occupants. That left plenty of room to move around and lots of elbow room on the table. “Wow, I figured they’d set us somewhere private but this is a bit more then I expected.” Even as he spoke Phillip couldn’t help but recall his conversation with Lucy that morning. She had told him she didn’t like people seeing her as smaller then she truly was. It was enough to make him wonder if she had obtained that room intentionally.

As Phillip was looking around Sandra reached a hand under the table and ran her fingernails lightly over his pants legs to get his attention. “Thanks for taking me out this evening and for inviting Lucy and Albert.”

“No problem. It would be nice if we could all hang out together.”

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind having to go through all of this for me. It’s just she is kind of imposing to talk to whenever her thumb is taller then you are.”

“Don’t worry I know the feeling. Just well, I don’t believe she’ll be willing to do this again for a while.”

The sound of a door opening stopped Sandra from responding and both she and Phillip turned to see Albert and Lucy led into the room. “Hey Albert, Lucy I’m glad the two of you could make it.” Words didn’t need to be spoken for Phillip to read the smile on Lucy’s face. He suddenly felt certain that his statement should have been withheld until he found out the favor Lucy was going to ask.

Once Lucy and Albert had been seated the waiter finally spoke up. “So, here are your menus and I’ll be back in a little bit to take your orders.”

“That won’t be necessary.” As she spoke Lucy glanced over at the waiter noting that she was still somewhat taller then him even while seated. Fortunately for the chair it was oversized to accommodate nearly anyone so Lucy didn’t break it when she set down. “I want one of everything on the menu.”

For a moment the waiter just looked at Lucy. She was truly massive but the idea of someone of her scale being able to eat everything on the menu still seemed outside the realm of reason. “Um are you sure madam?”

“Quite sure, I’m in an experimental mood today.” Even as she finished speaking Lucy gave a slight sigh. She didn’t bother mentioning that she also wanted something to do while she was forced to interact at such a small scale.

“Very well, then has everyone else decided what they want?”

Once again Lucy spoke before anyone else could. “Not unless two of them want the same thing as the other.”

After a minute of silence in which no one spoke up the waiter gave a slight nod. “I see then. I will inform the chef.”

In response to the waiter’s stunned expression a sight chuckle escaped Phillip. “He wouldn’t be surprised in the least if all of you were here.” Nearly the moment the words left his mouth Phillip knew that he had made a mistake as he noticed Lucy looking at him. Clearly this wasn’t the time to be talking about where the rest of her was.

In his mental state the waiter hadn’t thought to take up the menu which was just as well as Albert took his time to browse. After a short silence he spoke up. “Lucy, I hope you don’t mind but I’m afraid I’m going to have to take your stake.”

“Which one do you have in mind?” As she spoke Lucy leaned over to see the menu even though she had one in front of her. This placed her head just above Albert’s and caused her breasts to brush against him ever so slightly.

Instead of trying to pronounce the name Albert proceeded to place a finger next to the image. “That one looks pretty good and if the picture is right I don’t see any ingredients I don’t recognize.”

“Ah, I see. You’re welcome to try it but I don’t know if you’re going to want that one. You may think you recognize those peppers but I don’t remember you having ever tried them.”

“Aren’t they regular red peppers?”

“I believe that I might have said too much already. So Phillip, Sandra did we keep you waiting long?”

To this question Sandra spoke up. “Oh no, we just arrived a short while ago ourselves.”

“I see. So Phillip here tells me that you’re having trouble talking to me when more then a small amount of me is here. I know this might be hard to believe but for the vast majority it’s actually safer to be around most of me then a little bit.”

For a moment Sandra said nothing as she took in what Lucy had said. Phillip had informed her that having Lucy limit her scale might make her irritable and it seemed he was right. “Yeah, Phillip told me as much. It’s just that I thought it might be easier to get to know you as a person when I didn’t have to look so far up at you.”

There was no need for Albert to look up at Lucy to know that Sandra had just made a mistake. Realizing that if he didn’t speak up soon Lucy was going to really put Sandra on edge he chose to voice his thoughts. “Sandra, there is no getting to know Lucy as a person if the only way you can interact with her is when she’s only partly there. After all to know someone as a person don’t they all have to be present?”

“Well. You do have a point. Yeah I can see that.”

No one spoke for five minutes though Sandra and Phillip did exchange several glances. As the silence extended past the five minute mark though Lucy spoke up. “All well. I’m here like this now so we might as well make the most of it. So Sandra what is your major?”

To this Sandra gave a slight start. “Oh. I’m studying the communication and joining of nervous systems such as those found in the symbiotic life forms developed by InCon.”

“Or like the most advanced one in the world. Mine.” As she finished speaking Lucy gave a toothy smile and proceeded to lean forward on the table. “So is there anything you want to ask me about that?”

At first Sandra said nothing but proceeded to take in a deep breath of air and sip some of the water before her. “Well. Actually, yes I would.”

“Go right ahead then.”

Ever since she had met Lucy Sandra had wanted to question her. However, she had envisioned a far more casual, safe and comfortable situation. She had hoped it would be a situation that didn’t leave her feeling as if she were only a few words away from death. “Well I’m sure that you know about the threshold of awareness.”

Before Sandra could continue Lucy spoke up. “Yeah, the human awareness is like water and the body serves as the cup. If you suddenly expands the cup by enhancing the body either physically or improving sensory reception the cup expands. The water must then expand to fill the new space. For small enhancements this isn’t a problem but as the cup grows larger eventually the water can no longer fill it. At this point the awareness is in danger or fading away leaving a vegetable. Even before that threshold they are dangers such as the awareness not being able to control the body’s biological functions such as heart beat.”

“Yeah, the thing is most people can only handle being enhanced thirty five to forty six times their natural level. But you, you’re so far beyond that. Does having the awareness of the symbiot inside of you let you get around this limitation?”

“No. There is no way around the threshold of awareness.”

Once again Sandra grew silent as she looked at Lucy. For a moment she just bit down on her lower lip but then willed herself to speak. “Then how did you? I mean you’re so far beyond what anyone has managed to reach.”

“It’s simple really. My awareness is strong enough to handle this body. That’s all there is to it.”

“How is that possible though? You’re so far beyond anything that has been seen!”

Before she spoke Lucy reached out with her hand and placed it on Albert’s shoulder. “I’m strong and becoming stronger everyday both through my own efforts and through those that nurture me. Sandra the general concept is that someone’s awareness is finite and they can do nothing to change it. That isn’t true though. Your awareness is just like your body in that it can become stronger. You just have to learn how to nurture it and have the right tools and food at your disposal.”

“Food? You mean like drive?”

“No! Drive is an abomination that should have never been produced.”

“Then how do you develop and feed your awareness?”

An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she shook her head. “There isn’t a simple answer to that Sandra. I can however tell you how I do it. Do you want to here?”

“Yes! Pleas!”

Lucy’s response wasn’t immediate but instead she proceeded to take a moment to glance over at Albert. As she turned back towards Sandra a slight chuckle escaped her. “They are different ways to strengthen one’s resolve however I find desire to be the most effective method. I desire power and the more power I have the more I desire. I desire this power just to have it yet I desire it for other reasons as well. I desire power to protect those I care for, I desire power so that I may enrich their lives and I desire power because they wish me to become as much as I can be.”

At first Sandra said nothing but seemed to try to judge if Lucy was being honest or not. When she did speak it seemed reluctant. “But don’t you have enough power for that already?”

“Some may think that but they would never get me to agree. When you care about something you want to protect that something don’t you?”

“Well yes.”

“The more you care about that something or someone the more you want to protect them and the more you want to bless them. So that the more I care the more I desire. By taking this desire and turning it into resolve it is possible to strengthen ones awareness. It is this nurturing of my awareness that allows me to continue to exist even within this body.” A delighted giggle escaped Lucy as she leaned back in her seat slightly. “Of course, this requires a certain mind set.”

Sandra had perked up whenever Lucy had offered to explain the method she used to her. As she had listened though she’d begun to slump in her seat so that when Lucy had finished she seemed drained as if a great hope had just been dashed. After some time had passed though she took in a deep breath and set up in her seat and turned to Phillip. “So do you think you ever contribute to this desire?”

“Mm you know I don’t know. Hey Lucy do I?”

“Well maybe in the same way that a thimble of water contributes to the ocean.”

“Hey! Didn’t you say those that you cared for helped to strengthen your resolve?”

It was impossible for Lucy to keep herself from giggling as she noted the expression on Phillip’s face. “Now there is no need to feel insulted. That doesn’t mean I don’t care a great deal for you. It just means there is someone that I care about a great deal more then you.”

“Yeah that is true.”

Before she spoke Sandra once again placed her hand on Phillip’s leg. “Besides, I believe that whomever you’re seeing would prefer if she got that encouragement instead.”

Before she spoke Lucy removed her hand from Albert’s shoulder and glanced behind herself. “The salads are here. It looks like you all have quite a variety to choose from. Which one do you want Albert?”

“Is there a chef’s salad?”


“I’ll just take that.”

Even before the waiters had began to unload the treys Lucy reached out and quickly retrieved Albert’s plate and set it down before him. Upon setting Albert’s plate down she quickly retrieved one that came in a large bread bowl. “I just love these things.”

“Oh, what do you like most about them?”

Well before Lucy could respond to Sandra Albert spoke up. “It’s the edible bowl. That’s all there is too it.”

“Hey I happen to think that it’s cute!” An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she tore away part of the side bowl and tossed it into her mouth.

“If no one minds may I have the shrimp?”

“Sure go ahead Sandra and which one do you want Phillip?”

“I’m not really into salads myself. I believe I’ll just wait for some of the main courses to arrive.”

In response to Phillips comment Sandra retrieved a second as well as her own and set it down before him. “You need your vegetables as well so eat up and no complaining. That has some diced up steak in it. So Lucy, Phillip has told me a good deal about you and Albert is there anything you want to tell me about him?”

“Mm I believe that he has some hidden masochist tendencies.”

In response to Lucy’s comment Phillip quickly looked up from his salad. “Huh? How the hell do you get that?”

“Well our conversation on the phone is the most recent event that helped strengthen my suspicions.”

A low groan escaped Phillip as he shook his head. “That wasn’t me being a masochist. It was the only way I could think of to convince you to agree.”

“Initially I was going to tell you no but then I realized there is one thing you can help me with.”

“I have a feeling that I’m not going to like it but what is it?”

“You will have to wait to find out. Phillip, here is a nice guy even though he has been known to conform his behavior for a limited time just to get a woman into bed. I don’t believe you’re one of these cases though.”

“Oh and what makes you believe that?”

“The very same thing that I used as proof that he is a masochist.”

“Well I’ll have you know that we’ve already slept together.”

“I see. Then were you either exceptionally good in bed or he’s truly quite fond of you. So Phillip what makes you so interested in Sandra?”

“Well she is quite a terrific person and she is indeed very good in bed.” A wide grin formed on Phillip’s face as he glanced over at Sandra. “She’s also got me to rethinking my major though I don’t believe that is intentional. Lately she’s been telling me a lot about the bonds between neurological systems.”

In response to this Lucy looked away from her salad and focused on Phillip. “Hey I’ve told you plenty about that and you never seemed to be considering changing your major.”

“I know it’s just well.”

“It’s just that I’m not Sandra.” An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she noted the look on Phillip’s face. “Okay what have the two of you been talking about lately?”

“Mostly we’ve been talking about the threshold of awareness, what could be done if you could get around it and the different theories of how people may be able to get around it.”

“I very rarely say that something can’t be done but well. I wouldn’t put any confidence in those theories and I’m very certain that there is no way around the threshold of awareness.”

“I know I was listening. What about two separate nervous systems to control one body though? I know that most people can only stand being enhanced from thirty five to forty six times but what about linking the awareness’s of two separate people while only fully enhancing one of their bodies?”

At first Lucy just looked at Phillip. Given that this was the first time he had expressed such an interest even she was a little stunned. After a moment of silence she spoke up. “That has the potential to allow one of the person’s to wield far greater power then what is normal though it wouldn’t be strait forward. Both would have to have their bodies modified to allow such a link.

This would serve to exhaust some of each person’s awareness right from the start so the enhanced would maybe have eighty percent of both of their potentials. That isn’t certain though as it would depend on how well the awareness of each person worked together. They are also several risks to be considered.”

“Would they be similar to the risk of the eighth step symbiot?”

“Yes and a whole host of new ones. One situation I should point out right away is if one of the person’s awareness happens to consider the other as nothing more then food to be consumed. Had I been that way with symbi she would have responded by trying to consume me in turn resulting in both of our deaths. This could similarly happy with two humans that were linked and well the results wouldn’t be pretty for either of them.”

“Are they any other concerns?”

“Phillip, if I went into all the concerns it would take me all day. I guess the second dominant one is if the awareness of either person grows tired of the other. They would end up trying to reject one another and eventually end up destroying the link. This would mean one awareness is in a body that it can’t handle in the least and it would either kill the body or the awareness would evaporate leaving a husk. The over person wouldn’t be safe either as the immediate back lash from their extended awareness suddenly being cut off could kill them. Even if they lived there would be a large amount of damage.”

Now Sandra spoke up. “So you’re saying it can’t be done?”

“No. I’m saying that it’s dangerous for both people involved and should be carefully considered. It is however impractical for commercial or even military use. As while the person would be greatly augmented they still could only handle four to eight strongly augmented tops. Given the difficulty of finding people that could form such a bond, the cost of production and the inevitable loss of live it’s just not worth the price.”

“At least it isn’t worth the price on a large scale but on an individual level it may be.”

To this Lucy gave a quick nod. “Yes it may. However, it still isn’t a strengthened awareness or a strengthening one. Such a process is going to have limits and they’re going to be reached very quickly.”

“That would still make the person second only to you though even if that is a large gap.”

For a moment Lucy was made to giggle. “While I appreciate the complement that isn’t certain they are some people whose awareness is very strong. To cases I can think of right away are Meredith and Alex.”

“Huh? Who are they?”

“They’re two of InCon’s employees and that just drive me up the wall. I’ve been waiting for them to leave the company so I could hire them but they seem fairly content in their testing position.”

“Oh yeah, that is the two women that my dad had over for Christmas last year. Why don’t you just tell them you want them to come and work for you? I’m sure you could convince them to leave InCon.”

A sigh escaped Lucy as she turned to Albert. “I know but I would feel a little guilty about doing that. InCon was always strait forward with me.”

“That is true.” Giving a slight shrug Albert took a moment to glance down at Lucy’s salad. “Hey when did you start on that one?”

For a moment Lucy was made to giggle. “I’ve been through four of them already and you’re just noticing I finished my starting salad now?”

“How did you do that? You’ve been talking most the time.”

“I’m very good at controlling my tongue and I have a big mouth. Plus I don’t have to really chew my food if I don’t want to. My stomach can process concrete easily.”

Realizing that the conversation was getting off subject Phillip spoke up. “Who are Meredith and Alex and what about them?”

Turning back to Phillip Lucy gave a shrug. “They are just what I said. They are two employees of InCon who both work on the development of new symbiotic life forms. The awareness of either woman is quite exceptional though. They actually help develop the symbiot life forms InCon produces but I’ve also seen them test new ones for which the strain on one’s awareness was unknown.”

“Do you really believe their awareness may surpass a unified awareness?”

“I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen them control systems that would leave most people in comas if not dead.”

For a moment everyone’s attention turned to Albert as he gave a slight chuckle. Upon realizing that everyone was looking at him he saw fit to speak up. “Sorry, I was just thinking about something my father told me.”

To this Lucy seemed truly curious as she turned to face Albert entirely. “Which is?”

“It isn’t anything much. He just said that if he didn’t have my mom he’d be pursuing them like a starved wolf.”

“Oh come on Albert. That can’t be his exact wording what did he say?”

“Okay. Okay. The actual wording was. Son I swear if I didn’t fear your mother’s anger so very much I wouldn’t be able to keep away from those two.”

Once again Lucy was made to giggle as she turned back to her food. “Your mother can be quite frightening. I imagine especially to your father.”

“Yeah you’re right about that one. I didn’t know you were keeping your eye on the two of them though.”

Before Lucy could respond Sandra spoke up. “So do you have any idea of how they got to that point?”

“Resolve in both of their cases really. That and a confidence in their abilities and who they are that I very rarely see of course resolve and confidence often walk hand in hand.”

After a moment of munching on his by now half eaten salad Phillip spoke up. “You know it seems kind of silly how we’ve been talking about this like it’s impossible to strengthen ones awareness. You said it yourself that the notion that it can’t be done is mistaken.”

To this Lucy gave a quick nod. “That is correct and it doesn’t have to be a painful process either though it sure can be. Actually, on many levels it can be quite pleasurable if one feeds on the right nourishment.”


“I swear I thought my tongue would never stop tingling.” A sigh escaped Albert as he climbed into the driver’s seat and buckled himself up.

Lucy wore a large grin on her face as she carefully climbed into the passenger’s seat and glanced over at Albert. “It’s a good thing that they also included one of every type of drink.”

To this Albert gave a quick nod. “The roasted duck was good though I still wish you had warned me about those peppers. I have to say though I would have preferred a roasted chicken or turkey.”

In response Lucy gave a slight shrug. “We are most comfortable eating what we’ve grown up with really so that will always be your preference most likely. No matter how tasty an expensive item maybe it will never have that level of familiarity that something your mom or dad might have made for you does.”

As Albert drove out of the parking lot he gave a slight shrug. “I think that waiter was still trying to figure out where you were putting all that food.”

“Yeah he wouldn’t have bothered with that at if all of me had been present. Then again he probably wouldn’t have wondered if he knew how quickly I could digest whatever I’ve ate or how much these muscles of mine can compact materials.”

Before he responded verbally Albert gave a quick nod in agreement. There wasn’t time for him to speak his mind though as they made their way through an intersection. He simply wasn’t able to speak quickly enough or see the expression on Lucy’s face as she looked out the passenger side window.

Relative to her scale Lucy tended to move as quickly as a human. So that in the same time a human could fully extend her arm so could she. This meant she was moving much faster then human though and had developed a reaction time to keep up with that. Her rate of thought was even faster so she had plenty of time to notice the massive semi heading strait towards them and feel her heart rate speed up.

When she had built Albert’s car she had made it with safety in mind but as she looked at the massive truck she knew it would be testing those limits. Given its speed she felt certain it was traveling at least one hundred and sixty five kilometers an hour. Instantly Lucy was made to be grateful that she was on the passenger side however that was still a lot of energy.

First instincts were to ram her feet through the floor bored and through the concrete below so that the massive truck would have to go through her first to get to Albert. This was a bad idea though as she knew Albert would still be forced to a sudden stop when she stopped both vehicles which could be just as damaging. She was fast enough and strong enough to get Albert out but once again the speeds would have been damaging to him.

As Lucy settled on a plan of action she moved towards Albert her massive form easily snapping the seat belt that would have held her in place. Her arms went around Albert though she was careful not to touch him and her foot slammed through the floor bored of the car though she didn’t press it into the pavement. As her arms began to close around Albert she slowed their speed so not to injure him as she worked to shield him as best she could with such a small body.

Everything happened too fast for Albert to really realize what was going on. He more felt Lucy’s arms coming around him then saw and there was time enough for him to hear her seat belt snap but not think about it. A massive roar took over everything and a sudden sharp impact as the massive vehicle slammed into the car forcing them to accelerate to the side.

Lucy felt the semi slam into them she instantly pressed her feet into the ground destroying her shoes in a moment. She would have preferred to negate the impact entirely by stopping the semi but that would have meant stopping Albert’s forward velocity cold. So that instead she worked to reduce the force from the side impact and slowly release the energy from their forward momentum.

Even before Lucy’s smaller body had taken hold of Albert Lucy’s larger had quickly rose to her feet. By the time the impact had occurred she’d already dashed out the main door of her home not carrying that in her haste she had destroyed the lock. The ground was not spared either as Lucy didn’t bother slowing her foot steps before placing them on the ground. The shockwaves generated by her massive foot steps would destroy far more then what her feet touched but she didn’t care at the time.

When she had built the vehicle Lucy had made it very sturdy. The doors and windows could have easily halted most bullets. However, it wasn’t truly meant to endure such a large vehicle slamming into the side at such high speeds. So Lucy wasn’t truly surprised whenever she felt her side of the vehicle caving in towards her. This had been the primary reason she had wrapped around Albert. She would have wanted the vehicle to be wrapped around her while she was wrapped around him.

As they were forced further along Lucy wasn’t certain of what condition the driver of the semi was in and she really didn’t care. What she cared a great deal about was that whoever was driving didn’t seem to have pressed the breaks yet.

While he had been shaken up a bit too much to think clearly Albert was very certain something bad was happening. So as the sound of bending metal died down and the two vehicles lost energy he became more aware of his surroundings. By the time Lucy drove her feet into the concrete he was aware enough to notice the loud crack.

With their forward momentum essentially lost at least to the point that Lucy believed it was tolerable she wasted no time driving her feet into the ground. This turned her from movable object to as solid as a concrete wall and brought both vehicles to a sudden stop.

It was only when Albert felt Lucy’s arms moving away from him and the sound of bending metal that he spoke. “Ouch.” Without Lucy wrapped around him any longer Albert went to rub the parts of his body that were in the most pain.

“Don’t move Albert! I haven’t gotten to check you out yet!”

There was no sudden motion on Albert’s part despite his surprise at Lucy’s tone. His body was simply too sore for him to move very much. He did however turn his head to see what Lucy was doing as he heard the sound of metal bending. What he found was that Lucy had to push back a massive sheet of crushed alloy just to stand up.

Far more then just foot prints was left behind as Lucy’s feet slammed into the ground. Due to her mass and the speed with which her feet met the earth the energy behind the impacts left a crater instead of a foot print each one having a radius of at least fourteen meters depending on the strength of the ground they impacted with. This city felt the affects like a bombing run moving right up the main street. The impacts forced cars parked on the side of the road into the side walks and smaller cars impacted with the sides of buildings.

All the windows were broken along the street except for the strange anomaly that managed to hold itself together and telephone wires were shown no concern. The only thing that received any consideration from Lucy at the moment was people and that was only because part of her was already tending to Albert. So that as she would dash by a person who fell within the danger zone she would slow her motion just enough to avoid seriously maiming them as she ran by.

She did not care however that a few of them ended up tossed into the air and most likely badly bruised. For the moment she had other concerns and if they were so curious about what was coming up the road they could pay for it. Fortunately the majority of people knew to get off the road. They were all aware of Lucy’s presence and most had sense enough to realize what the sound that seemed to be explosions and the shuddering earth meant.

As Lucy pilled the metal away from herself and Albert she carefully examined him. While externally all he had was some bruises internally was another matter. “Albert, I’m going to need you to stay very still. You have well you’ve been injured quite badly and I need to get you home quickly. “

“How bad is it?”

“If your injuries go untreated they will most likely kill you though not within the immediate hour. I’m going to have to give you something to help you recover.”

In response Albert started to nod his head only to end up gritting his teeth as a javelin of pain shot through him. “Ouch.”

A sigh escaped Lucy as she noted Albert gritting his teeth and his rate of breathing going up even as ouch left his lips. She knew it was more then an ouch he had just felt. “I said don’t move! I wasn’t joking.” As she spoke Lucy reached down and took hold of his seat belt. She chose to use both hands to snap the material to avoid hurting Albert anymore then he was.

After tossing the broken straps to the side she carefully lifted Albert from the vehicle. Loud cracks could be heard as she pulled her legs free from the ground and stepped out of the crushed metal that was once a car.

At her current scale Lucy could cradle Albert fairly affectively though not as if he was a baby. Fortunately this level of difference wasn’t needed for her to keep from aggravating his injuries more. With his head resting against her breasts he couldn’t help but notice a slight breeze though he couldn’t see anything as his eyes focused on Lucy’s chest and face. “Are we moving?”

“Yes. I’m going to meet up with my larger body and then I’ll get you home and taken care of.” Albert hadn’t notice Lucy beginning to move as she had been careful to keep the acceleration constant and slow. She was also forced to limit the velocity with which she moved due to the method in which she had to carry Albert. Fortunately the majority of her was already near by.

One thing Lucy was grateful for about making such an entrance was she felt certain the roads would be nice and clear when she met up with her main body. There might be some people examining the craters but she hoped they would notice her returning and realize they needed to get back. It was fortunate for several buildings and a good deal of the road that Lucy chose to use her smaller body to carry Albert to the rest of her. If she hadn’t a good deal more would have been damaged.


“Are you going to give me a medical symbiot?” A sigh escaped Albert as he noted the change in the sky above due to them entering Lucy’s home.

“No. I have something else in mind to strengthen you and besides. Albert I really don’t want a standard medical symbiot put inside of you even for a little while.” As she spoke Lucy drew some flesh from her main body and began to use it to make the smaller larger.

Even as she had carried him back Lucy had used one of her smaller bodies to help hold Albert steady and keep him company. He was still surprised though when he noted Lucy adding more of herself into her smaller body so that it grew larger instead of absorbing it back into the main body. “What are you doing?”

“I’m just adjusting my scale some so that this will be easier.”

“Huh, if you’re going to give me something wouldn’t it be easier with a smaller body.”

Despite Albert’s injuries Lucy couldn’t help but giggle. “No. Not this time.” As her body grew, Lucy quickly worked to remove her dress though she didn’t bother removing her bra or knickers. The material had been designed to stretch enough so that she didn’t need to and the bra wouldn’t be on for very long anyway. “I have something very special for you that will help you recover.”

As Albert lie there he wasn’t certain what to say and he couldn’t think too clearly. It had been manageable at first but as time had gone by he had found the pain increasing. Despite that he wasn’t in so much pain that he couldn’t appreciate the site before him as Lucy came to stand what he imagined to be four and a half meters tall. He was surprised though when she reached behind herself and removed her bra.

It would have been nice to put on more of a show for Albert but at the moment Lucy had other concerns. Upon removing her bra she gave it a quick toss to the side and once again picked him up. With her height nearly doubled he was now the size of a small baby to her. “Okay Albert this might seem a little strange but I’m going to need you to let me breast feed you.”

Nearly the moment the words reached his ears a look of surprise appeared on Albert’s face. “Huh?”

Even if he was injured Lucy couldn’t help but chuckle as she noted the look Albert gave her. “Albert, trust me. This will help you recover a whole lot quicker and you won’t be in the danger zone anymore. Now open up.” As she spoke Lucy lifted Albert to her chest and began to position him so that his mouth was next to her right nipple.

Despite the proximity to Lucy’s chest Albert couldn’t help but ask. “Lucy, are you serious?”

“Yes Albert. I’m very serious and no you won’t just be sucking on my nipple or drinking milk. Well no you will be drinking my milk but trust me when I say that it isn’t like anything you’ll find anywhere else. You know how advanced my body is. Now if you stop and think that breast milk is meant to nurture then apply that level of advancement to it what do you really think my milk is like?”

At first Albert moved to do as he was told but stopped short as he glanced up at Lucy. “Are you certain?”

“Albert, either you start suckling or pretty soon you’re going to be in a lot worse pain.” Even before Albert could respond Lucy tightened her grip on him ever so slightly forcing his face against her breasts.

While his injuries were starting to hurt more Albert doubted that was what Lucy was talking about when she said he’d be hurting more. Even if he wasn’t certain of exactly what was going on he was certain that he didn’t want to push Lucy any further on this matter. So with no other comments he locked his lips around Lucy’s nipple and began to suck. Her body responded almost immediately as he felt a warm liquid entering his mouth.

“That’s good Albert. I know we just ate so you have a full belly but drink as much as you can.” As she spoke Lucy used her larger body to pick up the smaller and set the smaller in the lap of the larger.

Even while he was suckling Albert wasn’t certain what was going on. One thing he did notice though was that after a few minutes his pain began to die down yet at the same time he started feeling very tired. It didn’t seem like a good idea to stop suckingto question Lucy but it turned out he didn’t need to. His questioning gaze seemed to be all that Lucy required.

“I said that it would help you recover didn’t I? You haven’t drunk enough for my milk to heal you entirely but your body has already begun the repairs at an accelerated rate. Don’t worry, you’re not in any danger but you will start feeling very sleepy. If you want to close your eyes go ahead. You don’t need to fight your sleep.”

For a moment Lucy lifted Albert slightly higher and brought her head forward to give him a quick kiss on his forehead. This was the first time she had ever tried to breast feed him but it wasn’t the first time that she had wanted to. She had actually been considering different methods to approach him about the concept but hadn’t settled on a method. This event had given her the perfect chance but now she found that she had a problem.

Once the pain had died down enough and he started feeling more tired then sore Albert also began to note the taste of Lucy’s breast milk. It wasn’t like any milk he had tasted before though there were similarities. Hers was far sweeter though and indeed much more to his liking. He might have drunk with less vigor though if he had noticed how Lucy was looking at him and how much she was enjoying herself.

Had Albert not been injured Lucy knew that more would be happening that night but even with her milk he would need time to heal. Fortunately her concern for his safety could easily override pleasure though at the moment it was one of the few things that could. As she noted Albert’s eyes closing she began opening links to various services including a few constructions and insurance companies. It would be best if she began repairing the damage she had caused before anyone showed up to ask her about it.

There was another concern on Lucy’s mind as well. She had left long before the police could arrive though it probably had taken them longer to arrive due to her run through the city. Still, they would make their way to the accident soon enough and she was intent on finding out who the driver of the vehicle was and what condition they were in before they had plowed into them. Given how quickly she had brought them to a stop she was quite certain that anyone inside of the vehicle was dead at this point but they were still things she wanted to know.

With his pain fading away and his body recovering Albert felt more and more exhausted. He didn’t need to think much about what he was doing though as he continued to suck Lucy’s nipple. It seemed like his body didn’t require any prompting from his conscious mind to continue. It didn’t take long for him to begin feeling very full though as the meal from just a few minutes ago and now Lucy’s milk quickly filled him.

As time went on Albert’s suck became more of a lick as he relaxed more in Lucy’s arm. When he was only taking in a few drops of milk at a time Lucy finally pulled him away from her chest. As she did so she noted a tingling in her nipple and would have liked to press him back to it but knew that wasn’t happening. He was too tired and at the moment a little too full to continue suckling.

Once again Lucy lifted her smaller body but this time moved it to her chest. Using her free hand she parted her cleavage while her smaller body slipped Albert between the massive flesh walls. She then slowly relaxed the force that held her breasts apart until Albert was held snuggly between them and began to strip the clothing from her smaller body so she could absorb it into herself.

Even though she was confident that her milk would do the trick she wasn’t about to let Albert out of her site for the moment. If something went wrong she wanted to have as much of her there as possible. With Albert securely tucked between her breasts Lucy stood up and made her way into her bedroom. There was no movement towards her bed though as she changed into a pair of shorts and what was to her a t-shirt.

Roy was far from thrilled as he noted the ground once again beginning to shake. He had been called shortly after Lucy’s sprint through the city and was now working on examining the damage. At the moment they were mostly checking for those that had been injured. Given the scale of the damage he was quite amazed that so far they hadn’t found any corpses. He worried that might change though as he heard the massive impacts indicating the giantess’s return.

There was a great wave of relief amongst the entire crew as the giantess came into view and they realized she was only walking not running this time. There wouldn’t be any additional craters or injured it seemed. This relief was diminished though when everyone realized she was coming towards them.

Not wanting to risk anyone panicking Roy stood up and proceeded to walk towards Lucy though at a much slower pace then she came towards them. “Pardon me miss, but would you mind telling me why you destroyed several miles of street, telephone wire, vehicles, pluming, broke thousands of windows and damaged some buildings?”

“My friend had been injured in a crash and I was in a hurry to get to him before his injuries could become life threatening. I’ve already contacted some people to help with the repairs and I’ve also contacted several insurance companies. Right now I thought I would help with the initial clean up.”

To this Roy gave a slight nod. For the moment Roy was the ranking police officer on the site and while he knew he should try to arrest Lucy. He didn’t have a death wish and felt that after such a display of the damage she could do just by running people would understand if he didn’t risk upsetting her. “I doubt they’ll be eager for your return trip but I’m sure that there will be a few people happy to have help to the hospital.”

To his Lucy gave a quick nod. “I’m going to retrace my path and pick up anyone that is severally injured. You may want to have some emergency vehicles waiting on the other side for me as well as here. That way I can pick up those with secondary injuries on my way back to you. They can then go to separate medical centers.”

Given that there was no way their vehicles could make it over the decimated street Roy was quick accepting of this plan. “That sounds good. Now you said you called in some additional help?”

“Yes a few construction companies to help repair the streets and buildings. I’m going to also survey the damage so that I can tell them what they need to bring and what I feel is the best way to go about the repairs. Given that I destroyed a large section of the main road I imagine people are going to be quite upset during their commutes.” After a moment Lucy gave a quick shrug. “I should probably take some time to study the road and see what businesses will be hindered by my little jog.”

“What do you intend to do?”

“I’ll have to tell you that later for now I’m going to get to looking. Remember to have the ambulances waiting for me on each end.”

A sigh escaped Roy as he made his way over to his squad car and took out the radio. “Hello dispatch. We’re going to need another crew at the opposite end of the ravine. The big girl decided to come back and help with clean up. I’ll fill everyone in on what happened whenever I get back.”

One thing Lucy hadn’t bothered telling Roy was that she also wanted to have a look at the crash site. She intended to find out who had been behind the wheel of that vehicle. Given the speed with which the semi had been moving whenever the crash occurred she felt certain something was amiss and as she couldn’t take out her anger on the driver she wanted to know if there was someone else at fault.

She wasn’t so focused that she failed the notice someone inside one of the turned over vehicles. Bending down Lucy slipped the tip of her fingernail within the door frame and easily popped the door open. What she found was a man and a woman in the floor bored of the back seat. “Well aren’t you two just exhibitionist starting that on a major road way.”

It wasn’t surprising to Lucy that the young couple didn’t seem glad to see her and indeed seemed quite scared. Still, she could see they both had some decent bumps. “Okay come on out there should be an ambulance waiting up the road. I’ll drop you off there and anyone else we pick up along the way.”

Even if they were both upset with Lucy especially the young man given that it was his car. Neither of the couple tried to escape due in part to their injuries and due to their knowledge of her. They were also rational enough to know that trying to escape wasn’t going to happen. This became all the more clear as they tried to rise up only for the male to end up lying down again as his leg had impacted quite solidly with a raised area of the floor.

Instead of waiting for the people to struggle out of the vehicle Lucy carefully inserted two of her fingers into the flipped car and used it to widen the door frame. She then used the same two fingers to retrieve first the man and then the woman placing them both in her open palm. “Yeah, a doctor is going to have to give your leg some treatment.”

As Lucy made her way down the street she already knew she would have at least one effective method of testing to see who really needed treatment. If they were well enough to get up and truly run away from her they would most likely be okay.


“Good morning sleepy head.”

Even as the words reached his ears they had no meaning to Albert as he had yet to awaken enough to really think. So that instead of speaking he turned his head to the side as if trying to block out the sound by covering at least one of his ears and shifted slightly in an attempt to nestle himself deeper into Lucy’s cleavage. As he brought his face closer to her breasts he was aware enough to notice a very pleasant sent though he didn’t realize this was the sent of Lucy’s skin.

It was very hard for Lucy not to part her breasts and help Albert slip himself further between her breasts. She settled for just watching him though as he turned his head to the side and seemed to try to bury his face into her flesh. “Okay, wake up whenever you’re ready to do so.” Once again all Albert did was shrug in response to Lucy’s words. It was very clear that he was in a comfortable enough setting that his conscious mind was in no rush to awaken. Rather it seemed as if his body was trying to get away from anything that might awaken his mind.

Normally being ignored was quite frustrating for Lucy and it would have been far from wise to be openly trying to block her out. This was a rare exception though as Albert’s attempt to block her out only served to amuse her and bring a smile to her face. In just about any other situations he would have been in for quite an experience had he tried to ignore her but this time she just couldn’t bring herself to be upset by it. Instead of feeling insulted she found herself feeling quite flattered.

Reaching to either side of her head Lucy took a few strands of hair in either hand and brought them around so that they draped over her shoulders. She then proceeded to place the strands of hair over her cleavage and tuck them into the front of her shirt so that Albert was covered. The sun would be up soon and she didn’t want the light waking him up before he was ready. She then turned and began her last trip down the road. By now she had located all the people that hadn’t left under their own power and was just helping with some basic clean up so she didn’t worry about leaving.

Less then twelve hours had passed since Lucy’s little sprint down the street and already several crews had arrived. This had seemed good enough in the beginning but Roy had been quite shocked to learn they already had a strategy for the repair work. He was less surprised though whenever he learned that the plan had been supplied by their employers. Now he was upset though as he found himself in quite a situation.

In order to begin repairs the contractors required approval from the city itself. Approval which hadn’t been provided yet as the mayor and council had yet to see the plans. He also knew they’d want a few civil engineers to look them over as well and while this hold up wasn’t his doing. Roy was currently the one having to deal with the crews that had already arrived.

While the crewmen had began to question him as to when they would get to begin working they weren’t the main problem. Indeed the crewmen seemed fairly content to set around leading Roy to believe they had already been assured of their pay. Rather the major point of frustration came from the fact that several people had already seen fit to begin questioning when the repairs would begin. He was fairly certain they didn’t realize how extensive the damage was.

Yet another problem for Roy was that he hadn’t been home for a few hours after his shift when he had received the call. Now he had been out there all night helping coordinate the first wave of efforts along with the city’s emergency response services and he wanted to go home. It was an odd situation.

The damage was significant but it followed along a strip of road something that an earth quake or hurricane wouldn’t be generous enough to do. So that while he felt they had an earth quake’s worth the damage it was all focused in a single area. It was convenient for the sake of planning and organizing but it also left people more free to move around and far more vocal about their opinions. After all they hadn’t seen the damage so they didn’t seem to understand how bad it was.

“Roy, I’m quite certain that I found everyone that required medical attention and cleared away all the big messes. I’m going to go on home now.”

To this Roy gave a quick nod. He was upset with Lucy for causing the damage but at least she had helped out. The mass of cars that been neatly arranged along one lain of the road was proof of that and it let him show some progress to people to quiet them down. At least it did until they started showing up and asking about their vehicles. Fortunately Lucy had the foresight to arrange the vehicles in groups from those that were street worthy, those that weren’t and those that wouldn’t even run. “Thanks for the assistance. Now Lucy you know that you’re going to be hearing from some people.”

“Yeah I know. I’m certain that they’ll be in touch just as soon as they find somewhere to hide or when they have enough people to hide behind to feel safe.” As she finished speaking Lucy allowed a smile to form. It slowly spread until her lips curled upward revealing her pearly white teeth.

Even if Lucy was being helpful the predatory nature of her smile wasn’t lost on Roy. It was in that instant that he resolved to quit the moment someone even suggested the use of force to force Lucy to behave in a certain way. “Well then. Before you go, would you. Did you send a report detailing your plan and who all you had hired to the mayor’s office?”

“Yes I did. Quite honestly I’m surprised that they haven’t been approved already but all well. Everyone isn’t here yet so I suppose it’s alright if they take a little bit of time so long as they don’t take too long. If they haven’t allowed work to begin within a week I’ll probably have to speak to them personally. I don’t mind fixing what I damaged but I don’t intend on allowing them to draw the process out.”

“Well I’m not a civil engineer but it looked like you had everything worked out. Have a nice evening and thanks for the aid.”

In response Lucy gave a quick nod and started to walk away. After she had taken a few steps she spoke up so that Roy could hear her. The volume she had to use insured far more then he could hear her though. “Thank you for not being foolish enough to try to arrest me. Had you done so and pressed the issue I can assure you that it wouldn’t have ended well.”

He might have been the one she had been talking to moments before but Roy knew that wasn’t directed only at him. That had been a warning directed towards anyone that might try to arrest her. Roy had of course already resolved that he wouldn’t try anything of the sorts he just hoped that no one else would. The path of destruction that lay behind him was enough to convince him that would be a very bad idea.

Rick fumed as he set at his office desk. He had learned of the destruction Lucy had caused during her little jog shortly after coming into work as while he didn’t live anywhere near the location it did affect his business. To make matters even more frustrating he had lost contact with one of the teams that had been driving through that very location. Images of his truck and all its cargo crushed flat kept filling his head as he fumed.

“That bitch.” A frustrated snort escaped Rick as he scooted away from his desk and began to pace around his office. Due to the length of road destroyed several crews would have to take different routs to get to their destinations. The rout changes would add several hours to the shipping time if not a day or more due to congestion. He already had people calling his clients to explain the situation but he knew at least a few would want to speak to him soon.

Other shippers that used the same routs would be having similar trouble of course but that did not comfort him. In the end people would be getting their deliveries late and they would want someone to yell out. He would also be losing money and quite possibly customers. This was especially troublesome in regards to the truck that had gone missing given that the shipment might not be arriving at all.

It took a while but at last Albert’s eyes began to itch enough in their effort to wake up for him to try and rub them. The first thing he noticed upon attempting this was that his arms couldn’t reach his eyes though it took a bit of pulling for him to realize this. In response to this discovery he was brought more into the waking world and forced to open his eyes to see just where he was and why he couldn’t move his arms.

Enough light was able to get through Lucy’s hair for him to see despite the sleep in his eyes and he instantly realized why he couldn’t move his arms. They were pinned against his sides by Lucy’s massive breasts. As he glanced up to look at her face though he found his view blocked by a sky of golden brown hair. “Good morning Lucy.”

“So you finally woke up. You know you have been fighting your sleep for over a hour now.”

“Are you serious? I only do that when I’m very comfortable and content where I am.” In response to his comment Albert was squeezed from both sides as Lucy giggled slightly. The extra pressure bordered on uncomfortable but it never reached that point. “Hey Lucy, would you mind freeing my arms?”

Instead of verbally responding Lucy slipped one of her hands under her hair though she didn’t remove the strands. She then slipped two fingers between her breasts just above Albert’s head and parted the flesh. This served to part the flesh lower down enough for him to quickly work his arms out from between her flesh though he had to be careful not to slip further down. Once Lucy felt Albert’s arms resting atop her breasts she quickly relaxed the pressure that held her breasts apart trapping him in place once again.

As Albert rubbed the sleep from his eyes he became more aware of his environment and his condition. One thing he noticed almost immediately was that part of him was pressing very firmly into the front of his shorts and into Lucy’s flesh. Apparently being injured wasn’t enough to keep his body from responding to his environment. “So Lucy where are we?”

“We’re just doing some traveling. There is someone that I want to go and talk to.”

“Ah I see. Lucy, do you think that we could stop somewhere for breakfast? I’m kind of hungry right now.”

“Mm there is no need for that. Still, the fact that you’re feeling hungry is a good sign. It means that your body is healing up nicely.”

“Yeah I feel fine.”

“That’s going to last about two hours. Most of your injuries have healed up at least to the point that I’m not too worried about them. I won’t be permitting you to see much activity today but it’s coming along nicely. That said your body has used up a lot of nutrients recovering.”

“So I’m going to start feeling like crap in an hour or two?”

“You will if you are too active and don’t eat. I’ll be helping you with that though.” Even as she was speaking Lucy reached a hand back under her hair though this time it appeared she was holding something.

For a moment Albert thought Lucy was going to set down something for him to eat but instead when her fingers released a smaller four meter tall Lucy was standing there. He grew increasingly perplexed when Lucy used her hand to separate her breasts a bit and the smaller body reached down for him. “Lucy what are you doing?”

“I’m here to give you your breakfast of course.”

“Huh? You mean?” For a moment Albert grew silent as he looked at Lucy’s breasts.

“Yes. My breast milk is the best thing for you right now so that is what you’re going to get. Don’t worry. No one can see is us. At least not with my hair arranged like it is and us setting here.”

The first thought in Albert’s head was to protest but as he was lifted from Lucy’s cleavage he opted for a question instead. “Do I have a choice in the matter?”

“No. You don’t have a choice. My breast milk is the best thing for you right now so that is what you’re going to get. Besides I rather enjoyed having you suck on my nipples last night and this time you have a empty belly opposed to the full one you had last night.” An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she held Albert with one arm and used the other to adjust her bra so that he could get to her nipple.

As Albert looked at Lucy’s nipple he couldn’t help but feel conflicted. Lucy’s breasts were far from the worse things he could think to have his face pressed against and most assuredly in the top five of the best things. Her milk was quite enjoyable to him as well. However, at the same time the idea of being breast fed didn’t set perfectly well with him. His thoughts were interrupted for a moment as Lucy adjusted his position and he suddenly realized she had begun to hum. “You really enjoy this don’t you?”

“Well I said I did. Didn’t I?” For a moment Lucy was made to giggle as she gave a slight shrug. “Did it sound like I was being sarcastic?”

It was impossible for Albert not to worry just a little. Even before she had been introduced to symbi Lucy had been very used to getting her way. Her parents had confirmed this with numerous stories of how willful she had been. This trend had continued as she had grown and while those she cared for could get her to back down at times. She was still very adept at getting her way and quite use to it. Now it seemed that she had come to enjoy breast feeding him in a very short period of time.

Given Lucy’s tendencies and tenacity when it came to getting her way and the degree to which she seemed to enjoy breast feeding him. Albert was made to wonder if he might be taking his meals from her breasts for quite some time. It wasn’t a horrible thought to him though it was quite an awkward one as he imagined what it would be like to end every meal with an erection. The fear seemed quite valid as Lucy did indeed appear to be enjoying herself and rarely gave up what she enjoyed.

At first she just waited but as Albert seemed to be lost in contemplation Lucy finally pressed his face against her breasts so that his mouth was just over her nipple. She was delighted by how quickly she felt his mouth open and her nipple poked inside. There was no need for any stimulation to make her nipple pert the thought of what she was doing had already seen to that. A slight yelp escaped her though whenever she felt Albert begin to suckle almost instantly as if his mind was playing no part in the act.

His mind having no part in the act was how Albert actually felt at the moment. While he felt Lucy’s nipple poke into his mouth he found that he had began to suckle even before he had time to think of it. Without his pain or exhaustion to blind him this time though he was fully aware of the situation and most assuredly noticed the yelp from Lucy and the way they were bounced slightly as her larger body gave a slight jerk. He had no means of commenting on this though as Lucy kept a hand behind his head insuring that it stayed firmly pressed against her breast.

“There we go that is better and believe me whenever I say this is better for you then any fast food biscuit.”

As Lucy’s words reached his ears Albert recalled what she had told him the previous night. She had told him that her breast milk was the best thing for him so that was what he was going to get. At first he hadn’t thought too much of it but assumed that she meant while he was injured. Now that he was more aware he realized that Lucy had made no mention of his injuries in that statement whatsoever. The only thing she had said was that her breast milk was what was best for him so that is what he’d have to drink.

Albert had learned long ago to look for additional meanings in Lucy’s statements especially when it involved her doing something or doing something to you that you might resist. Now it seemed that he might have let one slip by him as he realized that Lucy may very well have decided that her breast milk was the best thing for him regardless of him being injured or not. He couldn’t help but wonder if she might have been telling him that she would be breast feeding him from then on out.

Even though they weren’t speaking at the moment Lucy could tell Albert was deep in contemplation. She wasn’t surprised by this as she thought that he would need time to adapt to the idea of her breast feeding him. “You know Albert I really don’t see why anyone should think my breast feeding you is strange. It’s healthier for you and it is no drain on my body at least none that would be felt. If you were to look at it from a purely logical stand point this is the best thing to do.”

Upon feeling Lucy’s hand release his head Albert pulled back for a moment. “But Lucy, women breast feed their babies not their husbands or even children after a certain age.” In response to Albert’s comment Lucy pressed his head back to her nipple when he resumed suckling she spoke up again.

“That depends entirely on how you look at it. After all breast feeding is just a very intimate means of providing nourishment. For most women it loses any practicality when dealing with children past a certain age or husband. However, that doesn’t happen to me and it isn’t like women quit providing nourishment. One could argue that a meal lovingly prepared by a wife for her family is essentially the same as breast feeding.”

When Lucy released her hold on his head again Albert didn’t immediately back away but continued to suckle. He wasn’t agreeing with what Lucy had just said though he could see her logic. Instead he was taking his time to try and think of a decent argument this quickly brought on a question instead. “So you’re saying that if it was practical a woman should breast feed her husband?”

“I’m not saying that she should rather I’m saying that if each provided equal amount of nourishment she should be given the choice. Whichever one she enjoys the most should be her decision to make unless of course he wants to prepare his own meals. In your case though the situation is different, in that my breast milk is actually better for you.”

“Now Lucy, you do realize that the socially accepted idea is that a woman should only breast feed her infants and even then only for a certain time.”

“Now Albert, you do realize that the socially accept idea is that a woman shouldn’t stand taller then most buildings so that everyone is smaller then her. Come on Albert. Give me one logical reason why I shouldn’t breast feed you?”

A sigh escaped Albert even as his head was forced back to Lucy’s nipple. Her hand left his head moments later so that he knew he was free to speak. Until he had thought of something to say though Lucy expected him to continue suckling. At least this meant he would have plenty of time to consider possible arguments as he struggled to come up with a truly logical reason.

“Breast feeding is not only a way of providing you with nourishment but it’s also a wonderful form of bonding.” For a moment Lucy was made to giggle as she brought Albert slightly higher and her head forward until she gave him a kiss on the forehead. “This is us kissing and providing you with a lovingly prepared meal all at the same time.”

A sigh escaped Albert as he took in a deep breath and remembered the scent that he had noticed earlier that morning when his face was against Lucy’s flesh. For a moment their conversation was pushed out of his mind as he was made to wonder why he had never noticed it before. “What if I want to cook something for you?”

“Mm you’re welcome to it but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to provide your meals.”

Though he wasn’t giving up on the subject for the moment Albert grew silent as he suckled. Having his face pressed against Lucy’s breasts and her milk filling his mouth wasn’t exactly helping him with his arguments. “I’m not consenting anything just yet but can this wait until I’m not pressed against your breast?”

“Sure, if you’re still uncomfortable with me breast feeding you by then we can talk about it some more. However, until you can come up with an argument against it I intend to do whatever is best for you.”

For a moment Albert considered pointing out to Lucy that she couldn’t view him as an equal as long as she was breast feeding him but that was futile. If that was the case then she would never be able to view him as an equal regardless of her breast feeding him or not. Their scale and physical power difference was just too great.

“Albert, before we drop the subject may I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Can’t you do this for me and let me do it for you? I wasn’t kidding whenever I said I enjoy it and the feeling of your lips around my nipple is just wonderful. Knowing that I’m not just providing you with physical stimulation but actual nourishment is a delight to me. It makes me feel closer to you and like you are becoming even more mine. So that you no longer need to depend on the world to provide you with nourishment but can rely entirely on me. I don’t have to share that part of you with anyone.”

Had Albert come upon a reason for him not to let Lucy breast feed him so certain that the logic couldn’t have been refuted he still couldn’t have uttered it in that moment. Instead he proceeded to press his face more firmly into Lucy’s breasts as he gave her nipple a kiss before pulling back. “If it makes you that happy then I will gladly.”

Once again Lucy pressed Albert’s head into her nipple and placed a kiss on his forehead. “Thank you Albert.”

Even as he suckled Albert couldn’t help but feel awkward yet he couldn’t say anything about it. In that one moment Lucy had defused his will to debate the issue no matter how awkward he felt. It still wasn’t certain how often Lucy would expect him to let her breast feed him but he knew it wouldn’t be often enough that he needed to get used to the idea. So that he closed his eyes and simply tried to adapt to the situation.

It was hard for Roy not to let his annoyance show as he made his way towards the reporters that had gathered. Of course they had gathered well beforehand but at the time he had a reason to avoid them. Now he would have to go and speak with them. There wasn’t time for him to introduce himself as the questions began.

“Excuse me is it true that this was done by local Lucy Angeye?”

“Are they going to be any attempts to apprehend the perpetrator?”

“How many were killed in this destruction? Surely the police won’t stand by and do nothing.”

It was hard for Roy to keep himself from smarting off when he heard the first comment and he wanted to punch the reporter that uttered the third question. He kept these urges under control as he spoke. “Yes, while I’m not sure of all the details this was the result of Miss Angeye jogging through the city. However, at this moment no attempts to apprehend her have been made and to my knowledge none are planned. Several people were injured but as of yet we haven’t found any fatalities.”

“How can you say there won’t be any attempts to apprehend her? Just look at this devastation.”

“Yes, it is a very good reason not to try and further more this was not an act of malice on Miss Angeye’s part but the result of a short period of great distress. Had this been done with malicious intent there would have been worse then broken bones.”

“What about the cost?”

“Well as far as the cost of repairs to the road. Miss Angeye has apparently already hired several contracts to assist in the repairs. The crews you already see gathered are actually being paid by Miss Angeye.”

“Even with that surely your department isn’t just going to turn a blind eye to everything that has happened. Regardless as to whether she’s paying for the repairs of the roads what about the injured?”

“I haven’t had a chance to look into that but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was taking care of that as well.”

“So they are no plans to apprehend her?”

“None that I’m currently aware of however if such plans are being made I’m certain such an operation would be handled by the military. Not a police department that isn’t equipped to halt a tank let alone a lady that could crush one like an empty soda can.”

“So are the police refraining from attempts to apprehend Miss Angeye because she poses too great of a threat?”

“I would be lying if I said that wasn’t a factor in this situation. At the very least she should be brought in for questioning. However, at the moment we are ill prepared for such a task and she doesn’t seem to be of a mind set to go along. As for future plans I will have to speak to my superiors to learn of any.”

“You seem to be taking this very nonchalantly. Are the police that scared of one girl?”

“Well if I was ordered to apprehend her by force I would have no issue with handing in my badge. That does not mean I believe people should be concerned though. Whatever caused her distress has been taken care of and she has since calmed down.”

“So you don’t believe she is a threat to anyone?”

Now Roy grew silent and he knew it was for longer then he should have been without anyone telling him so. “To the public as a whole I do not believe Miss Angeye poses any threat at this time.”

“So tell me Albert. What did my breast smell like? You sure seemed to enjoy nuzzling them.”

It took a moment for Albert to register that Lucy was speaking to him as he was once again buried between her breasts. The warm flesh hugged him delightfully from all sides and with a full belly and his injuries he was already feeling sleepy again. “I’m not sure.”

“You did like the smell though didn’t you?”

“Yeah, they smelt real nice.” For a moment Albert just rubbed his cheek against Lucy’s breasts before looking up at the sky of hair she used to cover him still. “If I had to describe the smell I would have to say it smelt comforting, pure and warm. I can’t really think of anything that it smelt like though.”

“Mm that will do quite nicely.”

“Hey Lucy where are we? It sounds like you entered a city or a pretty well developed area at least.”

“I have. I’m going to speak to someone. They are a few questions I need to ask and I wanted to visit them personally.”

Given the events of the last few hours Albert felt he had a good idea of who she was going to see. He just didn’t know what he should do about the situation. “Lucy, are you angry?”

In response to Albert’s question Lucy gave a slight giggle and parted her hair so that she could look down at him. “Oh Albert I’m positively furious right now. I really hope the police don’t try to arrest me over some miss guided sense of duty or I may not be able to control myself. I’d probably end up eating every last one of them for getting in my way.”

Even though she was smiling Albert knew that Lucy wasn’t joking about what she’d just said. It worried him but he also felt proud of her. Given how capable Lucy was it would have been very easy for her to put her anger ahead of people’s lives and take it out on those weaker then herself. She hadn’t sought to take it out immediately but held it in for so long. “What were you doing while I was asleep?”

“I helped with rescue efforts for a little while then I helped with clean up. The clean up was the real issue as I didn’t harm that many people at least not seriously. A few of them were even in such a mind set and healthy enough that they ran away from me.”

“So you felt helping those people was more important then your anger?”

“Oh, no. Not in the least.”

It was impossible for Albert not to look somewhat perplexed as he looked up into Lucy’s eyes. “Then why go help them first?”

“Albert, the person I’m going to speak to is at least partly responsible for your injuries. I can’t let someone get away with that even if they didn’t know their actions would have such consequences. That said. Even if they knew I would be coming to see them and ran I could track them down. It isn’t like they’re going to expire within the next few hours and I wouldn’t care if they managed to injure themselves. Helping those people was a more urgent need but not more important.”

“What if I told you that I’m not as angry with them as you are? That I don’t believe you should seriously harm them.”

“That’s very forgiving of you Albert and I wouldn’t mind if they had only hit me or caused the destruction of the car. However, they caused you to be injured and while you can forgive them for what part the played in your injuries I can not. If I hadn’t been there with you at the time then you wouldn’t have survived that crash or at least it isn’t likely that you would have.”

An annoyed snort escaped Rick as he watched Roy addressing the media. “That bitch gets away with anything she wants just because she’s big and the cops are cowards. I swear the military should have blown her to bits years ago.” Even as he was speaking the picture quickly switched to a view that was clearly from a helicopter.

“Currently we are following Miss Angeye from some distance though her ultimate destination is unknown. In spite of the reassurance of officials it is this stations opinion that she should be avoided at least until some official statement is given or actions taken.”

It actually surprised Albert when Lucy took hold of him and parted her breasts slightly. At first he thought she might be about to remove him from her cleavage but instead she pushed him in further. It soon became clear why as he heard her voice moments later and realized had his ears not been covered it would have been deafening. “Here is an official statement. I’m rather irritable at this moment but there is only one person I’m upset with. So long as no one gets in my way they don’t have to worry about me.”

The fact that the helicopter ceased to follow Lucy even once she began to move told every viewer plenty. Apparently they had forgotten that Lucy was capable of monitoring communications signals and she had been listening into the news as they had been broadcasting. Despite the reassurance though, the helicopter pilot seemed to have no desire to fly closer to Lucy. At last one of the reporters spoke though relying on Lucy to hear the words through the signals instead of by sound waves. “Miss Angeye, aren’t you worried this will damage your image?”

While it was too quiet for them to hear it they could tell from the way Lucy’s body moved she was giggling. Without bothering to turn around she spoke up. “No. I’m not. This is more important to me then image.”

Due to the shock of Lucy suddenly speaking up they had forgotten to give her current location. However, as Rick watched the video feed he could have sworn he recognized those streets. He wasn’t entirely certain though having never seen them from a bird’s eye view as he was now. It was familiar enough to him to cause some concern though as he couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew that place.

“So who is she going to speak to?”

“I don’t know Sir. She didn’t give me any more information then she’s given anyone else.” Despite his best efforts Roy couldn’t help the exhausted sigh that escaped him.

“Okay Roy. Do you believe that she would do what she said?”

“I wouldn’t doubt her word Sir. Even if she is just bluffing can we really afford to take the chance that she is serious? I know we are sworn to serve and protect but.”

“You don’t want to send a few hundred men to their deaths to save one. I know and I agree. I really don’t like the idea of backing down with so much media attention but I don’t like the consequences of not backing down even more. This could be a mistake but unless we receive some form of military aid I’m not going to try to intercept her.”

“So have you had any news on possible military aid?”

“There hasn’t been any movement on part of the military so far. Of course why should they be? She is technically a civilian and that is our department. I’ve no doubt that they have some plan in place should she get out of control however I also doubt that a few murderers and damaged streets would be enough to spur them to action.”

“It doesn’t seem likely Sir.”

“Roy, you sound like your about to fall over. I guess this has been a trying experience for you.”

“It isn’t the hours Sir. It’s just this was a bit more to handle then I expected. Any idea when repair work will begin?”

“I’m pushing for them to settle on Miss Angeye’s plan right now. Even if the plan isn’t the best in the long run they can just change the plan once the construction has began. It’s not like anything major will happen within the first seventy two hours anyway. Not with that level of destruction at least. Roy, someone should be there to relieve you soon once they get there go home and get some rest.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“Roy, you studied her some haven’t you?”

“Yes, with her making regular trips through the district I felt that it was a necessity. Why do you ask Sir?”

“Once she has had time to calm down do you believe that you could speak with her? Perhaps she could be made to understand that she put us in quite a situation.”

“I believe she already realizes that Sir and is attempting to make the situation as easy on us as possible while still carrying out her intentions. So I believe she’d be quite willing to work with us once she has taken care of whatever she intends to do.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to you about this some more later.”

As Rick looked out the window he felt like his chest had been caught in a vise. It became hard to draw breath and his legs seemed to have become led. It took considerable effort for him to even keep standing as Lucy came into view. She wasn’t so close that it was certain she was heading in his direction but it was enough to make him worry.

Once she turned down the road that clearly led to his buildings though he felt certain she was heading his way. So that he felt his heart jump into his throat and his legs suddenly began to work. Quickly moving from behind his desk he dashed to the door and actually impacted it with his shoulder as he worked the knob. Had anyone been on the other side, they would have ended up on their rear as he quickly burst out.

It wasn’t the biggest building Lucy had seen and indeed far from it. It wasn’t the nicest either but given the amount of activity going on it was a decent business. The structure spoke to Lucy of a company that was still turning a nice profit but hadn’t done any real growing for the past decade or so. As she approached the building though all activity came to a stop and people seemed to either scatter or try to hide. Bending down she gave the building a quick tap. “Hello, I’m here to speak with Rick Mober. I assume that he is in.”

Upon hearing his name Rick nearly wet himself. Even if Lucy hadn’t said why she was there to visit him given what he knew about previous situations he had an idea of what it was. He remembered to keep from speaking though. It was a few moments later that he heard Lucy’s voice again.

“Okay, listen very carefully. Either he comes out and speaks to me right now or I’m going to come in there and speak to him. How he gets out here I don’t care but I don’t think anyone except him wants me having to come in and get him.”

Images of his employees descending upon him filled Rick’s mind as he listened to the giantess. A hurried rush of movement seemed to confirm this was what was happening but then he heard the fire alarm. It was a more horrifying moment then he realized.

At first Lucy had thought perhaps the people inside would bring Rick out to her. She was rather surprised and even amused when she noted them beginning to exit the building. After a few moments of thought and realizing what was going on she was made to giggle.

They weren’t willing to bring him out and be an accessory to any possible crime yet they weren’t willing to stay with him either. So they had resolved to exit the building. “Well then I suppose that works just as well as any other option. Okay Rick you have until your employees are done evacuating the building so long as they keep evacuating to come out.”

Seeing his secretary run by him with her hills removed did nothing to comfort Rick as he realized she’d taken them off so that she could run more effectively. The sound of people evacuating the building all around him was interrupted though when he heard a voice. “You should probably go out and speak to her. I doubt making her wait will improve her mood.”

Rick didn’t see the speaker but he could tell it had been said by someone moving away though at a slower pace then most. As the voice moved away it did spur him to action though so that he quickly made his way to the stairwell. His planned destination wasn’t the outside to confront Lucy, but rather down to one of the exits were employees would most likely be rushing out. As he moved he began to strip away his business clothing.

Even if Lucy held her walking speed constant Albert could tell she was moving by the slight bouncing of her breasts that engulfed him. She had left him buried as deeply as when she was speaking to the reporters though so he couldn’t hear what was happening around him. He had been able to hear what Lucy was saying though. The fact that she had yet to move left him wondering what was going on. “Lucy, are you really going to speak with him?”

To this Lucy gave a quick nod. “Yes Albert I was being honest when I said I wanted to talk. I like for people to know why I’m angry with them and why I’m going to do what I do.” Even as she was speaking to Albert Lucy watched as only one person was left within the building. Instead of acting immediately though she turned to the workers. “I would appreciate it if you would all move back at least two hundred yards from the building so no debris hurts any of you. If you’ll do that I can insure none of you will be harmed by me.”

It seemed odd to some but the crowd didn’t scream or run but proceeded to do as Lucy said. They weren’t treating the situation as if a monster had come to eat them alive or crush them under foot but as if an authority figure had given them an order. Their behavior was enough to gain Lucy’s curiosity and she took a moment to examine the crowd to see what was happening. What caught her attention almost immediately was that while the majority of the people seemed quite scared they appeared to be following a few who were more composed.

A grin formed on Lucy’s face as she realized what was going on. It only took two or three agitators to cause a larger number of people to panic. By the same token such a group of people could be controlled to a limited extent by just a few people that managed to hold their composure. Lucy had been fortunate as she noted a few figures leading the way. So long as none of them panicked and she was careful she believed the crowd would remain orderly.

Upon coming to the exit Rick felt his heart quiver when he didn’t find a single person. He was able to look outside though and noted everyone moving away from the building. This meant he only had so much time to think of a plan.

“Oh so you decided to come out? Come on the door is right in front of you.” An amused giggle escaped Lucy as Rick gave a slight jump upon her revealing she’d been watching him the entire time.

Between the media coverage and the past few events Rick knew that Lucy was upset with him. As he considered his options he finally decided on running despite not having any real chance to escape. Turning around he began to run back down the hallway. He didn’t get very far though before he heard a massive impact though he didn’t dare to look behind himself.

After Rick had turned to run Lucy had placed her fingers together so that her hand was flat and inserted it through the door way in order to diminish the damage to the building. Her hand had still proven too tall and the sound Rick heard had been her fingers tearing away a good chunk of the building. As her hand neared him she opened it up creating a slight roar as her fingers easily tore through the stone hallway. She actually moved slower then normal to give Rick a few moments to appreciate the affect before her fingers clinched around him.

Seeing Lucy’s fingers pass him up and feeling the warmth of her palm just behind had been almost more then Rick could stand and as her fingers closed around him a horrified scream escaped him. He didn’t hear her fist crash through the opening her fingers had first heightened though as her hand engulfed him entirely. All he saw was darkness until Lucy had taken him out of the building and held him before her face. “Well hello there.”

Despite being held well over eighty meters above the ground Rick tried to bring himself to his feet to escape. However, Lucy had pressed her thumb to his chest so that he wasn’t going anywhere. “Let me go!”

An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she looked at Rick. “In due time but first you need to calm down so we can have a little conversation.”

In spite of Lucy’s presence Rick didn’t seem to hear her and he continued to struggle in her palm. This didn’t seem to bother Lucy though as she continued to hold Rick until he tired himself out enough to calm down. “Please let me go! I don’t. What do you want?”

“Well first of all I want to ask you some questions. Are you familiar with the name Randy Polmur?”

“No. I never.” A sharp gasp escaped Rick as Lucy suddenly increased the pressure with which she held him down forcing him to be quiet.

“Don’t lie to me. Now I understand you’re scared so take a moment to think.”

The massive finger that held him down didn’t let up right after Lucy had finished speaking but only released Rick once his vision beginning to blur. As he regained enough of his breath to speak and thought for a moment he recalled the name. “Yes. He’s one of my drivers.”

“Yes he was. It may interest you to know that he crashed into my friend and me less then fifteen hours ago. As you can probably tell I’m quite upset by that.”

As Rick regained his breath the pain in his stomach didn’t fade entirely and while he wasn’t sure. He couldn’t help but think that Lucy had perhaps broken something or at least bruised his chest quite deeply. “What do you want me to do about him?”

“Mm there isn’t much you can do about him given that he died in the crash. You know when it occurred there was one thing I noticed quite quickly. He never hit the breaks. This struck me as odd and I later went to examine what had been going on. You know Rick Randy had quite an extensive history with abuse of controlled substances.”

Denial of any knowledge seemed like a very good idea to Rick but given the pain in his chest he chose to be honest to an extent. “Yes. He did have a slight problem he’s been on probation for a while now but I assure you I never expected such an event.”

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy as her smile slowly grew until her teeth where showing. “Bull shit. I took some time and examine his records and I have to say he was quite adept at making delivers ahead of schedule. That said I also examined every medical record I could find on him and I have to say he should have been fired long ago.”

“I just wanted to give him a chance is all. If I had known that something like this would happen I would have never.”

“Oh you wanted him to give him another chance to drive around in a vehicle cable of going well over one hundred twenty kilometers an hour and weighing several tons. Even when you knew full well that he had a substance abuse problem and shouldn’t be trusted on the road with anything larger then a tricycle.”

“I know that it was a mistake but I was just trying to help him.”

“Let’s see you were trying to help him by allowing him to continue driving such a vehicle and paying him a regular check a check which he then used to feed his addiction so that it grew progressively worse. Yet you never took any steps to coerce or even nudge him into rehabilitation. Just for your information I took a moment to look at your company insurance policy.”

Even before Lucy had picked him up most of the color had drained from Rick’s skin. Now he felt his lip beginning to quiver. “Takes me to the cops, I’ll confess anything.”

Once again Lucy was made to giggle as she shook her head. “Oh no. No. No. While I’m sure before this is all over there will be police attention this is between you and me. You see I don’t trust the legal system to give you the punishment that I believe is fitting. Of course I’m sure that you and many would disagree but I swear if I don’t do something about this anger I’m going to end up lashing out at someone that didn’t deserve it.”

“Please. Please turn me over to the police! I won’t try for parole I’ll spend however much time they give me. I’ll beg for the maximum.”

It was impossible for Lucy not to giggle as she shook her head. “No. Suffice to say the crimes you could be accused of are quite lacking in my opinion. So I’m going to eat you.”

Rick felt as if his heart and skipped a beat as his mouth fell open. His entire body began to tremble as he spoke. “Please don’t! Please I’m sorry. I was wrong. Please don’t kill me! I’ll do anything you want to make it up.”

“Oh so you’ll taste good for me?” As she spoke Lucy let her tongue slide out from within her mouth and she slowly ran it over her lips leaving a trail of saliva behind.

“This is illegal, it’s murder!”

“Mm yeah and that is what they said whenever I ate my cousin after he got out of prison. That is one of the nice perks to having power and wealth. You can get away with things that either one alone wouldn’t protect you from. Now remember you said that you would taste good for me.” As she was speaking Lucy lifted Rick higher and tilted her head backwards. When she began to move him over her mouth she slowly parted her lips letting in increasing amounts of sun light so that he could stair down into her throat.

As frightening as seeing Lucy’s teeth had been seeing them parted and looking down into her throat was even worse. A horrified scream escaped Rick as he took hold of the massive finger that for the moment held him in place. As frightening as being held by her was it didn’t compare to the idea of falling down into that void. He was soon to learn that Lucy had no intention of releasing him as he felt her fingers beginning to shift his position.

It was Lucy’s intent to draw this out so that she carefully adjusted Rick’s position until she was holding him with two fingers. As she took him between her thumb and index finger she began to slowly lower him towards her mouth. With each breath that she took a massive wave of hot humid air would be sent rushing up towards him making it even more clear just how close he was to her mouth.

There didn’t seem to be anything he could do yet Rick tried as instinct took over. He wasn’t able to move his arms though he still pushed against Lucy’s fingers with them. As he was unable to use his limbs to fight her he turned his head to the side and bit down on Lucy’s finger as hard as he could. The effort was utterly futile though it didn’t prevent him from trying everything he could to force her to release him His struggles stopped for a moment as he felt her tongue brush against his legs.

It seemed that Rick was getting close to going into shock so as Lucy lowered him far enough that his feet were just past her teeth she closed her mouth slightly. Taking his lower legs between her teeth she bit down bringing a sharp howl of pain from Rick. Without removing him from her mouth but being careful not to bite down on him she spoke. “I bite back.”

Being so close to Lucy’s mouth meant that Rick could not only hear every word but feel them as well. Clearly she meant for others to hear her as the sound waves seemed to vibrate every bone in his body. The pain also had the affect of snapping him back to reality though his panic didn’t subside. Upon feeling himself being lowered again he began to kick with his legs striking Lucy’s tongue several times a few of them striking the roof of her mouth.

For a moment Lucy stopped lowering Rick as a giggle escaped her. It had never occurred to her beforehand but she was somewhat surprised to find that Rick’s kicking tickled her. At least they did whenever they struck the roof of her mouth. The side note amused her enough to buy Rick some more time as she resolved that Albert would have to discover this eventually.

When Lucy had began tilting her hair back it had caused her hair to move and Albert could see outside better. So he was far from oblivious to Rick’s situation. He remained silent though being fully aware that this is something he couldn’t talk Lucy out of without paying a heavy price. This was a personnel issue for Lucy so that if Albert did try to stand in her way he knew that he would have to truly hurt her in one of the few ways anyone could to stop her. Given the situation he just wasn’t willing to do so.

The fact that Lucy began to giggle and shake slightly as he was lowered into her mouth past his waste wasn’t lost to Rick. While he wasn’t aware of what was making her laugh it only made the situation worse. “You sadistic bitch!” A sharp crack to his back came moments later from Lucy’s tongue which knocked all the air out of Rick’s lunges.

There was a strong desire in Lucy to draw this out and make sure Rick felt as much horror as possible. However, she didn’t want to give him the impression that he had any control over her that might let him extend his life. So instead of retorting to his comment she had given him a quick flick with her tongue which would have left a bruise over most of his back if he was going to live long enough for it to develop.

Rick was forced to breathe in increasingly humid air as he was lowered into Lucy’s mouth past his chest. He felt her tongue reaching up for him and snaking around his body the only thing preventing it from actually taking hold of him was her fingers. Then he felt those fingers release freeing his arms. In the same moment her massive tongue quickly wrapped around him. Unlike her fingers it didn’t trap his arms to his sides.

With his arms free for the first time Rick did the only thing he could think to do. He quickly reached out and grasped Lucy’s lips as best he could. As his hands clinched her lips his entire being was shaken by a low moan. It was the same moan some people made when finding a meal particularly enjoyable. Whether Lucy was making it to taunt him or she really enjoyed how he tasted was irrelevant to him.

Regardless of how hard Rick held onto her lips Lucy was careful to draw him in at a pace of roughly a centimeter every second. The progress was steady so that he knew his efforts weren’t truly helping him yet at the same time it gave him plenty of time to consider what was happening. As his hands made it a third of the way down her lips Lucy slowly began to close her mouth as well cutting off the light from the outside world.

It was clear to Albert that Lucy was enjoying herself. This did not horrify him but was rather what he expected. He trusted Lucy not to murder anyone but he knew that she would intentionally kill someone. Ultimately everyone was responsible for their own safety when interacting with Lucy. He knew Lucy was being entirely honest when she had said people were safe around her until they proved to be more pleasant dead then alive. At which time she had no kindness for them.

Once thing Albert wasn’t certain Lucy was aware of though was that she had began to breathe more deeply. He wasn’t surprised that she was enjoying herself but the level of enjoyment and the reaction it caused in her did surprise him. It had taken him a while to notice it but as Rick had been vanishing into Lucy’s mouth her breasts had been swallowing him up due to her breathing patterns. He wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not.

Due to the way that Lucy’s tongue held him Rick was no longer able to kick his legs. His hands took up the fight now though even as he felt his grip on her lip failing. In response to this he quickly changed positions and placed his hands upon her teeth. Unlike her lips these where below his shoulders so that he was able to push upward rather then pull upward as he had been doing with her lip.

Unfortunately with his hands now on Lucy’s teeth he was better able to feel her mouth closing in around him. This served to decrease the amount of fresh air coming into Lucy’s mouth and while in some situations it would have been pleasant. Lucy’s hot humid breath did nothing to comfort Rick as the only thing he could smell was her breath now and he seemed to be able to hear her throat muscles working.

When she had first begun Lucy had intended on shutting her mouth entirely once Rick was far enough in. As his head slipped beneath her lips though she changed her mind and instead chose to allow her mouth to remain open enough to allow him to see his confines but not enough for him to slip through. Her only regret was that she had not yet reached a scale great enough to allow her to hold someone within her mouth and prevent them from even being able to grasp her teeth. A few moments of knowing that her tongue was the only thing preventing him from sliding down her throat even as it pulled him downward had great appeal to her.

Fear prevented Rick from looking behind himself even as he felt Lucy’s tongue unwind from around him ever so slowly. This was far from a moment of comfort as he felt Lucy’s tongue working its way further up his body coating his entire being in her saliva. There was no hope of release as her tongue drifted around so that the tip of it actually blocked his vision. She had drew him back as far as she could with her tongue positioned as it had been now she had changed the position to push him further.

As Lucy pushed her tongue in front of Rick she felt his arms take hold of the massive muscle as best they could. She had forced his hands away from her teeth by moving her tongue in front of him and now it was the only thing he had to grasp. As he held her tongue she slowly curled it backwards sliding him over the surface before him until she felt him at the back of her throat.

In an attempt to stop his descent into Lucy’s stomach Rick spread his legs to either side of her throat. Any hope of being able to span that gap was lost as he noticed every muscle around him flex and the opening widened behind him. A powerful vacuum gripped him seconds later and he found his legs pulled together by the suction and his entire body pulled down. He felt his legs squeezed from all sides right after.

It took careful control on Lucy’s part but she didn’t pull Rick down her throat all at once. Rather she pulled him in only partly and then slowly began to work her throat muscles so that he was being drawn deeper down her throat. As she was doing this she slowly shifted her head so that she was no longer looking up towards the sky and finally allowed her mouth to shut entirely. It was hard for her to repress a giggle as she felt Rick’s legs pushing against the inside of her throat in an attempt to stop his fall or perhaps even climb out.

Despite the situation before them no one in the crowd said a word. No one wanted to draw Lucy’s attention. A few had moved to take hold of their cell phones but no calls had been made. Part of them told them to make the call yet between the inaction of the group as a whole and the fear for their own survival a larger part and told them to remain quiet. Logic tended to tell them to remain quiet. There was nothing the police could do and making the call would serve no purpose other then to perhaps anger her.

The sound of Lucy’s heart beating and muscles working was all around Rick as he was pulled down her throat. Her hot sticky saliva coated his entire body and attempts to brush it from his face were proven futile. As he was drawn down towards her stomach he could feel the heat increasing all around him as he journeyed further into Lucy’s body.

A slight sigh escaped Lucy and she parted her lips and exhaled ever so slightly. When her mouth once again closed completely she wore a rather relieved smile as if she had just taken care of something very important. “I haven’t had a chance to do that in a long time. I just love the way they tickle as they slide down my throat and it’s wonderful to feel them struggling in my belly.”

Upon hearing Lucy and realizing she was probably finished Albert finally called up to her. “Lucy, could I get a little help here?”

“Mm?” Upon glancing down at her chest Lucy’s eyes widened slightly and amused giggle escaped her causing her to squeeze nearly every last bit of Albert. “When did that happen?”

“Ever since you started breathing heavy your breasts seem to have decided to eat me.”

Once again Lucy’s smile widened to reveal her teeth though only slightly. “I see. I guess they took advantage of my lack of focus and decided to horde you for themselves. Greedy ladies aren’t they?” Reaching down into her cleavage Lucy parted her breasts ever so slightly and pulled half of Albert free of her cleavage.

For a moment Albert just stretched after Lucy freed his upper body. Having been held in the embrace of her cleavage for so long was far from unpleasant to him but it was nice to move his arms. “It’s warm between there.”

To this Lucy gave a quick nod and began to draw herself to a standing position. “I’m surprised you didn’t tell me sooner. Weren’t you worried you’d sink all the way down and not be able to call up to me?”

“Not really. I trust you after all.”

“It makes me happy to hear that.”

“Anyway, one thing I’ve learned about you is that regardless as to whether you’re paying attention or not. You always seem to notice when someone you care about is in danger. I’m sure you would have noticed if I had actually begun to smother.”

Instead of speaking right away Lucy placed a hand on either breasts and pressed down lightly upon the flesh. “My body does have a will of its own in many respects. Granted it’s my foundational will so it is my will as well. I just wish that it was better at planning ahead.”

“So are we done here?”

“Yep” Turning around Lucy focused her attention on the crowd for a moment. “Thanks for the cooperation and if you find yourselves in need of employment give my offices a ring.” For a moment Lucy turned away from the crowd and looked up at the sky at the same time raising her right hand palm up in a sort of shrug. “Just tell the receptionist that I ate your employer so they know to give you extra attention.”

It was hard for Albert not to laugh despite the situation. There was most assuredly a rotten streak to Lucy in that she liked to give people a little scare. She seemed to most enjoy it though during two situations. One was when she was paying someone back for a form of injustice and the other was when she was helping someone. “So did they ever ship anything for you?”

“Yeah occasionally, I didn’t tend to trust them with anything that was fragile or dangerous. Now how about you and I go take care of one last thing?”

“Which is?”


A sigh escaped Phillip as he made his way down stairs and out the front door. It was evening but he had been up late trying to get home last night. In the end he had ended up staying the night at Sandra’s place. He had left after Lucy and Albert and had been made to regret it as given the traffic backup her little jog had caused and the length of the detour it would have taken several more hours to get home.

Fortunately Sandra’ apartment had been much closer though it required him to drive out of the city some distance. He wasn’t too upset over the event though as it had meant a night with his lady. “Hey Lucy, what brings you here?”

“Not a whole lot. I bet you were surprised last night.”

To this Phillip gave a quick nod. “Yeah, I have to say I was. I turned around before I got to the wreck but it must have been a nasty one. Is Albert alright?”

“He’s recovering nicely thanks to some special medical treatment.”

“That’s good. So I guess that guy had something to do with the wreck.”

To this Lucy gave a quick nod. “Yes he did. Far more then I could simply let slide. Hey why did you shake your head like that?”

“Huh? Oh sorry I’m still waking up.”

“It didn’t look like it to me. I guess you found my behavior a little worrisome?”

For a moment Phillip was silent but at last a sigh escaped him. “I. I don’t want to say too much. After all I don’t know everything that you know and for you to do that I’m sure you must have had a good reason. Still, Lucy did you have to eat him like that? They are plenty of other ways to deal with someone that doesn’t involve eating them.”

To this Lucy gave a slight shrug. “I know but none that I find quite as enjoyable. I don’t really see where the stigma comes from though. The human body is flesh just like any other animal we might eat and while other people would have to worry about contracting an illness. It seems unlikely that I’ll catch anything. Dead is dead and regardless of the method used I would want him to suffer the same.”

A sigh escaped Phillip as he shook his head. “I guess it’s due to the fear that you’ll come to see people as food.”

“That is practical in regards to other humans but once again doesn’t apply to me. After all if eating people was enough to change my view point on humans then my scale, power and intelligence would have already done that.”

“Yeah that is true.” As Phillip spoke he didn’t bother mentioning that he felt they already had at times. It wouldn’t have done him any good. “So what brings you here? Just checking on me?”

“Is Sandra awake right now? I want to speak to her as well.”

“Huh? Oh yeah she’s awake. I’ll go inside and get her.”

“Thanks.” As Phillip made his way inside Lucy leaned to her side having already set down and began to look through the windows. She had no need to actually ask if Sandra was awake but it was a nice way of asking Phillip to go and get her.

Given that Phillip knew Sandra was also aware of the happenings of the last few hours. Unlike Phillip she wasn’t quite as comfortable with Lucy however with the giantess right outside she couldn’t think of a reason not to step out especially sense she knew Lucy could hear her. So Phillip didn’t have to say much to get her to come outside. “Good morning Lucy.”

“Good morning. Well Sandra I’m going to assume that Phillip or the news already told you what I’ve been up to for the last few hours.”

To this Sandra gave a quick nod. “Yeah, you’re receiving quite a lot of coverage.”

“So do you two want to know what happened?”

In response Sandra gave a nod. “Yeah it would be nice. I have to say what I’ve heard so far isn’t flattering.”

“No it hasn’t been but I’ll fill them in on the details later. While Albert was driving home we were in a crash with a semi. The driver died in the wreck but during it I noticed that he never hit the breaks as well as the speed with which he was going. Suffice to say I was upset and found myself wondering what had happened. While I tended to Albert I did a quick check and found out the driver had a history of substance abuse. He had enough of a history that it left me curious as to how he retained his job.

So I decided to do a quick check and I have to say I wasn’t happy. The driver had quite a record of making deliveries on time or ahead of schedule however his driving logs didn’t make sense. Quite honestly he was on the road longer then he should have been. To make the situation even worse I took a look at the insurance policy they company had taken out on him.”

After a moment of silence Sandra spoke up. “So the company was keeping him around because he made his deliveries and they planned to profit on the nearly inevitable outcome?”

“Yes. It’s the only explanation that I could find. They were a few other things that led me to believe that his employer was at fault but quite honestly his history, driving logs and the insurance policy was enough for me. So as his employer was partly at fault for the incident I decided that he had to pay for what he had caused.”

To this Phillip gave a quick nod. “I see. Yeah that took a true ass. At least you kept Albert safe and he didn’t hit anyone else. Where is Albert anyway?”

“Oh he’s right here.” As she spoke Lucy scooted back then proceeded to lean forward parting her hair as she did so.

It took Phillip a moment to realize what was going on but the moment Albert came into view a slight chuckle escaped him. “I see. Moved up from the pocket didn’t you?”

Fortunately for Albert he had grown use to being scene in such situations with Lucy so there was no real embarrassment. He had simply remained silent for lack of much to say. “Yeah I guess I have. I have to say though. I suspect this is where she’s wanted to carry me most of the time I’ve been in her pocket.”

An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she straitened back up. “Well that is partly correct but not entirely. Having you in my front pocket does have advantages. Now that you two know what happened there is just one more thing I need deal with.”

Once again Phillip couldn’t help but be a little confused. “Huh? What is that? It seems like you dealt with everyone responsible.”

To this Lucy shook her head. “Nope I still have to deal with the two who are responsible for Albert and me even being there as well as for me only having a very small portion of myself there with which to protect Albert.”

Sandra began to grow pale the moment she heard the words and unconsciously took a step back. “What do you mean?”

“If you hadn’t convinced Phillip to invite me to Crystal Lake and if he hadn’t given in Albert would have never been endangered. You even went out of your way to choose a location that I would have to reduce my size for. So the two of you are also responsible for what happened.”

Despite what Lucy had just told them Phillip didn’t feel overly concerned. He had known Lucy for a while and knew she tended to like to frighten people some. “Lucy, you can’t be serious. There is no way we could have known something like this would happen and if we did we most assuredly wouldn’t have done it. You can’t hold us responsible for that crash.”

“Sure I can. Don’t worry though I’m not putting as much fault with you as I put with Rick so I won’t make you suffer as much. I’ve been digesting Rick for a while now so my stomach is already pretty active. Neither of you should last more then a few minutes.” As she finished speaking an amused giggle escaped Lucy and she reached down for both Phillip and Sandra.

This time around Albert was free to hear every word that had been said. Upon feeling Lucy leaning forward he glanced up at her. “You know that’s a bit mean to scare them like that.”

Upon seeing Lucy’s massive hand reaching for them Sandra turned to Phillip expecting to see him running. Instead she found him standing there. Realizing that he was probably in shock she quickly slammed her shoulder into him causing him to stumble forward. “Run!”

The nudge from Sandra was all Phillip had required to begin running yet it was too late. He felt Lucy’s massive fingers wrap around him squeezing him and Sandra to one another. As he was lifted into the air he heard Lucy address Albert. “I’m not joking Albert. These tasty little treats are going to go into my nice warm belly.” As she finished speaking to Albert Lucy then looked towards Phillip and Sandra once again. “Oh and as for that favor Phillip. Taste good and be filling please.”

Something about Lucy’s motions and words struck Albert immediately as he came to doubt she was joking. In response to this he pressed down on her breasts as if trying to draw himself to a standing position. This was futile but he still remembered to speak. “Hold on Lucy! You can’t just eat them over that!”

“Sure I can. They are both bite sized and delectable. Besides I really did enjoy feeling Rick struggling as he slid down my throat. I didn’t realize it when I ate my cousin but it is really quite a thrill.” As she was speaking Lucy shifted her grip slightly and proceeded to lift Phillip with her free hand.

It was clear to Albert that he wasn’t the only one worried about the situation as he heard Sandra and Phillip screaming for Lucy to put them down. “This isn’t right Lucy and you know it! They’re our friends and have been for over a year now. Lucy, this isn’t you. You’d never do this to someone you cared for!”

“Oh Albert, you clearly have no idea how good it felt to have a living person slide down my throat. I had to experience it for a second time to really think about it and notice how big it made me feel.” As she was speaking Lucy moved the hand that held Sandra to her mouth and opened wide. She then lowered her into her mouth until she was up to her waste and closed her lips around her so she couldn’t pull herself out.

It was impossible for Sandra to keep her tears from coming despite her efforts. As she felt Lucy lips sealing around her a horrified shriek escaped her. “Please stop!”

By now Albert was quite alarmed though he wasn’t entirely certain of Lucy’s intent just yet. Regardless of what her intent was even if she was joking around this had gone far enough in his opinion. “Lucy that is quite enough! You can take a joke too far and this quit being funny long ago. You’re really worrying me.”

Instead of commenting verbally Lucy began to lightly suck on Sandra slowly pulling the screaming finger into her mouth. As she was sucking Sandra into her mouth her tongue began to move over her legs slowly coating them with her saliva and letting Lucy taste her flesh. A slight hum caused Sandra’s entire being to vibrate as Lucy moaned her approval of her taste.

By now Albert had ceased in his attempt to pull himself free of Lucy’s breasts as it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t continue yelling though but rather took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. “Sandra you have to stop screaming. She’s just doing this to frighten you once you quit making it fun for her she’ll stop.”

Despite Albert’s assurance that Lucy was only playing around Sandra was far from comforted. Still, she took in a deep breath and tried to hold back her tears and sobs. “Lucy, please stop this right now. If you’re trying to scare me you have plenty. Now please let me go. Please?”

For a moment Lucy’s lips parted as if she was going to take Sandra out. A relieved sigh escaped Phillip and Albert until they noticed the look of horror on her face. Moments later they saw Lucy’s tongue extend from inside her mouth and then slowly began to fold backwards blocking Sandra from their view and pushing her further into Lucy’s mouth. Even with what he knew about Lucy and Albert’s advice Phillip couldn’t stop himself. “Please let her go Lucy. I’m the one that invited you and pressured Albert. Just take it out on me.”

The only response from Lucy was once again to continue with what she was doing as she pushed Sandra back into her mouth and sealed her lips shut. For a moment she remained entirely still giving both Albert and Phillip to see that Sandra was inside of her mouth. She then gave a quick swallow.

In that moment Albert felt like his heart had stopped beating and a wave of sickness ran through him. “No” was all the only words he could manage as disbelief and shock took hold of him as he saw a lump move down Lucy’s throat.

“Yummy! You’re turn.” With that Lucy gave Phillip a quick toss sending him sprawling onto her tongue. She then quickly shut her mouth and swallowed sending yet another bulge down her throat. Turning to Albert she opened her mouth wide for him to see and extended her tongue.

As Albert looked into Lucy’s mouth he felt his eyes tearing up as his heart shook. “How could you do that Lucy? You’re not this type of person! What have you turned yourself in to?” Upon finishing speaking Albert couldn’t help but turn away from Lucy and close his eyes. He would have lain down but at the moment he didn’t want to even touch her.

“Less hungry, now let’s go home.”


It was hard for Albert to move as he set in his bed staring at the wall refusing to even look out the window incase he might see Lucy. At the moment his entire being hurt his heart feeling as if it had turned to stone. For the first time in his life he was entirely loss on what to do. He didn’t feel as if his world had been taken away rather he felt as if it had been warped into something he couldn’t recognize. When one lost their world they could hope to find it again or rebuild. As his had been distorted though he didn’t have that option.

“Hey Albert, you know what would be really nice right now? Some muffins would be. How about baking a few?”

No movement or words came from Albert even upon hearing Lucy’s voice. He had ceased to speak to her or even acknowledge her existence ever since he had first felt his tears coming. It was the only thing she could do for the moment though its affect seemed quite limited. Even after several days had passed it was the only course of action he found himself able to take but it didn’t ease his pain. Indeed it made it even worse.

The reason Albert held his tongue wasn’t for fear of his safety though. Death would have been a relief to him yet he couldn’t bring himself to kill himself despite their being no fear of death in him at the moment. Rather the thing that held him back at the moment only served to sicken him more.

For a moment a frustrated pout appeared on Lucy’s face but vanished as a sigh escaped her seconds later. “You don’t need to be such a stick in the mud Albert. It isn’t like I was the only one that enjoyed what happened. On some level I know you did to. After all if you didn’t enjoy what I was doing why was your penis pressing into my breasts so firmly.”

Despite his attempts to show no reaction Albert was made to convulse as he listened to Lucy. He still held his tongue but couldn’t help his body’s reaction as he slammed his fist firmly into the wall. It was the first time the truth had sickened him but it was the truth. He had always enjoyed Lucy’s displays of power and even if it cost him his friends on some level he had enjoyed what he saw. As these thoughts settled in he pulled a garbage can over to him. He had yet to vomit but felt as if he would.

“Okay Albert. I’m going to go out for a few and take care of a few little things. We can talk more when I get back. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find some treats while I’m out and we can explore my new taste together.”

“Why don’t you just eat me to?” Albert heard Lucy giggle moments later.

“Because silly. I love you and want to share this with you. Don’t worry Albert, you’ll come around soon enough and then the fun can really start.”

Regardless of what had happened part of him still wanted to tell her to come back soon and another wanted to go along. He couldn’t do that though and wouldn’t allow himself. As he heard Lucy foot falls fading away though he leaned to the side and slammed his head against the wall. The physical pain was a relief from the emotional.

Over an hour had passed and Albert had heard nothing to indicate Lucy was near. With her no longer around he finally stood up and made his way into his closet. It only took him a moment to find the noose he had fashioned earlier. A dry chuckle escaped him as he remembered the night that he had tried to use it. He had intended to use it ever since then but each attempt had ended with failure. Perhaps tonight would be different.

Standing up Albert made his way into the exercise room Lucy had built for him and made his way over to the pull-up bar. Tying a strong knot around the metal bar he brought a foot stool over and raised it to a position high enough for him to suspend from. Placing the rope around his neck he gave a sigh as he climbed onto the stool and found himself staring at the wall once again. All that he needed to do now was kick the support out from under him and let things take their course.

There was no movement from his legs though. Regardless of how much he thought he desired freedom from the nightmare he couldn’t bring himself to do it. “I. I can’t leave her.”

“Yeah and she could never leave you either.”

Hearing Lucy’s voice behind him was more then a little surprising to Albert but he did not move. Rather he remained entirely still. “You’re not her though. Lucy would never have done that to a friend. She’s a kind person.”

“So who am I then?”

“You’re not the woman I love! You’re a traitor to her.”

As she was speaking Lucy began to walk towards Albert. “Yet you can’t bring yourself to leave me. Regardless of how I’ve changed you can’t bring yourself to be without me even in death. The thought of living without me hasn’t even crossed your mind. After all you haven’t even tried to walk out that door once. Being eaten by me is the only path to freedom you can even begin to see.”

To this Albert lowered his head but gave a slight nod. “I don’t want to be without her. I can’t stay like this though. I have to do something.”

“You’re scared that eventually you’ll come to agree with me just so you can be with me. So you can put aside all these feelings of shame.”

“No. I won’t do that. I can’t do that. If all I have to be with is the shadow of the woman I love if the only thing that is left of her is a shell then I’ll be with that. However, she is the one I love and I will remain as I am when I loved her.”

Upon coming within arm’s reach Lucy reached to her side and took hold of the chin-up bar. She then gave it a slight bend bringing the top of the bar close to the ground and allowing her to take hold of the rope. After snapping the rope she turned back to Albert. “I know and now there is something that I want to show you.”

Before Albert could respond he heard the sound of Lucy’s larger body coming back into the room. With Lucy’s smaller body standing in front of him this time he was made to look outside. His jaw nearly hit the floor whenever she lowered her hand for him to see what she held. “What is going on?”

“Oh sure, she eats us and you can only give her a few days of the silent treatment. I guess we all know where your loyalties reside.” As he was speaking Phillip climbed through the window.

There was a small smile upon Lucy’s face as she glanced over at Albert. “Well are you only going to stair?”

“How did you? I saw you eat them!”

“Yes you did but I never digested them.”

Even as Albert looked upon his friend and Sandra he felt his legs grow weak and shake. It was only Lucy’s arm wrapping around him that kept him from falling. “I didn’t realize. How could I not have realized? What about Rick?”

“Oh he’s dead! I digested him about an hour before I swallowed Sandra and Phillip so I had time to make sure my stomach was safe.”

While Sandra had calmed down a bit over the past few days she couldn’t help her surprise. “You had only digested him an hour before you ate us?!”

“Calm down Sandra that is plenty of time to make sure it was safe for you. I couldn’t wait too long or Albert wouldn’t be as likely to believe what had happened.”

After a moment more of looking at Phillip and Sandra Albert turned his attention to the smaller body of Lucy’s. While he did feel deceived he didn’t feel angry at the moment though he began to tremble. Slowly his arms began to encircle her. “I should have known. I should have known that you would never do such a thing. I should have trusted you more.”

Lucy continued to keep one arm around Albert while the other reached below his rear. She then proceeded to lift him off the ground and carry him out towards her body. “I am glad that you didn’t. This was important Albert there was something that I needed to show you and see for myself.”

It actually surprised Albert when he felt himself being lifted further into the air and realized that he had just been picked up by Lucy’s larger body. As he looked up at her massive form though he felt a few tears forming in his eyes as a wave of relief flowed through him. Instead of leaning against her shoulder though he partly struggled free was partly set down on Lucy’s palm and proceeded to extend his arms as far to his sides as he could in an attempt to hug as much of her as he could.

For a while Lucy was quiet as she lifted Albert to her neck and pressed him against it. She didn’t bother removing him as she spoke. “Do you want to know why?”

“You already told me. You had something important to show me and something that you wanted to see. I can never be without you. Living without you is impossible to the point that I can’t even entertain the idea and I could never kill myself apart from you.”

“No matter what I become you will always be mine and I will always be yours. I needed for you to see how much we needed one another.”

“I wasn’t the only one hurting while this was going on was I. I never meant for you to have to endure so much just to make something clear to me.”

“Mm already back to taking all the responsibility onto yourself. You may want to put that off for later as now that you’ve seen the truth. You’re going to have a much greater responsibility soon enough.”

If they were to wait for Lucy to take them home both Phillip and Sandra knew they would be waiting for quite some time. Fortunately Lucy had already made this clear so they didn’t bother sticking around once it was clear they weren’t needed any longer. While Phillip would have normally felt it rude to be asked over then asked to leave so quickly together, this was an exception to him. Besides they had things to go over as well. In return for the scare Lucy had given them something that both he and Sandra felt was very valuable.


When Albert had claimed that he wasn’t the only one that had been in pain he hadn’t been wrong. It wasn’t in Lucy’s nature to make him suffer however she had to be certain of who he was and who she was. Now she had every intent of covering up both of their pain as she carried Albert over to her bed. He probably didn’t realize it at the time but she was currently whole. There wasn’t a single smaller Lucy anywhere else rather she was all there.

Upon feeling himself pulled away from Lucy’s neck Albert didn’t let go but proceeded to extend his arms as he was moved away. First his arms coming together, then his palms pressing against her throat and at last his finger tips slipped away as he was drew back and lifted higher. A slight sigh escaped him as he was brought level with those massive lips that he had come to dread over the past few days. Now they were a welcome site.

Once Albert was held level with her lips Lucy slightly puckered them and proceeded to gentle blow across his body. This was gentle for her to Albert it was an incredibly powerful gale. It had the desired affect as the casual display of power brought a slight sigh from him. The wind then slowed and Lucy brought Albert forward lightly pressing him against her lips.

As those lips came to engulf the majority of his front Albert leaned more firmly into them. His arms extended to both sides and he gripped as much of Lucy’s upper lip as he could. He then pressed his face into her lip kissing it with his own much smaller lips while he squeezed on her lips as best he could. He was pulled more firmly into her lips still as Lucy began to kiss him back. He was certain that the suction those massive lips generated was more then powerful enough to hold him there.

While she was kissing Albert Lucy lightly parted her lips and slowly began to work him into her mouth. The moisture from her breath soaked into his clothing from this range and made it cling firmly to his skin. So that she had to bring him closer still until he was just close enough to her teeth and she parted them.

At first Albert had been too lost in the touch of Lucy’s lips to give the moisture he felt much thought. Even when he realized what was happening though he didn’t struggle. He trusted Lucy and even if that trust was to be proven false then this was the fait he would have wanted. A shiver ran up his spine as he felt those massive teeth brush against his skin as Lucy used them to grip his shirt.

Upon taking hold of enough of Albert’s shirt Lucy proceeded to greatly increase the force with which she bit down. The material between her teeth began to tear apart as the strands of the fabric was crushed with far more force then they were ever meant to endure. The material around the outer edge of what was trapped in her mouth proceeded to tear. Upon taking the first chunk out of Albert’s shirt Lucy parted her teeth and turned him slightly she then bit down once again.

Given how easily Lucy could have crushed the life from his body with those massive teeth Albert knew he was near something that could be very dangerous. He didn’t feel fear at the moment though even as Lucy used those teeth to strip his clothing from him. The precision with which she moved him and bit down on his clothing only served to astound him especially as she removed his sleeves.

Instead of pulling Albert’s shirt off Lucy continued to destroy various parts of it until the material fell off. As she felt his shirt drifting away from his body she moved him away from her face and once again blew across him. The lose bits of cloth didn’t remain on him for even a second. An amused giggle escaped Lucy as she looked upon Albert’s exposed chest and her massive tongue proceeded to poke out from between her lips.

Most would have been trying to get away as Lucy’s massive tongue poked them in the chest especially given the events of the last few days. Instead of trying to escape though Albert proceeded to reach down and wrap his arms around the tip of Lucy’s tongue. As he hugged the massive crimson muscle he was moved about ever so slightly as Lucy lightly flicked her tongue over his chest.

For a moment Albert was pulled forward as he continued to hold onto Lucy’s tongue even as she withdrew it back into her mouth. He had to crane his head backwards as he was lowered to the ground and placed between Lucy’s massive thighs. Even looking all the way back though he was quite amused to find that with his current proximity and the size of Lucy’s breasts he couldn’t see her face very well.

No words came from Lucy as she leaned backwards and no words would be coming. She intended on seeing what Albert intended to do as he looked upon the vast expanse of her body. This was quite a daunting moment for Albert as Lucy had already managed to get his shirt off while she still remained fully clothed. Feeling the bed tremble beneath him as her weight shifted and nearly falling over only served to remind him of what a vast expanse he had to handle.

The lack of prompting from Lucy meant he could take whatever path he wanted but it also meant no guidance. Given the task before him Albert found the lack of guidance somewhat worrisome and he wondered where he should even begin. There was no way that he could strip Lucy’s clothing from her the way she had stripped his from him. So his only hope of having her expose her skin was to convince her to do it herself. Yet the total silence thus far told him that he wouldn’t be doing so with words.

It was with great curiosity that Lucy watched Albert as he finally began to move and made his way over to her thigh. She could feel the slight pressure of his hand against her shorts as he traveled along her leg. It was a relatively short walk for him due to the fact that her shorts weren’t exactly long. As he came to the hem of her shorts she felt him slip a hand between her flesh and the material.

If Lucy were to flex her leg muscles at that moment Albert knew that he would lose his hand. Right now her legs were relaxed though so there was some give in the flesh. Trusting that she could keep the muscle relaxed Albert took hold of the material with his other hand and gave a slight jump. One leg quickly pressed into her thigh while the other pressed against the hem. He was grateful for the time spent exercise with Lucy as he slipped his hand further up and began to climb.

At first it didn’t seem like Albert was interested in giving her legs much attention but as he began to move Lucy was quite happy to feel his lips press against her thigh. His shoulder pressed more firmly into her flesh shortly after as he seemed to be getting a pattern down. This made Lucy all the more glad that she had helped Albert to refine his body. Had she not done so, he would have had great difficulty handling the task before him.

Had there ever been a time for Albert to regret Lucy’s thighs being so full this would have been the time. However, despite the difficulty her figure gave him he couldn’t bring himself to wish it changed in the least. He loved every curve, valley and hill of Lucy’s wondrous form. Once he made it halfway up her thigh he was able to enjoy it even more as the climb became all the easier.

Though Albert spent relatively little time with her thigh Lucy wasn’t upset. It only made her certain that he had other objectives in mind. Indeed this seemed to be the case as he progressed across her leg and made his way over to her waste. As he looked up the vast expanse of her tummy and chest she had a good idea of what his current objective was.

Stimulating Lucy through her clothing would be difficult that was one thing Albert was quite certain of. So while he would have liked to give her legs more attention he first needed to convince Lucy to remove some of her clothing and to do that he intended to get to an area where he could provide more motivation. As he worked his way to her waste he didn’t bother trying to find a spot into her shorts. He knew the waste band was far too solid of a barrier for him to get past rather he tried to find a way inside of her shirt.

The material of Lucy’s shirt was drawn exceptionally taught across her chest. However, it was not so taught across her stomach so it didn’t take Albert long to find a place where he could slip his hands inside. There was still a fair bit of tension between her skin and the material but not enough to prevent something from struggling up inside of it. This was proven quite quickly by Albert as he braced once arm against Lucy’s stomach and used the other to pull her shirt outward a bit.

After the material had been pulled out far enough Albert gave a slight jump and began to work his upper body between the material and Lucy’s skin. He pressed his feet firmly into Lucy’s skin as he used the tension between her shirt and skin to work his way up further. He knew that if he could make it to the underside of Lucy’s chest the material would slacken but that was quite a difficult climb. Fortunately that wasn’t his destination as he had resolved on another path of action.

Even if she didn’t truly need to breathe Lucy continued to take breath as Albert progressed upon her stomach. She wanted to see what he had planned but she didn’t want to make his success too easy. This also extended the time that he spent on her stomach which she was finding rather pleasant.

After he had progressed far enough up that he didn’t have worry about falling out from under Lucy’s shirt Albert began to give Lucy more attention. Whenever she would inhale the material of her shirt would grow too taught for him to make much progress. So instead of expending energy struggling through at such times he started giving Lucy more attention. Whenever he felt the material tightening around him he would bring his face down and press his lips firmly into her tummy.

While his lips were against her flesh Albert would press his hands and legs firmly into her skin and work them as much as he comfortable could. It was the best method to rub Lucy’s stomach that he could currently think of. His actions seem to have the desired effect as he heard a slight sigh and giggle from Lucy. Periodically he’d feel her shift slightly as well. He just wondered if she had realized where his ultimate destination was yet.

Her stomach was far from the most intimate part of her body that Lucy had ever had Albert touch. Still, she loved the attention and it did serve to excite her a little. She wasn’t sure if what excited her most was the fact that she could feel his penis pushing into her stomach as he worked his way upward or the belly rub itself. One thing she had noticed was that his path was more of a slant then a strait line.

Upon feeling his hand reaching into an opening Albert took a moment to extend his fingers further down. He had come to several such places that he thought to be his destination only to learn it was the contours of Lucy’s stomach muscles. Upon feeling around for a moment though he began to eagerly work his way forward actually continuing to push forward whenever Lucy inhaled.

In the beginning Lucy had thought Albert intended to make his way up to her breasts. As he pushed forward even when she inhaled though she doubted that was the case and became curious as to his intent. Upon feeling his shoulder slipping into her belly button though she quickly inhaled to slow his progress as she realized what he was up to. Unfortunately he had been able to make progress even when she had inhaled beforehand. So there was no real stopping him as he quickly worked his way down into her belly button.

While he pulled himself forward Albert was grateful Lucy hadn’t realized what he was doing until he was within arms’ reach of her belly button. It was clear she had caught on though when the material tightened far more then it had ever previously. Fortunately with some of him already in her belly button he had the leverage and room that he needed to pull himself forward.

The moment Lucy felt Albert slide down into her belly button she bit down on her lower lip. She had expected him to try to stimulate her to convince her to take off her shirt. That was clearly what he meant to do now however the type of stimulation wasn’t what she expected. Her mid section was made to thrust upward the moment she felt him begin his efforts as she bit down harder in order to control herself.

Even with all of her gathered fitting inside of Lucy’s belly button was quite a tight fit for Albert. Despite the tight confines he was made to breathe a sigh of relief and a wide grin spread across his face. Turning his head to the side Albert proceeded to place a kiss on the rim of Lucy’s belly button and then let his tongue slide along it for a moment. He then pressed his hands into the flesh around him and began to vigorously work his hands back and forth while working his fingers.

Sudden acceleration upward served to tell Albert he was having the desired affect as he continued to work his fingers and hands. He knew from past experience how ticklish Lucy was. It wasn’t entirely fair however she had on a bra and shirt while he only had on a shirt. Given that he had two articles of clothing to convince her to remove he didn’t mind using other methods.

There was no way for Lucy to keep her composure indefinitely with the way Albert was working her belly button. He wasn’t familiar with all of her body but he was quite familiar with that spot. Given the rate at which he was melting her self control he knew that particular place very well. At last gritting her teeth began to fail and Lucy began to snicker behind clinched teeth while her body began to lightly convulse.

Every reverberation that ran through Lucy’s stomach told Albert that he was making progress. When he heard the giggles starting his efforts grew all the stronger. Soon what was the occasional shudder began to grow into rolling waves as Lucy was clearly having trouble maintaining her composure. In an attempt to mix a little pleasure in with the tickle torture Albert began to lightly nibble the outer edges of Lucy’s belly button. He only wished he knew if the squeal he heard come from her was due to the nibbling or the tickling.

No words had been spoken after Lucy had taken Albert to her bed. No words were needed for either of them to understand the situation. Either her shirt came off or her tickle torture didn’t stop. To Lucy being tickled in such a way did bring upon a form of pleasure as her body responded to Albert’s efforts. Her nipples were made to harden and she felt her lips moisten however there was most assuredly a desire to put an end to it as well.

As the motions of Lucy’s stomach increased Albert ceased to work one leg and pressed it firmly into the side of Lucy’s belly button. Given the current degree of motion he knew the only thing that was keeping him in place was Lucy’s shirt and the limited space of his confines. When Lucy’s shirt was removed he’d need some additional support to keep her from tossing him out. Upon hearing Lucy openly laughing he felt certain that he was nearing his goal.

Regardless of her resolve tickle torture from a friend was something Lucy could only endure for so long. Had there been something precious at stake she wouldn’t have even been affected. This was Albert tickling her though and on many levels she wanted to lose this contest. Given that the only thing that had allowed her to hold out so far was a desire to keep Albert from having it too easy and that he had caught her off guard. She was finally made to buckle.

The powerful gust of wind generated by Lucy suddenly pulling her shirt upward was strong enough to ruffle Albert’s hair and clothing. It also served to draw his attention upward as he continued to tickle Lucy. He wasn’t prepared for what came next as his confines were suddenly made to shrink considerably as Lucy flexed her stomach muscles. They grew so tight that he couldn’t comfortably move his arms though that didn’t last long as Lucy’s flexing suddenly caused a powerful upward push.

By bringing her stomach as low as she could then thrusting upward and suddenly relaxing those muscles so that Albert didn’t have time to regain his grip. Lucy was able to send him flying out of her belly button. Now he would have to face the consequences of her tickle torture as he landed upon her stomach. She had yet to regain her composure so she was still giggling causing her tummy to move quite actively.

Landing upon Lucy’s stomach was a bit rougher then what Albert was used to. Due to her giggling she wasn’t able to completely relax her stomach muscles so her belly was a bit more solid then what it would have normally been for him to land on. The pain was only moderate though as if someone had made the mistake of throwing themselves down on an air mattress that wasn’t aired up entirely. Unlike with the mattress he didn’t have time to lay there and recover as he found himself being bounced about by Lucy’s giggles while she tried to regain her composure.

Being bounced about by Lucy’s laughter wasn’t an unpleasant experience for Albert. Indeed he was made to grin as he realized how long it was taking Lucy to calm down. One part of him thought that the reason she might have to take her time is she found the sight of him being bounced about by her laughter amusing but this didn’t bother him. He rather liked the idea even if it wasn’t the type of pleasure he meant to give Lucy he was happy to give her the type that he could.

Several times Lucy tried to force her body to remain still and finally she was able to force it to do so. As her giggles stopped a long sigh escaped her and she was made to remember a time when laughing so hard would have begun to hurt. After a few moments had passed she then took in a deep breath causing three more small giggles to escape her fortunately she was able to keep them from growing into more.

A long sigh escaped Albert as he drew himself to a setting position and looked up at the vast expanse of Lucy’s body. He was happy when he noticed that she was wearing one of her loser bras as it would make his next task easier. Had she been wearing one of her more form hugging ones he doubted that he’d be able to squeeze into it. There was still quite a climb ahead of him.

It was easy for Albert to see the best path of action as he climbed to his feet and began to climb Lucy again. In her reclined state it wouldn’t be overly difficult for him to make it to her shoulder. He would then take a few strands of her hair and use them to let him down upon her chest. Making his way over the top of those mountains would be much easier then trying to climb them from below. He had even chosen a path between Lucy’s breasts as he neared them though he knew that ravine would most likely pose a problem for him.

Once Albert drew close enough to her breasts Lucy lost site of him though she was quite aware of his location. He had made quicker work of her shirt then she had expected him to with his surprise tactic. That only made Lucy more determined to slow him down here and get as much enjoyment out of the experience as she could. So when she felt Albert drawing closer to her chest she proceeded to flex her chest muscles forcing her breasts together more firmly.

Even the slight motions on Lucy’s part could be felt by Albert in this situation. Given his proximity to her breasts it was easy for him to tell something had changed just by feeling her body shift under him. That didn’t deter him though as he made his way to the massive globes of Lucy’s breasts. Given her inclined position he knew that he would have to be certain to make use of her breasts to help him climb up the rest of her chest.

Had Lucy wanted to she could have drawn out their game by flexing her stomach muscles so that Albert wasn’t able to just walk over them. She had allowed him to get to her chest more quickly though for three reasons. She wanted a part of her body more sensitive then her tummy to get attention now, the game was to remove her clothing and her belly was still tingling from the tickle torture. Now she was ready to make his job difficult again though as she forced her breasts together too firmly for him to squeeze between them.

Brute force was hardly ever the answer with Lucy physical brute force was never the answer with her and Albert knew that for certain. Every attempt to physically coerce Lucy into do something had always been met with force and now she could exert far more force then anyone he knew of. There were no delusions of him forcing his way between her breasts he would have to convince the ladies to let him pass. Fortunately he remembered them trying to consume him beforehand he only hoped he could convince them to let him go.

Albert had progressed swiftly across her stomach once he had convinced Lucy to remove her shirt. It pleased Lucy to find that he didn’t intend to make such progress past her breasts though. Instead she felt his hand press against her breasts and slowly began to move up and down her skin. His free hand soon joined the first and he began to slightly squeeze her flesh every few centimeters.

So long as Lucy kept her breasts pressed together Albert knew he wasn’t going to get past. He had to stimulate her so that she relaxed her muscles and let him slip through. There was no way that his hands could provide this level of stimulation alone to such a massive lady they didn’t have to he intended to use all of him. While his hands continued to slide over and squeeze the bit of flesh they could he adjusted his position so that his back pressed against Lucy’s other breasts he then turned his head to the side and started kissing her.

Feeling Albert using both his hands and lips to tease her breasts was nice to Lucy however it wasn’t nearly enough. He would have to be more creative then that if he wanted to convince those towers to move. She was glad when he showed that he already knew that as she felt him beginning to rub his back against the breasts it was pressed against in circular motions while at the same time continuing to kiss her.

Maintaining his current position and moving his entire body was rather difficult for Albert at the moment. He didn’t have the footing he needed to press his back into Lucy’s skin as firmly as he wanted so he tried to compensate as much as he could. As he kissed her breasts he began to periodically nibble on her skin while he pressed his hands more firmly into her flesh whenever he would grip her warm skin. His arms didn’t have the same strength of his legs but it did serve to provide additional stimulation for both breasts.

It was impossible to hurry through Albert’s task but he also felt certain that maintained effort would have the desired results. That seemed to be the case as he noticed Lucy’s chest beginning to rise and fall as she began to take in deeper breaths of air. Albert knew better then to try and rush ahead though. If he was to be caught between Lucy’s breasts and she wasn’t properly stimulated he wouldn’t be getting out. At least not without considerably more effort, he had to make sure she was stimulated and stayed so.

Once her breasts parted enough Lucy felt Albert slowly push his way further between her flesh mountains. He didn’t try to rush and force his entire body in rather she only felt his shoulder nudging between her breasts. As he worked his shoulder between her breasts she felt his hand leaving where it had been and slowly extending between.

With his arm at least partly within Lucy’s cleavage Albert was able to get a better idea of how careful he had to be. Whenever she would exhale her breasts would come together and while he could move when that happened that would last only while he was barely within Lucy’s cleavage confines. After a small bit of progress he knew the only time he’d be able to move was whenever Lucy inhaled deeply much as she had been doing when her breasts had began to pull him down into her cleavage on their own.

Even if Albert did manage to excite Lucy enough to repeat the process where her breasts had began to pull him deeper into her cleavage there was one great concern. A good portion of his body had been pulled into Lucy’s cleavage but he had plenty of room to go deeper. What he didn’t know was if he would have just kept being pulled further in or ended up trapped at a certain point. If he could go all the way through or if he’d be trapped at the mid point was unknown.

The more of Albert that slipped between her breasts the more confident he seemed to become that he wouldn’t fall out. Indeed this was the case as her breasts squeezing him from both sides provided more and more of the support his legs had. He was clearly aware of this as Lucy felt his leg beginning to press into her breast as well so that only one leg was supporting him now. The one that had not yet made it within the confines of her cleavage.

When Albert had been nursing he had noticed the sent of Lucy’s flesh. Now that he made his way further into Lucy’s cleavage the scent became even more noticeable. Fortunately the feeling of Lucy’s breasts squeezing him from all directions kept him from falling into a relaxed state and forgetting the task at hand. Upon slipping one of his legs between her breasts he began to move the limb back and forth.

For the moment it was unlikely that Albert realized everything he was doing right. At least Lucy doubted that he realized what one of his best methods was doing to her. By kissing and nibbling Lucy’s flesh he did more them stimulate her sense of touch. He also served to remind her of him suckling her breasts and how enjoyable she had found the experience to be. This memory of the pleasure and promise of future pleasure that came with it did more to stimulate her then his nibbling by far.

Upon slipping enough of his body within Lucy’s cleavage to do so Albert couldn’t resist thrusting his crotch against her flesh. The fact that she was made to inhale sharply told him that it was a good move despite his lack of intent. As she inhaled he slipped further in but this time came to a stop when she exhaled. As those breasts embraced him he didn’t need to attempt anything to know trying to make progress while she exhaled would be futile.

Stopping even for a few moments regardless of the situation would have been a bad move on Albert’s part and he seemed to know this. So whenever Lucy’s breasts squeezed in on him with enough force to make trying to push further in or move his limbs a waste of energy he made use of his mouth instead. Turning to face the breasts before him he gave the warm skin as firm of a kiss as he could then opened his mouth and began to suck on what he could.

When Albert sucked on her skin Lucy felt his tongue press into her breasts. The mixture of his sucking and his tongue working over her skin worked wonderfully well. Then she inhaled and her breasts began to part she would feel him resume his efforts with his hands, arms, legs and entire body as he slipped further in.

It was only when Lucy’s breasts were as far apart as they would be that Albert slipped further in. By now all of his being was within the confines of Lucy’s cleavage and he found himself engulfed in her warmth and sent. Now it became perfectly clear to him that he wouldn’t be able to move when Lucy exhaled and if she had been wearing a bra comparable to what a normal woman would have worn he wouldn’t have been moving at all.

Instead of trying to help or hinder Albert Lucy took a different rout and began to relax mentally as much as she could. She would leave it up to Albert to stimulate her body and earn his passage through her cleavage canyon. So far she found that he was doing a very nice job as she gave a slight moan at feeling his teeth run against her skin as he took a moment to nibble her flesh.

Every bit of progress was slower and smaller then the previous. As he neared the point where Lucy’s breasts pressed together the most firmly his fears grew. From previous experience he felt that once there the most he could hope for was a few centimeters of progress each time. This environment didn’t discourage him though rather it served to encourage him more.

Lucy’s sent and flesh was all around him and he delighted in both of them. The desire that Lucy’s sent and touch kindled within him was only encouraged by the warmth of her cleavage’s embrace. Too hot didn’t seem to exist in that moment as he found himself wanting to push further into that warmth and to his delight that warmth seemed to desire his presence as well.

How her body would respond to certain stimulus wasn’t always known to Lucy. So whether or not her breasts would give up their hold on Albert after he came to them wasn’t entirely known to her. One thing she was certain of was that three parts of her body currently wanted him very badly. Though it would alter his environment a bit, Lucy couldn’t resist reaching down to lightly rub her fingers just over the crotch of her shorts teasing her lips through the material.

Indeed Albert did feel the motions of Lucy’s breasts that the movement of her arm caused as they once again hugged him. Given that it didn’t match up with her breathing patterns he knew that she had done something but he wasn’t sure what. Being cut off from the outside world though, he continued forward after taking a moment to glance up to the top of those wonderful peeks. The site of Lucy’s bra fabric above encouraged him yet even more now he had to keep his passion from causing him to overly exert himself.

With Albert already blocked from her view Lucy slowly closed her eyes as she felt him pushing into the narrowest gap of her cleavage canyon. As she focused entirely on the feeling of his little body working its way between her breasts she pushed down more firmly on her shorts. Albert had chosen the correct path thus far. Had he focused entirely on getting her shorts off he would have most likely failed as the material didn’t have nearly the give her shirt did. He had realized that he had to convince her to remove them indirectly.

By glancing up at Lucy’s bra above Albert was able to guess how far he was. He found himself in quite a tense moment upon doing so as he realized he would be pushing into the halfway point now. Already he knew that he couldn’t have sunken pass this gap but that was due to how he was lying. With his current orientation he wasn’t so certain. One thing was certain though either he would get past or his plan would be stopped right there.

Even as she tried to relax it was clear to Lucy that Albert was preparing himself. The fact that he waited until she inhaled and exhaled three more times before making any progress told her that. Then she felt him slowly pushing forward just a few centimeters as he pushed his arms into the bit of space where her breast met most firmly. Her response surprised her as a delighted yelp escaped her and she thrust her chest upward.

If it hadn’t been for the embrace of Lucy’s breasts Albert knew that he would have been sent flying as his stomach seemed to sink further into his body. It was still quite a positive sign to him though he was grateful that Lucy’s breasts also protected him from the sound of her yelp. One thing that he didn’t notice until a moment later though was that he had slipped further along as if his body had remembered to do what his mind and forgotten.

A delighted squeal escaped Lucy as she forced her body to lie back down on her bed. Her breasts came together to hug Albert in a particularly firm embrace as she savored the moment. The hug from her breasts went on longer then even she intended as she savored the feeling of every last bit of him being between her massive breasts.

For a moment Albert wasn’t sure if he had made a mistake or not as Lucy inhaled though he knew to press onward. When she had embraced him with her chest he had thought he might have been trapped. Indeed he knew that if Lucy wanted to she could easily trap him there fortunately he had managed to keep her hot enough to not become that solid. Now as his head came to be within that most narrow gap he used the confines to give Lucy the firmest kiss yet.

There was a war going on within Lucy at that moment as her breasts struggled to retain their hold on Albert. He wasn’t fighting the battle alone though as several other parts of her being cried out for attention. The desire to keep him trapped within the confines of her cleavage was great but the other voices were even greater so that her breasts could not keep him for the moment.

Relaxing wasn’t an option to Albert as he pulled himself through the most narrow gap. Even with his recent progress he knew he wasn’t out of that wonderful valley just yet. Indeed the desire to stay where he stood was great but a greater desire overwhelmed him as it did Lucy’s breasts. There was so much more of her he wished to explore and he knew that he couldn’t remain where he was and pushed onward.

A long sigh escaped Lucy as her eyes slowly reopened. Her gaze shifted down towards her breasts as she waited for Albert to become visible again. It would have been easy for her to just feel him exiting but something about waiting while watching had greater appeal to her. She didn’t have to wait terribly long before she saw Albert’s arm beginning to poke out from between her breasts.

There was a dramatic difference between the temperature between Lucy’s breasts and that just at the top of her cleavage. A difference that left Albert with no doubt that part of him had made it through the confines of her breasts. It seemed quite possible that he could at least pull his way through with his limb now free but he didn’t make any motions to do so. Even if most of him sought to know more of Lucy part of him was in no rush to leave where he was.

Upon Albert’s head finally making it out from between her breasts Lucy’s lips slowly spread into a smile that revealed her teeth. Given his current orientation she knew that gravity would be working against him now though he didn’t seem to be having trouble countering it. There was quite a desire on her part to give him a quick blow and send him back into her cleavage but she resisted as there was also a desire to pick him up and press his head to her nipple that very moment.

As more of him was freed from the embrace of Lucy’s breasts Albert switched his position so that his back would be to both breasts. He didn’t need to be looking back into that wonderful valley if he was going to progress forward. Now he tried to focus his attention on the slope of those breasts. His next objective was to make it to the top of them and then work his way to and under Lucy’s bra. If he could get to her nipple he doubted there’d be any problem having her remove her bra.

After a moment Lucy proceeded to press up on the underside of both her breasts lifting Albert slightly further. At the same time she brought her face closer to him and let her massive tongue flick out from between her lips. An amused giggle escaped her as she noted the expression on his face just before she pressed the surface of her tongue to him covering his entire body as she did so.

Upon Lucy leaning forward and pushing up on her breasts Albert had expected a kiss. The sudden appearance of her massive tongue through him off guard for a moment so he wasn’t sure what was going on as the crimson muscle pressed to him. A shiver ran through him as the warm wet surface ran over his skin. The slight roughness of Lucy’s tongue added to the feeling and while the whole thing wasn’t a kiss it was still a nice welcome.

For a moment Lucy was made to giggle as she felt Albert’s hands press against her tongue. Apparently he wasn’t quite prepared for how much grip her tongue could exert with just a simple lick as he was nearly lifted away from her breasts. This was actually intentional on Lucy’s part as the abnormal amount of saliva upon her tongue increased its adhesive ability and when spread over enough of an area it could indeed exert quite a grip.

A sharp gasp escaped Albert as he pulled himself free and glanced up at Lucy’s face. He took a quick swallow of breath as he realized he had miss understood what she was doing. She hadn’t been welcoming him she had been trying to lick him up. This brought a new sense of urgency to the situation as he saw Lucy’s tongue flicking out of her mouth and coming for another run.

This time Albert didn’t waste any time in breaking the hold her tongue had on him however Lucy’s tongue didn’t waste any time returning. Nearly the moment he broke free of her tongue’s grasp she pressed it to him once again. There was no way Albert could keep struggling free as she could pull her tongue back into her mouth and rewet it far too quickly for him to try to scale her breast.

Between his weight and pushing off with his arms it was easy to break free of Lucy’s tongue. However, it was also proving to be rather tiring due to how quickly that massive muscle returned. Now Albert found himself struggling to think of a way to keep from being licked up and into Lucy’s mouth. Having to repeatedly find off her tongue wasn’t helping with his thoughts though.

As she licked Albert Lucy began to giggle slightly. His frantic struggle to keep from being pulled into her mouth was delightful fun to her and his hands tickled her tongue slightly. She was certain that if he didn’t think of a method to keep her from pulling him into her mouth he’d soon learn about another ticklish spot she had.

It wasn’t a solution but Albert soon began to employ his legs in breaking free of Lucy’s tongue giving his arms time to rest. As he kicked free of that massive muscle yet again he finally noted something. Whenever Lucy would lick him she would force his legs and arms down flat she would then cover his entire body with her tongue. Feeling that he finally had an answer Albert quickly rolled to his side and used his arms and legs to keep himself from sliding back into Lucy’s cleavage.

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy as she pressed her tongue to Albert’s side and gave him yet another lick. This time he wasn’t lifted towards her mouth though. In order to get enough grip while relying only on her saliva Lucy had been forced to cover Albert’s entire front. So long as he kept his side turned to her, there wasn’t enough for her to lick to lift him while only relying on her saliva.

Albert gave his head a quick shake as a sigh escaped him. Lucy’s sticky saliva coated him from head to toe now but at least he had managed to figure out how to escape her tongue. Now he just had to keep himself from sliding back down into her cleavage due to his orientation. There was also the concern that she would try to lick him up whenever he began climbing again but for the moment he couldn’t think about that.

Though Albert’s current position protected him from her tongue Lucy wasn’t ignorant to the new danger it put him in. As he held his position she took in a deep breath causing her chest to swell and her breasts to part. For a moment she felt Albert slip but he quickly pressed harder to keep from sliding back down between her breasts. She then exhaled causing her breasts to come back together and forcing his arms and legs closer to his body.

Once again Lucy was pushing him to hurry up and find a solution. Albert knew that if he stayed there too long Lucy would sap all his energy and he’d end up trapped in her cleavage. Feeling that he didn’t have time to think too much he waited until Lucy’s chest came back together. He then quickly pushed up with his arms while his legs followed moments later jumping onto the curve of Lucy’s breasts. There was no attempt on his part to gain any type of hand hold as he began to frantically scurry up that slope.

It wasn’t Lucy’s tongue that Albert had to worry about instead it was the very thing he clung to. The feeling of Albert trying to scurry up her breasts sent shivers through Lucy but the site and his eagerness was too much for her. She tried to hold it in but soon she found herself shaking with laughter causing her breasts to bounce and further frustrate Albert’s efforts. Fortunately he seemed to be good at rolling with the waves.

Remembering to breathe was a major point of Albert’s efforts as he pushed forward. Several times he felt himself slide backwards but caught himself. He was made grateful for the saliva that coated him as every little bit of traction was valued at the moment. It was impossible for him not to notice Lucy’s giggles and he was made to blush yet he too was having trouble keeping from laughing. The thought of what he was doing wasn’t just amusing to Lucy he too found it to be quite a laugh.

They hadn’t said anything about speaking or not speaking. Yet they had agreed to keep from doing so without words. This proved hard for Lucy now as a large part of her wanted to cheer Albert on as he scurried up the side of her breasts. His enthusiasm was contagious and she truly wanted him to succeed in his climb for the top. Fortunately he seemed to have all the encouragement he needed as he continued to push his body.

Convincing Lucy to remove her shirt had been easy for Albert though he didn’t think it was meant to be. Having Lucy remove her bra was another matter though as he found his breaths coming in rapid gasps. He felt his arms miss a few times but his legs were able to save him. What he didn’t notice was that Lucy’s giggles seemed to help more then hinder as whenever he would begin to slide backwards they would bounce slightly giving him a quick push upward.

It didn’t seem likely to Lucy that Albert knew how little or how much progress he had made as he hurried up her breasts. For the moment he seemed entirely focused on the task at hand and to not be paying attention to where he was. It wasn’t as if he had time to pay attention to where he was though. Should he slow down he’d most likely find himself tumbling back down to where he started or even end up buried between her breasts.

This was a one shot deal and Albert knew it. There was no holding back on his part or attempts to conserve energy as he scurried up the slope of Lucy’s breasts. Even if it left him drained and vulnerable to being lapped up by her tongue he had no choice in the matter. So great was his focus that he almost didn’t notice that he had made it over the curve of Lucy’s breasts and nearly threw himself over the side.

It would have been exceptionally easy for Lucy to toss Albert into her cleavage as he pulled himself on top of her breasts. As she looked at his exhausted form though she simple didn’t have it in her to do so. Instead of trying to make his journey anymore difficult she just smile and waited for him to regain his breath. The whole situation made her glad she had helped him to develop his body. If she hadn’t there would have been no way he’d have had the stamina to get that far.

For the moment Albert’s arms felt like jelly and his legs like led. Still, he wanted to insure Lucy didn’t relax so he resumed his kissing off her breasts. He then adjusted his position and proceeded to lay prone atop her bust. His arms stretched to both sides as did his legs. He pressed his face firmly into Lucy’s breasts and kissed her warm skin then opened his mouth and lightly ran his teeth over the surface.

Regardless of how exhausted he was Albert was determined not to lose any progress in any areas. So while his arms were still week he proceeded to fold them inward so that they stretched out before him. He then used his arms to pull himself along Lucy’s breasts. As he did so he couldn’t help but thrust his crotch against her breasts as he felt his penis pressing into her warm flesh through his pants.

Even though Albert’s pace had slowed considerably Lucy gave a slight sigh as she watched him slowly progressing over her breasts. The alteration between fast and slow paced action actually served to stimulate far more then either one would alone. She was also glad to feel Albert’s penis pressing into her flesh confirming that she wasn’t the only one stimulated by their game. Eventually she would grow too large for him to use such methods to arouse her so she felt they should enjoy them now. Of course she also felt that he would find new ways to stimulate her.

Lying prone against Lucy’s breasts had several advantages for Albert. It allowed him to press more of himself against Lucy’s flesh so that more of her was stimulated. It also helped him to maintain his position on her breasts as he felt the mountain move beneath him several times. As he looked ahead of himself though he couldn’t help but think about the future. Part of him wondered what it would be like for Lucy to be so large that her nipples were as large as her breasts currently were.

As he progressed forward Albert was relieved to see that Lucy’s body hadn’t forgotten his efforts. Her nipples were quite pert by now and from the way Lucy’s chest was rising and falling he imagined they’d be quite receptive to attention. There was a desire to speed up and hurry forward but Albert kept it in check. He had rushed across Lucy’s belly but had to take his time in her cleavage, he had rushed up her breasts now it was time to take things slow again.

Even though Albert could see her arms to either side of him Lucy doubted that he could see what she was doing. In his current position and location his view was blocked entirely by her breasts. Had he been able to he would have noticed a damp spot on her crotch and the outline of her lips. While he had been climbing Lucy had been quite focused on his efforts however her fingers had continued to stroke her lips. Without careful care from her conscious mind they had pressed down with enough force to thin the material of her shorts considerably.

As he moved further along Albert began to open and close his legs along with his arms in an attempt to squeeze as much of Lucy’s breasts as he could. This did bring on a form of doubt in him. Part of him couldn’t help but wonder how much of his efforts she truly felt at the time. He tried to keep these thoughts at bay for fear they would make him feel his efforts were futile. Fortunately Lucy’s behavior, giggles and breathing told him that his efforts weren’t futile and he had never known her to fake amusement.

Understanding that Lucy’s cells were the same size as humans and when he stimulated even a tiny portion of her breast he was stimulating even more breasts cells then most women had helped as well. It also served to encourage him towards her nipple even more as he thought about the feelings he could cause in her then. She had enjoyed having him suckle her breasts before hand but that had been a very small amount of her nipple flesh. Now he wondered what kind of reaction embracing her entire nipple would cause even if he couldn’t suckle in the same way.

Lucy’s tongue slowly snaked out of her mouth while Albert’s back was towards her. The massive muscle running over her lips leaving a light coating of her saliva making them glisten in the light. He was so unaware at the moment and exhausted she felt certain she could simply lap him up. Most likely he wouldn’t even realize what was happening until it was too late. She didn’t move her head towards him though as she watched him cling to her breasts. This time she would trust him to make her self restraint worthwhile.

Upon feeling his fingers taking hold of Lucy’s bra Albert quickly glanced up at the massive covering. Instead of drawing himself upward though he pressed his face back to her breasts and gave her one more kiss before drawing himself forward. He didn’t rise to a setting position but he rolled over onto his back. Making use of the ample room upon Lucy’s buxom and glanced up at her face. He was rather surprised when he noted her massive tongue running over her lips.

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy as she noted the look of surprise on Albert’s face. Apparently he hadn’t realized how much restraint she had been showing when she kept herself from trying to lap him up. After seeing the expression on his face though Lucy couldn’t hold back any longer and pressed up on the underside of her breasts once again while bringing her face closer.

It was odd feeling fear around Lucy yet in that moment Albert felt a type of fear. The feeling filled him with desire and an eagerness to run all at the same time spurring him to action. Taking hold of Lucy’s bra he spared no energy as he tried to lift the material above his head. As he lifted upward though he quickly realized he had a problem. Even if Lucy’s garments looked loose that didn’t mean they were. The rim of Lucy’s bra hugged her breasts more firmly then he could currently handle.

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy followed by a low moan as she slipped her tongue under Albert’s legs. Not only had his attempt to lift her bra left him without the use of his arms it also left him in a wonderfully easy to scoop up position. She quickly slid her tongue up under him licking him and her breasts at the same time. Well before he could move to escape from the hot wet surface of her tongue she began to drawn him upward and her tongue inward.

Even though he trusted Lucy as slight shout escaped Albert as he felt himself pulled into the air. He shifted his gaze towards his feet and found himself staring strait into the void of Lucy’s mouth. It only took him an instant to rise to a seated position however that is all the time Lucy needed to draw him within her mouth. A blast of her hot breath met him as he was pulled into her mouth and she began to shut her jaw.

Despite his situation Albert quickly rolled onto his stomach once inside of Lucy’s mouth and tried to scurry towards her lips. Her jaw shut far too quickly for him trapping him in the warm, humid darkness of her mouth. There wasn’t much time for him to contemplate this though as he felt Lucy’s tongue spring to life once again. The massive muscle shifted about underneath him causing his position to change as well.

It hardly took three seconds for Lucy to work Albert back onto his back. With him now trapped in her mouth she lifted him with her tongue and pressed him to the roof. An amused giggle escaped her immediately as she felt his hands pressing against the roof of her mouth in an attempt to force her tongue downward. In response to this Lucy rolled her tongue ever so slightly causing Albert to slide off.

As he feel Albert felt himself brush against Lucy’s teeth and rolled into the bottom of her jaw. Before he could think about it he felt her massive tongue come down upon him. He didn’t think for an instant that Lucy was pushing down on him with her tongue though she was simply allowing it to rest on him. Fortunately she wasn’t so massive that she was able to truly trap him under her tongue without working that muscle.

Feeling Albert struggling out from under her tongue was a delightful treat to Lucy. She felt his hands reach around the tip of her tongue where he was able to get the best grip. He then pulled himself upward while using his legs to push himself upward. His face and then chest was made to slide against the very tip of her tongue as he drew himself upward. Upon feeling his belly she gave him a quick poke with that tip.

A slight grunt escaped Albert and was followed by a chuckle as he drew himself on top of that muscle. Due to the position of Lucy’s tongue he knew where he was even though he couldn’t see. That helped a little but not much as while he was close to the front of Lucy’s mouth there was no way he could part her teeth with his own strength. He needed to find a way to convince her to open her jaw so he began to search.

Perhaps Albert was the only person that would have willingly climbed back onto her tongue but he was the only person she worried about doing so. After Albert climbed back onto her tongue Lucy felt his hand press against her gum while the other pressed against her tongue. He then began to work his way around her massive tongue manipulating his fingers against her gum and tongue as he did so. Clearly he had the right tactic in mind as he tried to find a ticklish spot.

Unlike previous occupants Albert actually took note of the details of Lucy’s mouth. One thing he noticed right away was that it was easier to breath then it should have been. The air was hot and humid for certain but he still took breath with ease. For the moment he left this detail up to a greater concentration of oxygen then normal. Most likely Lucy was taking care to insure he had enough to breath. Another fact was that Lucy’s breath actually smelled sweet.

Once Albert began to round the edge of her tongue Lucy gave her tongue a quick twist. This seemed to catch Albert off guard as he immediately fell prone. She wasted no time opening her jaw very slightly and pressing him towards her teeth. Once he was in place she quickly bit down her massive teeth catching the back of his pants legs between her teeth and shredding the material in an instant.

Due to the speed with which Lucy had closed her jaw Albert actually heard her massive teeth slam together and felt it in his bones. He quickly noticed the feeling of something very hard pressing directly to the back of his leg. There was no need for him to see to know Lucy had just taken off the back of his pants leg or that had she even been a millimeter off it would have taken some of his skin as well. The speed with which she was able to complete the motions and not harm him served more to impress then worry.

It was a few seconds before Lucy felt Albert roll away from her teeth and back onto her tongue. As he worked his way around her mouth she could taste his sweat as well as feel his movements. After they were finished she decided she’d have to tell Albert that he tasted better then his clothing did.

Just how tightly Lucy’s jaw was shut was unknown to Albert at the moment however as he drew closer to the back of her tongue he noted something. Before he had only been feeling drafts flowing into Lucy’s mouth due to her providing him more oxygen. Now he noticed a slight draft down her throat meaning that she was slowly inhaling. The suction out of her mouth was much weaker then when she exhaled into her mouth. He was glad to know that Lucy had remember to keep the carbon dioxide concentration in her mouth low to avoid smothering him despite the introduction of oxygen even if he hadn’t thought of it.

Keeping the air Albert breathed none toxic was indeed one of Lucy’s reasons for inhaling from her mouth slowly. However, there was another reason that she didn’t inhale sharply that had nothing to do with Albert’s comfort or safety. As he neared the back of her throat Lucy quickly inhaled with enough force to pull him rapidly towards her throat. Fortunately his position meant he couldn’t fit down her throat and even if something unexpected did happen Lucy had the control of her body to keep him safe.

Lucy knew that Albert couldn’t slip down her throat oriented as he was but that didn’t mean he knew. Indeed that knowledge was lacking from his mind as he felt himself suddenly pulled further into Lucy’s mouth very quickly. The sudden pressure change made his ear pops and had his lunges not been filled with air already he would have found it hard to scream. It seemed Lucy had times things perfectly as a slight shout escaped him.

It only took a moment for Lucy to generate the suction needed to draw Albert to the back of her mouth. As she felt him bump into her throat and heard his surprised scream and amused giggle escaped her. Before he could respond she quickly exhaled into her mouth and flexed her tongue sending him tumbling back towards the front. As he crossed the half way point on her tongue she withdrew it quickly sending him tumbling in front of him.

Apparently Lucy wasn’t content to allow him to explore her mouth on his own. Albert felt her jaw part though her lips remained sealed. Her massive tongue quickly pressed into his stomach and reared to the side. Instinctively Albert gripped Lucy’s tongue as if he was scared to be thrown off. He didn’t have time to appreciate how Lucy was able to manipulate that position with her massive tongue as he felt himself pressed into her cheek and slide along the warm surface.

There was no delay in Lucy’s action as she pressed Albert to and slid him along her cheek. When she had taken him as far as she comfortably could she quickly shifted his position and used her tongue to move him back into her mouth and then into the opposite cheek. A slight moan escaped her as she felt his legs and arms trying to grip her tongue as she swished him about within her mouth. Turning her head upward she finally parted her lips allowing a little bit of light in.

Seeing didn’t take anything away from the experience for Albert or cause any fear in him. He did notice a change in the climate as Lucy opened her mouth as wide as she could. Her massive tongue gave him a quick flick easily breaking his hold on her tongue and sending him into the air. He didn’t actually get to look down but he felt the cool air on him as he exited Lucy’s mouth only to land on a warm, wet, and firm surface.

Upon catching Albert with her tongue Lucy shifted the massive muscle around slightly insuring that he could see the world outside of her mouth for but a few moments. She then just as quickly pulled him back into her mouth and began to swish him around once again. This time she kept her mouth partly open so that he could be able to see the outside world and the inside of her mouth.

Glimpses of Lucy’s uvula, teeth, throat, tongue, cheeks, roof of her mouth and even some of the outside were all Albert could really see. The rapid movement was too much for him to stay focused on anyone area. As this became clear he chose to focus on the muscle that moved him around with such ease and dexterity. He then felt himself once again lifted out of Lucy’s mouth and her tongue curled backwards so that he now found himself upside down clinging to her tongue just above her mouth.

It was hard for Lucy to keep from giggling as she watched Albert clinging to her tongue. She then began to lightly vibrate that massive muscle making his already limited grip even harder to maintain. The effect was almost immediate as he began to slip. His right hand released her tongue in an attempt to gain a better grip however the added stress on his left was too much and his grip ended up even worse then it had been before. That didn’t prompt any reprieve from Lucy as she continued to shake him.

Now Albert was made to wish Lucy’s tongue had been more adhesive as between his weight and her constant shaking he was quickly losing hold of her tongue. As he felt his hands slip to where her tongue was the widest he lost his hold entirely and landed back upon the warm wet surface quickly sliding back into Lucy’s mouth. As he slid backwards he looked up and saw her tongue quickly withdrawing as well while her lips sealed shut. Apparently she had decided to quit teasing him with the outside world.

The moment Albert was back within her mouth Lucy once again gave him a quick flick with her tongue. By spreading the force out over his entire body she was able to keep from harming him but still send him back to the tip. Once again she scooped him up and began to swish him around inside of her mouth further disorientating him. After everything she had just put him through she doubted he’d be able to even rise to his knees immediately but she wanted to make sure.

Whether or not Lucy was finished with her game Albert did not know but at last Albert felt himself drawn along the roof of her mouth and then her tongue quickly fell out from under him. He landed back upon the surface of her tongue seconds later and for the first few moments just lay there. A massive grin was worn upon his face though he was rather lost as to what had just happened. Upon trying to rise up he was made to laugh as his arms suddenly wobbled and then went out from under him. Lucy’s attempt to disorient him had proven quite successful.

His motions were slower then what they had been before but at last Albert began to move once again. She was glad that he didn’t immediately resume his search in the same way as before but seemed intent on finding his previous location. It was fortunate for him that while he had no idea what direction he had been moved or even was now he did know where he had been relative to the front of her mouth and her throat. As he traced the dimensions of her tongue he also seemed to be using that as a guideline.

Perhaps he trusted Lucy with his life too much but throughout the whole experience the greatest fear Albert had felt was surprise. He did feel a little sick to his stomach but it was the same affect as when he went on a ride that was a little intense for him. That sickness was far overwhelmed by the enjoyment of the experience as his laughter and erection showed. As he renewed the search of Lucy’s mouth he didn’t even hesitate as he passed by her throat.

When Lucy had lapped Albert up she hadn’t expected him to find her ticklish spot very quickly especially considering the ride she had given him. He was actually working faster then she had believed he would as he found his last spot far quicker then she believed he would. Now that she felt him working around the opposite side of her mouth she wondered how long it would take him to search the roof of her mouth or if he would try her cheeks and lower mouth first.

A sigh escaped Albert as he ran his hands along the back of Lucy’s front teeth as he set upon the tip of her tongue. He had completed a circle of her mouth but he still had a lot to do. Turning around he began to manipulate his fingers over Lucy’s massive tongue feeling her taste buds as he did so. He’d already checked the outer edges of her tongue but she still had quite a bit of tongue to explore. At least he wouldn’t have trouble noticing any giggles given his current location.

As Albert worked his way around inside of her mouth Lucy couldn’t help but wonder if they were kissing with tongue, if she was giving him oral sex or if what they were doing would be considered doing something else. His tongue was most assuredly inside of her mouth but hers wasn’t in hiss and so far his tongue had yet to meet hers. While she had taken off some of his pants he still had part of them on so she wasn’t sure if oral sex was the proper term. At least she wasn’t familiar with the idea of giving oral sex while the genitals were still covered by clothing.

With each bit of progress Albert made over Lucy’s tongue he’d extend his arms to both sides working his fingers as he did so. He’d then move them back and when he didn’t get any reaction he scooted forward. This served to let him be fairly sure of his check and get an approximate idea of where he was so he knew how close to Lucy’s throat he was getting. At least if she decided to give him another ride he’d be able to find his place again with relative ease.

Even though Albert’s paced slowed as he neared her throat Lucy was glad to know it was due to his searching methods. His lack of fear of being swallowed was confirmed by the fact that as he neared her throw his pace didn’t speed up but continued to slow as the greater width of her tongue required more time. There was a slight desire in her to open her mouth so he could see just how close to her throat he had come but she resolved to wait until later for that.

A sigh escaped Albert as he rubbed his saliva soaked head. So far he had discovered too things in his search. One was that Lucy’s tongue didn’t appear to be ticklish or if it was it wasn’t all that ticklish. The other was that her saliva didn’t break down in the same way a human’s would have. At first the substance seemed exceptionally sticky and Albert had figured would be worse as it dried. However, those parts of him that weren’t receiving a continuous coating didn’t feel sticky in the least. Apparently her saliva did a better job of taking all of itself whenever it evaporated then most things.

Having searched Lucy’s gum line, the edges of her tongue and now the interior of that massive muscle Albert gave a slight grunt. He was fairly certain that Lucy’s teeth weren’t ticklish and surely he would have noticed something while trapped under her tongue. She had moved him against her cheeks and while there had been a light moan there didn’t seem to be any laughter. As he considered the way Lucy moved him Albert quickly glanced above him.

When she had been sloshing him about within her mouth she had pressed him against the roof of it. However, she had never really moved him along the surface at least not in the way she had done her cheeks. Whether she was trying to give him a clue or not Albert resolved that the roof of her mouth was the next best option. Reaching above himself Albert began to run his fingers along the roof of her mouth moving them vigorously as he did so. The result was nearly instant as he felt Lucy’s tongue move under him.

It was impossible for Lucy to keep herself from giggling as Albert finally hit upon the right spot yet she didn’t let him out right away. Much as with her belly button she would keep him inside of her mouth until he tickled her until she couldn’t stand it. This was a bit difference though. In her belly button he didn’t have to worry about her accidentally swallowing him in a fit of laughter. Now he would have to consider that possibility and trust her to take him out before things became dangerous.

Given what had happened over the past few days Albert knew that Lucy could swallow him. However, the risk didn’t really occur to him as he began to work his fingers more vigorously. Lucy’s twitching tongue gave him some trouble as it would shift his position and make him lose his spot but never so much that he had trouble finding it again or finding a new spot that worked just as well. As he tickled her he began to chuckle himself as he felt the air within her mouth becoming more turbulent due to her inhaling and exhaling slightly but sharply as she tried to control her laughter.

A few times Lucy felt Albert’s head brush against the roof of her mouth as her laughter became harder to control. Subconsciously she lifted a hand to cover her mouth in an attempt to control her laughter but it didn’t help much in this situation. Soon she wasn’t sure what was tickling more Albert’s fingers or his hair as her tongue moved him about. One thing she was sure of was that she was exhaling and inhaling far more sharply. She knew Albert would be feeling the affects now.

The pull generated whenever Lucy would inhale was indeed clear to Albert as he had to brace himself to keep from being pulled forward. Some of his survival instincts told him to stop tickling Lucy or risk being swallowed. Other emotions and logic told him to trust her and keep it up. Those thoughts that put trust in her spoke louder then the ones born of fear. As he worked though a sudden rush of air actually jerked him forward so that he not only ended up on his stomach but was pulled forward.

Even as she felt Albert fall face first upon her tongue Lucy couldn’t help but giggle. It was only whenever she felt him rise again and resume his work that a delighted squeal escaped her.

A slight chuckle escaped Albert as he recovered from being pulled forward. It had happened so quickly that he wasn’t certain of what was going on until he ended up on his stomach. The fact that Lucy had inhaled sharply enough to draw him towards her throat didn’t slow him down as he quickly set back up and resumed his work. The only thing that stopped him was Lucy’s tongue suddenly raising up and forcing him to lie flat.

There wasn’t a bit of Albert that wasn’t pinned by Lucy’s massive tongue as she struggled to control her laughter. One hand pressed against her stomach while the other remained near her lips as if trying to keep her giggles inside. Despite that it was a good five minutes before she was able to relax. Her mouth opened and she extended her tongue with Albert still lying down upon it.

In his current position the first thing Albert saw upon exiting Lucy’s mouth was her eyes looking down at him. He didn’t need her to shut her mouth or to see her lips to know she would have been wearing a smile though. As he looked into those eyes he was rather surprised whenever he felt Lucy’s tongue tipping. As he glanced over the edge of her massive tongue he found himself looking down into her bra as she had drew the material back.

When Albert had thought that Lucy’s bra had been loose upon her he hadn’t been entirely right or wrong. The material that covered her breasts was indeed loose and the bands were extremely elastic. However, that elasticity didn’t extend to the hem of her clothing. If Albert was going to ever pull that up without her aid he would have to become several times stronger or make use of some hydraulics. Fortunately for him his time in Lucy’s mouth had only made her want to feel his mouth against her nipple even more.

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy as Albert slipped off of her tongue and fell down into her bra. The material was actually made loose for more then the survivability of the material. Its slack insured that his fall was well cushioned as he first landed in her bra cup and toppled down into her bra. As she released the hem though the snap told him he wasn’t going to be coming out until he had earned it.

It wasn’t the method he had planned to use to get to Lucy’s nipple but Albert was quite pleased with himself. He hadn’t managed to avoid her tongue as he had planned but now he was glad that he hadn’t. There wasn’t time for him to think too much on that though as he looked up from the base of Lucy’s breasts and found himself faced with a dilemma. He had managed to climb Lucy’s chest only because he had worked his way between her breasts and used them to maintain his position.

He wouldn’t have the support Lucy’s cleavage had provided with the climb to her nipple or to keep him there. It seemed that her bra did more to hinder then help him now as he considered what had happened. The hem of the material was too strong for him to lift enough to slip under with his own strength and the material that actually covered her breasts had too much give to provide the needed resistance for him to scale her breasts. To make matters worse the longer he waited the more time Lucy had to cool down.

It was clear to Lucy that Albert was somewhat stumped as to what his first move should be. She was relieved whenever she felt his hands pressing into her breasts as well as did his lips. Even if he needed time to think of a way to get to her nipple he seemed to understand the importance of not letting her have too much time to relax. The only thing she felt was lacking was that Albert was keeping from pressing his lower body into her breast. She was fairly certain she knew why though.

Being toyed with my Lucy’s tongue hadn’t done anything to cause Albert to relax and for the moment he feared what would happen if he were to press his crotch into Lucy’s flesh. Especially after he had crawl across her massive bust. He hadn’t really thought of it but part of him wanted to insure Lucy was the first to reach orgasm. So even though it hindered him he refrained from pushing his crotch against her flesh and hoped he would be able to relax somewhat.

In hopes of keeping Lucy hot Albert began to work his way towards the edge of Lucy’s bra. As he came to the edge though, he quickly noted the difference between the material at the front of her breasts and that to the side. For a moment his lips left Lucy’s breasts and he gently blue against her skin as a sigh escaped him. At first he had been able to plan ahead at least until he had made it through Lucy’s cleavage. Now he had to think on his toes and it seemed the answer had come by exploration of his environment again.

When he had tried to lift Lucy’s bra hem he had found his strength lacking. However, he had still managed to get his hands under that material. Turning to his side Albert proceeded to press his shoulder against Lucy’s flesh. He then began to increase the pressure while he began to work his hands into the hem of her bra hoping to use it to climb that massive mountain. As he tried to force enough give for him to get his hands between Lucy’s breasts and the hem of her bra he found another problem.

He had managed to get his hands between the material of her bra and her breasts while atop that massive globe. However, he was now at the base of her breasts and the amount of pressure exerted on the hem by Lucy’s breasts was great deal more. So that even as he managed to cause the an indents in Lucy’s flesh he found that he still couldn’t work his hands between the hem and her skin. There was an unexpected reaction though as he heard a slight sigh from Lucy.

For a moment Albert was made to chuckle at himself. He had known Lucy for many years and played with her on many occasions. While what he was doing wasn’t a child’s game several of the same rules applied. One in particular was that Lucy always held back and left him a way to win however difficult it might be. The other was that it was never easy to figure out just how he was going to do so. At least he had managed to find a way to stimulate her though as he began to make his way across her breasts.

As Albert moved he’d press his shoulder into Lucy’s flesh as firmly as he could. He felt her skin give at first slowly conforming to his body and beginning to engulf him in its warmth. Upon pushing a little more though the give would quickly fade so that the impression was never more then what the fingers of a gentle lover would cause on most women.

He then lifted the leg against her flesh and moved it in a circular motion while rubbing his face against her breasts. After three or five cycles with his leg he then turned his head and gave Lucy’s breasts a firm kiss before moving on. His efforts seemed to have the desired effect of buying him time by keeping Lucy stimulated but not being so vigorous that he couldn’t think.

Even with Albert using his full strength his efforts were exceptionally gentle to Lucy though she knew how hard he was trying. The fact that he used so much of his strength only served to excite her more as he tried his hardest to please her. Lucy wasn’t certain of the exact sensation Albert was hoping for but the way his movements lovingly tickled the lower portions of her breasts were a wonderful delight to her.

There was a limited amount of light that filtered through Lucy’s bra but there was enough for Albert to see. This allowed him to make use of one aspect of his environment as he checked above himself. Between Lucy’s breathing and how pert her nipple was he could tell she was quite excited. Despite that it didn’t seem like she was going to give him a hand reaching her nipple unless he could convince her to lie down. As he looked up at that massive nipple though his resolve to get there with Lucy as she was now only strengthened.

With his mind focused on reaching Lucy’s nipple yet his body still trying to keep her stimulated Albert didn’t notice as his arm pressed against the material of Lucy’s bra. In an attempt to apply even more pressure to her breast he had attempted to press off the material. As he pushed against the material though, it stretched instead of pushing back. Only when he felt himself toppling over did Albert realize just how much give that material had.

While she had been expecting to feel Albert’s shoulder pressing into her breast Lucy wasn’t too disappointed whenever she felt his feet instead. As she glanced down at her bra and amused giggle escaped her as she watched Albert struggling about beneath the material of her bra. Not only had the material’s give put him on his rear it also made getting back to his feet very difficult.

Every time Albert would reach out to attempt to grip the material it seemed to give more so that his initial tries to pull himself to his feet proved futile. Pushing up didn’t seem to work either as the material simply didn’t offer the resistance that he needed. It was quite clear to him why the material of Lucy’s bras never tore when she slept in them. They were too flexible at least the ones she wore to bed.

It was clear to Lucy that Albert was trying whatever he could to get back to his feet. She felt his feet pressing against her breasts as he kicked his legs. His toes poked her flesh slightly as he tried to work some of his foot between her breasts and the hem of her bra yet there wasn’t enough give for him to get them between her flesh and the material. He then tried to make use of the hem as a stand but without the ability to really use his arms to get back to his feet and the limited footing he couldn’t.

As Albert struggled he finally began to simply gather the material in his hands. Whenever more slack came he would gather. By the time he was finished he most assuredly had a handful of material. A frustrated snort escaped him as he pulled himself to a standing position and he reflexively moved to bang his head. The feeling of his head slamming into Lucy’s breasts was quite different from the wall though and a wide grin formed on his face.

Whenever Lucy had dropped him into her bra she had held the material back making it more taught then normal. Even then it had the stretch to dampen his fall. Without her holding the material though it had quite a bit more slack but that was the key to reaching his goal. Lucy hadn’t meant for him to find the way out she had shown him the way unlike with her mouth.

While it meant for the moment her breast was getting less attention Lucy gave a delighted squeal as she felt Albert progressing up towards her nipple. The desire to reach into her bra and force him to her nipple had been growing ever sense they had started and it had been hard for her to wait on him. As she watched the bulge under her bra progressing towards her nipple she proceeded to reach up and lightly pinch her other nipple between her fingers. One more reason she had been forced to make the material with such give was so that she didn’t crush it when she stimulated herself.

Having to gather so much material in his hands to negate the material’s normal give meant Albert’s climb was relatively slow and tiresome. Fortunately Lucy’s nipple now being within reach was all the encouragement that he needed. He was made to stop though upon coming level with the bottom of her areola. He didn’t have the leverage that he needed to be as firm as he would have liked but as he looked upon that flesh he turned his head and pressed his lips to it as firmly as he could.

Had Albert attempted to stimulate her nipple as he hung onto the material of her bra his efforts would have been hindered considerably by the instability of the material. Lucy had enjoyed Albert’s struggles within her bra and his efforts to keep her stimulated but despite that she was still quite pleased when he seemed to realize this and continued to climb past her nipple. She was also very glad that he seemed to know to climb in the middle of her bra so that his back brushed against the tip of her nipple.

As Albert felt Lucy’s pert nipple brush against his head he turned his head to the side. He then brought his head forward and pressed his lips as firmly against the bit of flesh as he could. Instead of just pulling away and continuing his climb though he then opened his mouth and took in as much of the flesh as he could. It was clear from just looking at the size of Lucy’s nipple that he wouldn’t be able to suckle. Still, he took as much of her nipple into his mouth as he could.

Even without thinking Lucy began to lift her hand to her chest to hold Albert more firmly against her breasts. Her fingers pressed into her breast but her palm never met Albert. As she felt herself touching her breasts she was realized what she was about to do and recomposed herself. It was still hard for her to pull her hand back though as she bit down on her lower lip in an attempt to control her body.

It had only lasted a moment but Albert had actually felt the heat of Lucy’s palm drawing closer and the material shift. He was actually quite surprised when the hand suddenly left and it took him a moment to resume his climb. This didn’t concern him though but filled him with confidence. The fact that Lucy was worked up to the point that she was having trouble controlling her impulses seemed like a good indicator that he was doing his job.

A low whimper escaped Lucy as she felt Albert’s back brush against her nipple as she struggled to control herself. As she tried to keep her hands away from Albert one was placed on her unattended breasts. Spreading her fingers she took her nipple between the sides of her middle and ring finger. She then used the two to lightly squeeze her nipple while her fingers began to squeeze the front of her breasts. As she did so she alternated the pressure with Albert’s movements.

If he had been pressed against Lucy’s breasts when he had scaled the front of it Albert knew that he would have lost it. Even after climbing up the material of her bra he wasn’t certain if he could keep control of himself with what was to come. Taking a deep breath he proceeded to extend one leg backwards and press it into Lucy’s areola. A shudder ran through him as he ran it over the soft bumpy surface and his foot came to rest upon her pert nipple.

Lucy grew still as she felt Albert’s foot slip over the edge of her nipple and come to rest upon the side. His second foot followed suit and came to rest on the opposite. Her eyes drew shut as she waited for what was to come. She could tell when he released the fabric of her bra and was made to reflexively thrust her chest forward.

Even before he had released his hold on Lucy’s bra Albert had began tightening his hold on her nipple with his legs. He had realized the moment that he began to climb Lucy’s bra that there was no way he could give her nipple the attention he wanted to while clinging to the material of her bra. It simply didn’t give him the anchorage that he needed.

So he had resolved to try for a different position. It was enough to make Albert grateful that he didn’t get to Lucy’s nipples right away. Had he made it into her bra first he would have most likely found her nipples less pert. If that had been the case he wouldn’t have been able to set on them. As he squeezed her nipple between his legs though and his hands came down to clutch the front of it he found that there was indeed enough space though just barely.

A low moan escaped Lucy as she thrust her chest outward upon feeling Albert clutch her nipple and a wave of delight and regret washed through her. The fact that Albert could actually set on her pert nipple filled her with delight yet it also reminded her of how small she was. While she loved the fact that Albert could set upon her nipple she hated the fact that he had to use his legs to maintain his position.

To make the situation even more frustrating for Lucy she had to remain in a partly inclined position for Albert to maintain his perch upon her nipple. Were she to lean forward or even set up strait he would have most likely fallen off even with the aid of his legs. It was exceptionally frustrating for her as she envisioned what it would be like for Albert to be able to set on her nipple even while she set up strait and entirely unaided. Fortunately the delight caused by the fact that he could set on her nipple overwhelmed this frustration even if he couldn’t do it exactly as she’d liked.

It was clear to Albert once he seated himself upon Lucy’s nipple that he wouldn’t be suckling on the tip. While Lucy’s nipple was large there was no way for him to get his head down close enough in his current position without breaking his back. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to try his best though. Reaching down he placed a hand on either side of the rosy tip of Lucy’s nipple.

As he squeezed on both sides of Lucy’s nipple Albert pushed his hands forward being careful to either decrease or increase the pressure every few centimeters. At the same time he increased the pressure he exerted on Lucy’s nipple with his legs. He then turned his head to the side and took a moment to examine Lucy’s areola. Upon finding a particularly noticeable dimple in the flesh that he could reach he twisted to the side and leaned back until he could press his lips into the flesh.

His mouth wasn’t on the tip of her nipple and Albert wasn’t able to set astride it the way Lucy would have liked. However, his efforts and the fact that he was currently perched upon her nipple at all were very stimulating to Lucy. Upon giving a slight sigh Lucy began to stimulate her other breasts again while her free hand drifted back down to her crotch. By now she had managed to nearly destroy the front of her shorts though her knickers remained intact.

Pressing her index finger to one of her lips and middle to the other Lucy began to lightly trace their outline through her knickers. Her excitement had already soaked through the material dampening it considerably. The desire to take Albert from her breasts and place him within her knickers had become quite strong for now but she resisted. She wanted to hold out until she couldn’t stand it any longer to get the maximum affect for both of them.

It seemed that Lucy’s nipple grew more pert as Albert stroked it with both hands however he knew it wouldn’t grow enough for what he truly desired to do. As he sucked on her warm flesh though and ran his tongue over the dimples that appeared on her skin he couldn’t help but wonder. How long would it be before Lucy was so large that he could lie upon her nipple? Just the idea of him being able to lie down upon her nipple and lean his head over to the tip made his crotch ache.

As Albert set upon Lucy’s nipple he decided to sacrifice some stability for more versatility. He continued to use his thighs to hold onto Lucy’s nipple but now he shifted his position and pressed his feet into her areola. While gripping her nipple as firmly as he could, he proceeded to stroke her nipple while his feet pressed into her areola. As his feet pressed against her areola he slowly began to slide them over the warm flesh taking note of the dimples in her flesh.

For a moment Albert’s lips left Lucy’s areola as he took a moment to examine her flesh. He then once again moved to kiss her flesh though not the same spot. Instead his lips came to rest on the dimples closest to the first. As he kissed her warm skin he opened his mouth and ran his tongue along her flesh for a few seconds before breaking the kiss. Once again he chose a new spot giving the closest dimple he could a loving kiss and lick.

There was no way for Albert to cover all of Lucy at once at least not when she was all together. He would never be able to clutch her breasts in his hands or massage all of even one breast at once. However, her scale also meant that he could give every last bit of her a great deal of attention and that he was glad to do. For the moment he was using the dimples that appeared in her areola as a guide with each one of them designating a spot that he would at least give a few moments of attention. It meant that some bits of her flesh were left unattended but for the moment it was the best guide he could think of.

It would have been easy for Lucy to separate into a smaller body and lie with him at the same scale. She could have even been shorter then him or just a little larger if she wanted to. That didn’t suit her at all though. For their first time she not only wanted all of herself there but she wanted all of her to be one and while Albert was only able to stimulate a small amount of her flesh at a time. Due to her nervous system it was having a tremendous affect on her as she found herself beginning to lift into the air.

While Albert wasn’t certain of what was going on he could tell that Lucy was squirming around. He also knew that she was moving around a great deal. Due to their scale differences and his location he could feel even slight shifts in her posture or when she moved her arms. From motion he felt in her breast now though he could tell that she wasn’t just moving an arm or shifting her position a little. As he felt Lucy’s breasts bobbing every so lightly he reflexively leaned more into her flesh in an attempt to keep from falling off her nipple.

Even using both hands Albert wasn’t able to encircle the tip of Lucy’s nipple entirely. This had been apparent right away but he hadn’t given it much thought. He had hoped that by using his legs he would make up for what his hands couldn’t encompass. Now that he had to focus more on maintaining his hold on Lucy’s nipple with his legs though he resolved to try to improvise. As he ran his hands over Lucy’s nipple he slowly shifted downward pushing them forward in a slant instead of a strait line.

As Lucy began to roll her hips her rear began to lift off the bed as she moaned. The hand upon her breasts had ceased to move and instead clinched her breasts firmly as she tried to delay losing control of herself. A sharp gasp escaped her and her mouth fell open as she felt Albert’s hand drifting along her nipple his improvising was working out quite well for him.

It had taken him a while but Albert had remembered how Lucy responded when his lips met the very tip of her nipple. He had also realized he had been neglecting this part of her so his hands had drifted to the front of her nipple. Placing his palms on either side of the tip of Lucy’s nipple he proceeded to squeeze inward while his fingers came down and pushed against the interior of the flesh. While he maintained the pressure with his fingers he began to work them back and forth.

Albert knew very well that Lucy was capable of producing breast milk given how often she’d feed him. As he worked her nipple he had tried to simulate that feeling over her entire nipple. He knew that his efforts were having an affect given the motions of Lucy’s body alone yet he couldn’t help but wonder why she hadn’t expressed any milk. Was he not able to simulate the affect of suckling well enough or did her body know when she intended to feed him and only expressed milk during those times.

Given the way Lucy’s body was moving Albert wasn’t able to think about this too much as he found it increasingly difficult to maintain his position on her nipple. He didn’t have to though as he felt something warm beginning to cover his hands. Glancing down he grinned as he noted some of Lucy’s warm milk coating his fingers. It wasn’t nearly the amount that he would have expected from her body when she was all one. However, it encouraged him as it was further confirmation that his efforts were having an affect.

While Albert had been working her nipple Lucy had actually been preventing her body from producing breasts milk. As her conscious mind grew increasingly distracted though her body began to do what came naturally. What Albert didn’t realize was that there were two reasons for such a small amount of breast milk. One reason was that Lucy was keeping her body from producing it and the other was because she knew he couldn’t drink it at the moment. As she began to lose focus her hand began to slip from her other breasts as part of her sought to rectify that.

At first it had been easy for Albert to keep astride Lucy’s nipple however over the last few minutes it had been becoming and now was very difficult. He was actually afraid to move his hands as he now depended on them to help him maintain his hold. As he struggled to think of a solution he was a bit surprised when Lucy’s movements suddenly stopped and he noted her bra lifting away from him. From the way the material moved he could tell whatever was coming for him was coming from below and he glanced over the side of Lucy’s nipple.

Once again Lucy had moved to pick Albert up without really thinking about it. This time as her hand drew near though she didn’t stop but proceeded to reach for him. Reaching around her nipple she carefully took him between her thumb and index finger. She then lifted him away from her nipple giving a slight whimper as part of her seemed to detest the sudden disappearance of Albert’s presence from her nipple.

As Albert was lifted off of Lucy’s nipple he was a little surprised. He had thought Lucy would take off her top but that didn’t seem to be happening. Then again she might have kept her bra on because she didn’t want to risk bouncing him off and in truth she didn’t need to remove her bra for him to get under it. As he was brought out from under her bra he tried to glance up at her face but found that he couldn’t due to his proximity to the base of her breasts.

Upon taking Albert out of her bra Lucy at last removed her hand from her lips not even thinking about the moisture that coated her fingers. She they carefully slipped some of her fingernails into the back of his pants legs by making use of the holes she’d bit into the material previously. The material didn’t even last a second as she tore it from Albert’s body. With his pants legs and most of the crotch section now missing Lucy then turned her hand and slipped her thumbnail into the remains of Albert’s pants from below.

It wasn’t Lucy’s softer flesh and for that Albert was extremely grateful as he felt her nail glide against his penis. He felt another nail rub against his rear seconds later and then Lucy began to spread her fingers. The material of his shorts had already been weakened by her saliva, biting it and the previous tearing. The waste didn’t hold up for a second.

A delighted giggle escaped Lucy as she stripped Albert down to his boxers. Once again she began to raise him being certain to hold him close to her breasts as she did so. So close that he brushed against her nipple as she lifted him higher.

Upon feeling Lucy’s nipple brush against him Albert was made to shudder and he quickly glanced over his shoulder to see Lucy’s face. What he saw actually surprised him. He had already seen how Lucy’s eyes would glow whenever she exerted herself while exercising. That had been the only time he had seen them do so though. Now while she was most assuredly breathing hard he knew that wasn’t due to exhaustion but rather her body being excited. So he was still surprised to see that her eyes were glowing blue.

When she had stripped Albert’s pants from him Lucy had intended to use her fingernails to remove his shorts. Upon removing the last scrap of his pants though she had changed her mind. Lifting him even hire she slowly tilted her head back and once again opened her mouth wide. As her lips parted her massive tongue flicked out from inside of her mouth and extended up towards him.

Before hand it had been difficult for Albert to really look around Lucy’s mouth due to a lack of light or rapid movement. As he was held above her mouth he had a truly spectacular view down into it. Lucy’s teeth were easily the size of a medium sized tombstone and as white as any pearl’s he had ever seen. As he was at an angle he could easily see which teeth were flat and smooth while those that were meant for rending. Two in particular caught his attention and he wondered how he couldn’t have noticed them while feeling around inside of her mouth. If they had always been that way or if it they were Symbi’s doing Albert didn’t know but they almost looked like fangs.

Her massive tongue was bright crimson and glistened with a coating of her saliva while her taste buds clearly dotted her tongue. It appeared rougher then most tongue’s Albert had seen due to those taste buds though he hadn’t paid attention to many in the past. The massive muscle moved and flexed about with dexterity that Albert doubted a human could match as it reached for him. With that tongue fully extended Albert quickly resolved it was at least longer then a small truck.

The gums that held those massive teeth in place looked exceptionally healthy as Albert noted a wonderfully uniform color. Past those teeth Albert peered down into Lucy’s throat taking special note of her uvula. The bit of flesh dangled within her mouth so near her throat. Something about the flesh seemed to almost taunt as if it was there to welcome them as they entered into Lucy’s mouth and then the last thing to wave goodbye to them as they slid down her throat. Something for them to perhaps try to grasp but clearly far too slippery for them to ever hold.

To Albert Lucy’s throat looked massive, easily able to swallow a person whole if they were oriented the right way. He also knew that Lucy could make the opening wider if she wanted to. It was easy to tell why people would find looking into Lucy’s mouth frightening if they didn’t know her. To him her throat appeared to be large because it was to anyone else it would undoubtedly appear monstrous. How long would it be before she could swallow someone without worrying about their orientation? Albert doubted that it would be very long.

As she lowered Albert towards her mouth Lucy’s tongue reached up to greet him. Pressing into the back of his legs forcing them forward a bit then letting him glide along its surface as Lucy lowered him towards her mouth. With every breath a wave of hot air would rush up to meet Albert. Then as his waste met with her tongue it began to withdraw back into her mouth the whole time pressing against his legs and rear.

Upon feeling his legs meet with Lucy’s tongue a slight gasp escaped Albert and he lifted the limbs slightly. They didn’t remain elevated for long though as he pressed his legs firmly into Lucy’s tongue and slid them down its surface. As he moved his legs over her tongue he was surprised he didn’t notice how rough it was beforehand. Whether it was rougher then most humans’ tongues he didn’t know however he was still surprised that he hadn’t noticed it beforehand. Of course, when he had been in her mouth the first time he had a great deal of things on his mind.

Slowly Lucy’s tongue left Albert’s rear as she lowered him into her mouth past his waste. As her tongue drifted further down she gave his feet a quick lick with the very tip before sealing her lips around him. With his underwear soaked in her saliva and Albert held in place by her massive lips she began to lightly suck on his lower body. His reaction was near immediate as she heard a low moan escape from him and he seemed to grow limp for a few moments. Apparently she wasn’t the only one being over stimulated.

Everything was catching up to Albert despite his resolve not to reach orgasm before Lucy did. As he felt the air currents around his lower body growing stronger he was amazed that he hadn’t come already. His penis was rock hard which wasn’t helping his situation either. Even though he was a bit distracted he was aware enough to realize what Lucy was trying to do as he felt her ramp up the suction again.

Regardless of how odd it seemed Albert couldn’t help but feel a little competitive as he felt Lucy sucking on him. Part of him just wouldn’t let him lie there regardless of how good it felt. With so much of his body inside of Lucy’s mouth and the lock Lucy had on his abdomen to keep him from being sucked into her mouth Albert knew he couldn’t reach her lips with his own. Fortunately she hadn’t trapped her arms in her mouth. Reaching up he pressed his hands to the very center of Lucy’s upper lip and gave the flesh a gentle squeeze.

Given that Albert’s underwear was now soaked with her saliva twice over and his erection Lucy knew that sucking them off of him wouldn’t be easy. She was confident that she could suck them off without harming him though as fortunately the grip his underwear had on him didn’t compare to that of his skin. Once again she began to suck on him a bit harder tightening the grip around Albert’s abdomen just a little more to keep from pulling him into her mouth. She sucked a little harder still when she felt him beginning to rub her lips.

Was Lucy trying to force him to orgasm before her? Albert wasn’t entirely sure but he doubted it though it sure felt like she would. He tried to push these thoughts to back of his mind as he caressed Lucy’s lips. In an attempt to keep his mind off of what was happening to the lower portion of his body Albert began to alternate the pressure with which he squeezed Lucy’s lips as well as began to push and pull on the flesh that he gripped. As he worked he tried to pay careful attention to her body language to see which seemed to have the greatest affect upon her.

It had been Lucy’s intent to slowly suck Albert’s underwear off however after a few moments she once again began to suck even harder. Her self control was eroding as she once again began to shift about as she grew all the hotter. Limiting the amount Albert could do to stimulate really wasn’t helping with her self control. Indeed the fact that that he couldn’t contribute as much as he had been previously only seemed to make her grow all the wetter. It was as if his previous stimulation had only served to increase her hunger but in no way feed it.

At last the suction grew powerful enough that Albert felt his underwear being pulled off of him and apart. Several sections of his garment had already shredded and he imagined Lucy had already inhaled some of his clothing. As he felt the waste band slipping down so that it was caught partly thanks to his penis he felt the material give away entirely. It wasn’t hard for him to guess what had happened. The fabric had been weakened by Lucy’s saliva and some section of it had given way.

Even without thinking about it Lucy reached for Albert the moment she felt his underwear come off of him. She had intended on taking things slowly but as she gripped him between her fingers her other hand had already reached into the waste band of her knickers and lifted the garment up. Her lips actually released their hold on him even before her fingers could take hold though he didn’t fall very far. Her fingers took hold of him far too quickly.

It was impossible for Albert to know what was going on as everything happened far too quickly. He felt Lucy’s lips release their grip around him and a new pressure was exerted upon his shoulders. Before he could even see what was going on though he found himself moving away from Lucy’s face at an alarming speed as if he had just began the decent down a tall peek on a roller coaster. He saw Lucy’s body under him but didn’t truly have time to examine anything before he found himself pressed into her soaking wet lips.

A sharp gasp escaped Lucy the moment she pressed Albert face first into her lower lips. As she pressed Albert into her lips she still continued to push him inside of herself and was only able to regain herself after a quarter of him had been forced in. A sharp gasp escaped her when Albert’s face met her flesh.

For a moment she stayed still then quickly withdrew her hand and released the waste band on her knickers. There was no way she could let her hands remain near Albert or she would force him inside of herself immediately and she wanted to give him a little more time.

Everything had happened far too quickly for Albert to even realize where he was as his face was pressed down into Lucy’s flesh. His hands reached to the side and pushed into the outer edges of those lips as he went to raise himself off. Before he could a new pressure came down upon him as Lucy’s knickers came into place once again pressing his face into her vagina.

For the moment it was clear to Lucy that Albert wasn’t certain of what was going on. His hands and legs kicked wildly as they attempted to find something to press against. This was fine with her as currently that was her lips for the most part. At last he seemed to regain some of his directions as his hands once again pressed into her lips and he tried to raise himself up.

At first Albert thought he had been pinned down by whatever was pressing against his back but it soon became clear that wasn’t what was happening. As he struggled to free himself and in particularly his legs he realized whatever had hold of him was actually trying to hold onto him. One of his legs suddenly being pulled further in told him he was wrong about that only a few seconds later. Whatever had hold of him wasn’t just trying to hold onto him it was trying to swallow him up.

A sharp gasp escaped Albert as he finally freed most of himself and lifted his face from the soaking wet confines of Lucy’s vagina. He didn’t need to think to realize where he was as he quickly looked around at his new environment. Pressing even more on Lucy’s lips he tried to raise to a setting position but soon found that was impossible. Her knickers weren’t so tight that they would conform to their lips but they were tight enough to insure someone of his size would be trapped against them.

For the moment Albert seemed to be unsure of what to do and Lucy bit down on her lower lip in order to try and control herself. Her hands were actually shaking as she lifted them to her chests and placed them upon her bra. As she gently squeezed her breasts she knew that she wasn’t gripping her breasts to stimulate herself. Rather she was keeping her hands busy so that they didn’t shove Albert all the way inside of her vagina. However, she also knew that if he didn’t pull himself together soon she’d be putting him inside herself regardless of how much she wanted him to explore on his own.

Throughout his exploration of Lucy’s body Albert had remembered to keep moving and while he was still rather surprised by where he was he hadn’t forgotten the lesson. Even if he wasn’t sure what he was doing he had to do something. The fact that Lucy had nearly shoved him inside herself and her vagina had tried to swallow him was proof enough of that. Realizing this he spread his arms to both of his sides and proceeded to grip the outer most edges of Lucy’s vagina pulling himself against her flesh.

Albert’s reasons for gripping Lucy’s lips were two fold. One was so that he could stimulate her and the other was to keep her vagina from swallowing him up until he could think. His grip on her flesh was made somewhat difficult though thanks to the moisture that coated her lips but this also aided his efforts as he began to work his arms. Albert’s actions were a mixture of a hug and rub now as he squeezed the sides of Lucy’s lips and began to move his arms up and down her moisture helping in the motions.

With his arms at work Albert extended his left leg to the side and arched it slightly so that it to would support him. He then began to move his leg in much the same way as his arms did rubbing as much of Lucy’s lips as he could with his arms and one leg. His right leg had another task as he pressed his foot into Lucy’s lips and felt it enter her. As his leg entered Lucy he felt her muscles clinching around the limb a sudden jerk on his legs made him grateful that he had used one leg and both arms to hold his position.

It was hard for Lucy not to just pull Albert into herself. He probably hadn’t realized it but when he had felt her grip his leg Lucy had restrained herself. If she were to actually try to pull him into her vagina his arms and one leg wouldn’t help him in the least. It was good he had resumed his efforts though which did serve to help her relax somewhat. It sated her for the moment but in the end she knew she’d only want more of him. There was no way a leg would be enough.

When Albert had been inside of Lucy’s mouth he had thought it was hot and wet. As he felt around inside of her vagina though he quickly decided her mouth didn’t even begin to compare. Stimulated would have been quite an understatement at the moment which was quite a big ego booster for him. The fact that he could bring Lucy to this point was one of the greatest complements he had received in his life. As Albert felt around inside of her vagina with his legs he was hit by an odd impulse.

Albert had no where near the strength or mass to exert the same force upon her lips that Lucy had been doing with just two fingers. Yet while the touch was lighter she found it even more pleasurable. For a moment Lucy was made to giggle and she felt herself blush as she considered that. They were those that claimed to like it rough perhaps she was the exact opposite and found things the most enjoyable when they were gentle. She quickly resolved this was possible and there was another reason for her to be more stimulated.

While Albert wasn’t able to exert the force she had with her fingers the fact was that he wasn’t her hand. Just knowing that it was Albert currently pressed into her lips and trying his hardest to please her was wonderfully stimulating to her. A sharp gasp escaped Lucy as for a moment her mind went blank and she clinched her breasts squeezing her nipples between her fingers as she felt Albert’s tongue.

He had already tasted Lucy’s milk and found that he enjoyed it now he had decided to try something else. While Albert had been stroking Lucy’s lips he had found himself overcome by an impulse to taste her nectar. This was far from a quick taste lick though as he extended his tongue and pressed it firmly into her nectar coated lips. He then began to draw it over the surface licking up as much of her nectar as he could before finally withdrawing his tongue. It wasn’t like anything he had tasted before.

To Albert the taste of Lucy’s nectar was most assuredly sweet but he couldn’t place it. He wouldn’t have said it tasted like honey, sugar or any candy that he had ever tried before. It was sweet but a flavor that was entirely foreign and wonderful to him. He quickly resolved to have another taste and see if that helped him in placing the taste of Lucy’s nectar other then sweet. At least that is what he told himself in truth his decision was only motivated slightly by the desire to identify the taste. It was mostly motivated by the fact that he truly liked the taste and he had noted how much Lucy seemed to enjoy him licking her lips.

As Lucy felt Albert’s tongue moving over her flesh again and again she began to lightly squeeze her breast once again. The stimulation he was causing had finally caught up with her hunger for the moment but only for the moment. In truth matching her desire with equal stimulation only meant that her desire would grow all the stronger. In the end she knew that it would reach a point where the only thing that would be enough would be all of Albert inside of her. She hadn’t given it much thought before hand but there was more then safety reasons for keeping Albert inside of her bra and knickers.

When Lucy had warned Albert that she was selfish she hadn’t been joking. Her breast feeding him hadn’t just been medical but an aspect of those feelings. She didn’t want him to take his nourishment from the world but from her so that he would be more hers. This impulse continued when she played with him in her mouth, engulfed him in her cleavage or trapped him in her clothing. She wanted to separate Albert from the world around them so that she would be the only thing he knew.

As Albert worked he couldn’t help but notice a slow down in Lucy’s motions as she seemed to grow calmer. He knew better then to think that meant that he could stop. He had matched the tied for a few moments but he knew it was still growing stronger. The fact that he had felt Lucy’s vagina grip his leg and pull four more times proved that. This slow down did give him time to think and at last he resolved on a path of action. He released his hold on one of Lucy’s lips and slipped his arm inside so that the only things he had supporting him were one leg and arm.

Upon reaching inside of Lucy Albert pressed his hand firmly into her inner flesh. He then began to run his hand over the lubricated inner folds of Lucy’s flesh. It only took him a few moments to find one suitable for what he had in mind. Taking hold of the warm flesh he squeezed on it as firmly as he could then began to slide his hand along the surface. He felt himself accelerate upward but only half a meter or so and heard a sharp gasp from Lucy as he stroked her inner flesh.

Albert took his time examining Lucy’s inner fold until he felt he had as good of a grip as he was going to get. His other arm then left Lucy’s lip and proceeded to push down in between them. With only one leg out of her now the other pressed firmly into the sides of her inner flesh in order to help support the one that remained on the outside. Once again his hand began to search around her inner flesh until it found a particularly notable fold and he gripped it. Then once again he found the best spot that he could.

Exactly what Albert was doing Lucy wasn’t sure but that was because she wasn’t thinking about it. They were no true thoughts in her mind as she felt Albert’s hands beginning to explore the confines of her flesh. Rather her mind was abuzz with feelings as she focused on his efforts and tried to resist the urge to swallow him up with her vagina. A delighted squeal escaped her seconds later and both hands reached for her crotch.

Using force to make Lucy or any part of her to what you wanted was normally impossible. It would have normally been impossible for anyone to part Lucy’s lips using their own strength. Yet Albert had no doubt that he could easily work his way into Lucy as while she hadn’t forced him in. Her vagina constantly tugging on him told him he was both welcome and wanted to enter.

Upon getting as firm of a grip as he could, Albert quickly pulled himself down into Lucy’s flesh. Her lips responded well before her hands even reached him. As he pulled himself inside he suddenly found his progress stopped as he was squeezed from all sides but this only lasted a moment. He lost hold of the folds he once held as her vagina actually pulled him inside. He never felt Lucy’s hands.

A cry of delight escaped Lucy’s lips as her hands pressed down upon her crotch as if to insure Albert was inside and couldn’t come out. As she cried out there was no more restraint on her part with Albert fully inside of her she didn’t have to worry about The volume of her voice on any level. If she had been paying attention she would have noticed the sturdy glass of Albert’s home vibrating violently as the sound waves reached them despite the distance.

It had been Albert’s intentions to push his way into Lucy head first but he still hadn’t been prepared for her vagina to take hold of him. As he was pulled far more deeply then he had intended the temperature change was far greater then he expected. A heat that nearly caused him to cry out engulfed him as he was taken into Lucy’s flesh yet it never reached the point of pain. Rather it seemed to engulf his skin entirely and seemed to sink into his very bones. Even in his excited state Albert could feel the heat reaching into his bones and filling them.

For a while all Albert could do was feel the heat soaking into him. It was only when he felt a sudden change of pressure as Lucy’s inner muscles relaxed that he was jarred back to reality. Despite what had happened though there was no way he could forget what he was doing as he felt Lucy’s flesh all around him. Fortunately he also realized that going into a blind flurry of motions was far from the best tactic. One thing was very clear as Albert bit down on his lower lip and felt his crotch throb. He needed to get his penis as far away from Lucy’s flesh as he could or he would lose it.

Reaching just above his head Albert pressed his hands firmly into Lucy’s flesh. He then began to extend them forward making sure to note every fold in her flesh that he could reach. Whenever he came to a particularly notable fold he gave it a firm squeeze before extending his arms further ahead of him. As his arms became full extended he slowly began to draw them back towards himself in search of the most notable folds for the same arm.

As his arms searched before him Albert drew his feet up and then pressed them firmly into Lucy’s flesh. Much as with his hands he then began to push them backwards taking note of every fold in Lucy’s flesh. He stopped before fully extending his legs though and then began to draw them back up to the most notable fold he’d found. Gripping Lucy’s inner flesh as firmly as he could with his hands and bracing himself with his legs Albert pushed upward slowly drawing his chest and crotch away from Lucy’s flesh.

A sharp gasp escaped Albert as his penis glided against Lucy’s flesh and he bit down on his lower lip until he feared he’d drawn blood. He remained still as he took in a few deep breaths of air quickly noting Lucy’s sent all around him. He hadn’t thought of it at the time but it was a sent that he couldn’t recognize or place though he did enjoy. Thinking about this proved to be a mistake though as he felt his penis throb once again and he quickly raised himself more until his back pushed against Lucy’s flesh.

Sliding his hand along Lucy’s flesh Albert slowly shifted until his shoulder pressed firmly against Lucy’s inner flesh. Turning his head to the side he pressed his face firmly against her flesh while using his legs and arms to press his shoulder more firmly against it. As he kissed her flesh he carefully shifted about. There was no way he could escape Lucy’s touch in this environment but at least he could control what part of him touched her to an extent.

As Albert shifted his position his hands and feet were forced to leave the folds that he had once held. So that as he rolled onto his back he once again began to search Lucy’s inner flesh. Pressing his hands against the sides of her vagina he slowly drew them up until they were pressed into the flesh above him. At the same time his feet searched around him fortunately they were still able to make use of the same folds he had found before.

There was only so much time Lucy could give Albert to alter his position as she messaged her breasts. With Albert no longer clinging to her nipple she finally reached behind herself and undid the latch that held her bra on her. As she took the latch between her fingers a sharp gasp escaped her and she nearly crushed it as she felt Albert renewing his efforts. A delighted giggle escaped her as she quickly worked to remove the garment.

Had it become a contest? Albert wasn’t entirely certain but he wanted to make sure that he didn’t climax before Lucy. The thought brought a slight chuckle to him as he pressed his hands into the flesh above him and gripped Lucy’s inner folds. Turning his head to the side he pressed his lips firmly against her flesh then slowly ran his tongue along the surface. As he drew his tongue along her flesh his hands reached further above him slowly searching her folds.

Upon finding two folds notable enough for him to get a grip upon Albert took hold of them and pushed his hands against the flesh above him. He then pressed against the folds his legs rested against slowly drawing himself further inside of Lucy. As he pulled and pushed his body along his tongue ran over the side of her flesh until he can to a notable fold. Stopping his progress for a moment Albert gave the flesh a quick lick before opening his mouth and gently biting down upon the fold.

Slowly Albert began to increase the pressure with which he bit down upon Lucy’s flesh sucking all her nectar off the bit of skin as he did so. He couldn’t hear Lucy gasp as he did this or see her reaction but he could most assuredly feel it as he quickly relaxed his arms. The walls of Lucy’s vagina came in on him and for a moment he was made to remember how firmly she had grasped his leg.

If Lucy was to clinch him as she had did his leg Albert felt certain that he would be crushed. As the embrace of Lucy’s vagina grew tighter he became certain of this and began to consider how careful Lucy was being. The situation also brought on another realization as the confined space meant more of Lucy’s nectar flowed over him. If she or he wasn’t careful he could very well end up drowning in her nectar. He resolved that she would have to be the one to be cautious though he had other concerns.

As Lucy’s inner muscles began to relax Albert pressed against the flesh and for a moment he considered once again cleaning off the fold he just had. He decided against it and instead resolved to move deeper inside of Lucy. Once again he began to draw himself forward with his arms taking note of Lucy’s nectar as it flowed around him. As he drew himself up until his legs could no longer aid him he began to search her flesh once again. Fortunately he knew of one place already.

A sharp squeal escaped Lucy the moment she felt Albert’s foot press into the fold his lips had only recently left and her hips were made to thrust into the air. Gripping her breasts firmly Lucy pressed up on the underside of her left breasts and brought her head forward. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and slowly ran along the same path that Albert had taken while crawling over her flesh. As she did so she began to alternate the pressure with which she squeezed her breasts and slowly began to roll her hips.

Even cut off from the outside world Albert could tell Lucy was moving especially when she had thrust her hips upward. The sudden rush of her nectar that soaked him seconds later told him she was getting more stimulated. Feeling that he needed to increase things a bit he turned his head to the side and close his lips around the nearest fold he could. It was less noticeable then the one he had found before but it would do for now. As he gripped her flesh Albert pressed the foot that had yet to find a fold firmly into her flesh and began to glide it along and his left arm released its hold.

Placing his hand beside him Albert pressed it firmly into Lucy’s flesh forcing him more firmly into her flesh. As he changed position ever so slightly he once again opened his mouth and took what bit of Lucy’s flesh he could into his mouth. His tongue was made to run over her flesh at first tasting her. He then began sucking upon the bit of flesh he held noting how the walls seemed to shiver around him as he cleaned it off only to release his mouth lock upon finishing and searching for another.

Given the situation multi tasking was proving quite hard for Albert. So that as he tried to find a place to put his foot he actually ended up passing over her flesh three times before noting a spot. Lucy didn’t seem to mind though as Albert felt her vagina squeezing in on him forcing him to adjust his hold from time to time. As he found a spot to settle his food he finally released his hand hold and pressed his hands firmly into her flesh. Once again he extended them far above his head searching for a new spot.

Without having to worry about deafening Albert Lucy had finally quit concerning herself with the volume of her voice and began to moan openly. Her eyes drifted shut as she squeezed the under sides of her breasts and pushed the massive mountains of flesh together. As she did she focused on how Albert had felt while working his way through her cleavage and as he had worked her nipple. Given Lucy’s memory she was quite capable of reliving past feelings. They didn’t truly compare to the ones she was now feeling but they were a nice touch.

As Albert once again grasped Lucy’s inner flesh he pulled himself forward drawing his tongue along her vagina as he did so. Upon coming to a fold that he felt he could work into his mouth he locked his lips around the flesh. His tongue would press into Lucy’s warm vagina and he’d lap up a bit of her nectar before sucking the bit of flesh clean. He’d then release and draw himself further within her depths.

One thing Albert couldn’t help but notice as he drew himself forward though was the way Lucy was moving and the rate with which her nectar flowed. It had actually increased sense he had entered into her as had the movements of her hips. Before hand it had been relatively easy to progress forward but between her motions and the flow of her nectar it was growing somewhat difficult. His thoughts were distracted for a moment as Lucy’s flesh once again embraced him.

While he was embraced in Lucy’s flesh Albert struggled to keep control as his entire body was engulfed. These were the toughest moments for him as every inch of him was in Lucy’s embrace. He wasn’t prepared for what was to come next as he felt Lucy’s inner muscles flex slightly. The pressure she exerted on his legs increased but not his upper body. Then he felt it rising and releasing. The pressure that had been on his leg slowly released and grasped his hips, released, grasped his stomach, released, grasped his shoulders and then moved downward.

Soon what had been a wave of motion became an unpredictable torrent as Lucy’s vagina hugged every part of him with alternating pressure. Then he felt the pressure slowly increase around his crotch and he realized what Lucy was doing. She was intentionally giving him a full body message with her vagina. As this realization set in it was all Albert could take when that pressure suddenly released.

Pressing his hands firmly into Lucy’s flesh Albert forced his back against her inner flex once again and pressed his legs into the flesh to his side. There wasn’t much thinking on his part as he quickly flipped himself over. Fortunately his body seemed to have learned the pattern already as his hands outstretched before him pressing firmly into Lucy’s flesh. While at first his hands had searched carefully and slowly now they searched frantically grasping the first folds they came upon that seemed suitable.

As Albert grasped Lucy’s flesh his tongue flicked out of his mouth and pressed firmly into Lucy’s flesh as his legs extended to both sides. He pressed his legs into Lucy’s walls as firmly as he could as he drew himself forward. His legs weren’t meant to help with his progress though but only to provide Lucy with stimulation now. So as he drew himself forward he began to close them while still pressing them as firmly into Lucy’s flesh as he could.

It hadn’t been apparent whenever Albert had been using his legs but maintaining his progress forward was proving more and more difficult. As he was coming forward he was caught off guard when Lucy suddenly thrust her hips into the air and her vaginal muscles flexed around him. The sudden change in his environment caused him to lose his hand holds immediately and he found himself sliding backwards. He didn’t make it very far though as those walls continued to close around him.

A sharp gasp escaped Albert as he felt his entire body shudder as Lucy’s muscles gripped him. He felt those muscles flex and he was pulled forward even further into Lucy then he had been. Once again he found himself entirely blind to his surroundings having lost track of where he was and once again he resumed his efforts. As his hands reached before him though he could no longer help it and found his hips thrust against Lucy’s flesh. Even upon realizing this he didn’t seem to be able to control his body.

He was aware enough to note he found another fold but as he moved to grip it Lucy’s vagina once again closed in on him causing him to lose his position. As he was embraced completely he realized what was going on. Beforehand she had been allowing him to stimulate her at his leisure almost now that wasn’t the case. Instead her body had begun to work create as much pleasure from him as it could. It was very unlikely that he would find time to use the methods he had been so as Lucy’s flesh relaxed he let go.

Extending both of his arms before him and pressing his toes into Lucy’s flesh Albert slide his feet forward until they happened upon the first fold notable enough for them not to just glide over. As his feet pressed against it his hands gripped whatever he could and he pulled and pushed himself forward with all of his might. He didn’t bother searching as he pushed forward but pressed his face firmly into Lucy’s flesh. As he went to lock his lips down upon her folds he found the flesh wasn’t notable enough so that he more kissed then nibbled her skin.

Albert quickly extended his arms and legs to both sides. He then began to move his hands quickly to the center. As his right hand came upon a notable fold it was delayed as he stopped the squeeze Lucy’s inner flesh while he kissed the flesh just before him feverishly. With each kiss he moved his head slightly searching for some flesh that he could bite down upon. His arms didn’t get to make it to the center as he felt Lucy’s flesh closing in on him. As those muscles flexed though he found what he was searching for with his lips and quickly clamped his lips upon her flesh sucking upon it.

There was no way that Albert could resist Lucy physically in anyway. That didn’t stop him from pressing against her though. As her vagina began to embrace him he kicked her inner muscles as firmly as his subconscious would allow him to do so. This seemed to have an affect as he quickly noted himself accelerating downward and upward as Lucy began to thrust her hips into the air repeatedly. As the embrace of her vagina grew too firm for his legs to move he continued to thrust his crotch against her flesh as best he could while biting down upon it.

Once the hold Lucy’s vagina had on him relaxed Albert quickly extended his hands directly before him. His legs slid backwards his left foot catching a fold while the right wasn’t able to find any purchase. He felt his hands meet one of her folds and went to pull himself forward only to lose out. The fold wasn’t pronounced enough to allow him to pull forward while Lucy was moving. As soon as this became apparent he once again pressed his hands and feet into Lucy’s flesh. His left foot took the same path it had before while the right took a slightly different one as did his arms.

Albert felt his right hand hit upon a notable fold as did both feet. His left hand pressed firmly into the side of Lucy’s flesh to offer what support it could he quickly pushed off with his food and pulled with his hands to move forward. As Lucy thrust her hips upward though he lost hold and felt himself slide back slightly but only to be hugged from all sides by Lucy’s inner muscles. Once again he felt then flex and he was drew deeper into her. A sharp gasp escaped him and this time he extended only his arms though not to pull forward rather he moved to push back.

This time Albert’s hands found the flesh he needed right away. As he went to slide backwards though once again he was engulfed by Lucy’s flesh and drew back to this previous location. It was all the proof and experience he needed to know that he wouldn’t be pulling back. Whether she was doing it on purpose or not Lucy’s body wasn’t allowing Albert to fall back within itself. Apparently Lucy desired to have him deeper within her body and he was happy to oblige.

As Lucy’s muscles worked Albert struggled to keep pace with them. It was now a game of hit or miss as he extended his arms into Lucy and thrust his legs backwards trying to force himself forward against the flow of her nectar. This would have normally been a tremendous waste of energy as there was no way Albert could keep such activity up for long. Yet he simply couldn’t allow himself to be beat. If Lucy was going to quicken the pace then so would he.

Had anyone been in the room they would have been deafened as Lucy moaned openly. If they had been too close they would have been dead from the sound waves or crushed under her body. As Lucy let herself go she had began thrusting her hips into the air and rolling them about shifting Albert’s position around within her. She would have left several wholes in the wall by now if she hadn’t kept her hands busy with her breasts as she pushed the massive mounds of flesh together and squeezed her nipples.

Upon feeling Albert push backwards within her Lucy’s legs quickly closed together. The massive limbs intertwined and her vagina squeezed in on him. A delighted moan escaped her as she drew him further inside. Yet there was no conscious thought or even noticing of the event from Lucy’s actual mind. It was too abuzz with feelings to allow true thought into it. Rather her body worked to insure that which caused her such pleasure didn’t escape from her embrace.

Delight grew and intermingled with pleasure as Lucy felt Albert’s movements within herself. She was quite aware that Albert had been avoiding pressing his penis into her flesh and while everything he touched seemed equally stimulated the fact that he was now thrusting his crotch against her flesh had tremendous affect. Her thrust had been purely at her own whim but now she began to develop a matching pace with Albert so that whenever he thrust against her flesh, her massive hips thrust into the air as if to meet him.

Though he could most assuredly feel it whenever Lucy thrust upward Albert had yet to notice that her thrust matched his own. What he had began to notice on some level though was that whenever Lucy’s waste would go crashing back down was when her vagina would grip him most firmly. Whenever she would thrust upward the acceleration would force him more firmly into her flesh while had she allowed it her hips crashing back to the ground would have caused a moment of less stimulation. Instead of allowing this to happen it was when she embraced him completely.

At least part of Albert had noticed how when her hips would go back down she would squeeze in on him. Albert himself was too busy to give it much thought but his body had picked up on the pattern helping him with his movements. Yet the time frame to progress was growing increasingly narrow and the flow of Lucy’s nectar all the stronger. There wasn’t a bit of air that Albert breathed in that wasn’t saturated with her sent. Had he been of a mind to notice, he would have wondered how he was breathing.

As Albert drew further within her Lucy grew all the more excited her conscious mind had long been flooded with feeling now and the ever quickening pace making her all the hotter. Once again she went to embrace Albert with her vagina in a hold that would leave him unable to move yet she wasn’t prepared for what was to come. Her embraces were relatively quick so it had taken him some tries to meet it.

His body had learned whenever it was time to pull forward and when it was time to relax even without Albert thinking on the subject. As time went on he learned even more so that his body could tell whenever one of Lucy’s embraces was coming. Now Albert felt yet another embrace coming and he moved to make the most of it. As Lucy’s vagina squeezed in around him he pressed back with his arms feeling the changes in her inner muscles as she flexed. Taking hold of the folds in her flesh that formed he gripped them to the best of his ability and ceased to push back.

Instead of pushing back against the walls of Lucy’s vagina Albert moved to embrace them pulling on her flesh as if to tighten the embrace of her vagina. His mouth opened and he clamped his mouth down on the flesh before him as Lucy’s nectar washed over his entire being. His legs flexed pushing up against the flesh above him and forcing his erection as firmly into Lucy’s flesh as they could. As he felt Lucy’s flesh embracing him as firmly as it had embraced all of him yet Albert released his lip lock on the bit of flesh he held and he closed his mouth around the nearest bit of Lucy’s vagina.

A scream of delight escaped Lucy as she felt Albert responding to her vagina’s embrace with an embrace of his own. Swinging her head back Lucy gripped her breasts firmly and thrust her massive hips into the air as her body began to shudder. Her nectar flowed more freely then ever before and each moment brought a release and a new embrace from her vagina to Albert as she came.

It was impossible for Albert to hold onto Lucy’s vagina as those walls began to flex and shudder around him. However, while he lost his grip on her she most assuredly didn’t lose her grip on him. As Albert felt his hold be broken he moved to regain it but didn’t have time as Lucy’s vagina embraced him. Before he could even think about what was happening he found himself pulled forward more deeply inside of Lucy then those walls relaxed and once again embraced him.

Lucy’s nectar flowed over him moments later. Ever since Albert had entered into Lucy her nectar had been drenching him but this was unlike anything from before. Every last bit of his body was saturated and engulfed in those waves. He felt certain that he would have been forced out of her by that torrent if it hadn’t been for Lucy’s vagina gripping him so rapidly and pulling him forward.

With Lucy’s nectar filling his world and her vagina squeezing him from all sides Albert didn’t have time to think. Rather, it was too much for his body and he began to shudder as he finally lost control and came. He didn’t even realize this release had come though as the feelings of Lucy’s vagina squeezing him, her nectar flowing over him, the taste of her and his own release overwhelmed him.

Arching her back Lucy thrust her hips into the air one last time as she embraced Albert with her vagina. Her body continued to tremble even as she held this position and felt him deep within herself as if she was trying to squeeze every last bit of pleasure out of the situation she could. At last a sharp gasp escaped her and Lucy’s body went limp, her muscles lost their strength and her hips were sent crashing to the bed as low moan began to escape her.

A very contented smile appeared on Lucy’s face as her vagina still tingled. Reaching behind herself she gripped her pillow with both arms and proceeded to turn to her side. Her massive right leg came to rest upon the left and she slowly interlocked the limb squeezing on Albert with her vagina as she drew him just a little further in. Her climax had past but she was still aglow with the feeling and wasn’t anywhere near ready to let him out.

Every breath that Albert took in was thick with Lucy’s sent and he breathed deeply. He couldn’t open his mouth without tasting her nectar as he lay within her. His right leg still pressed against her flesh and moved but only lightly and slow. Several times he was made to kiss Lucy’s inner flesh but his fatigue had wore him down so that even they came slowly and he felt his eyes growing heavy. He hardly noticed as his world shifted and Lucy’s vagina embraced him.

End chapter 4: